What a cracking week!

It was lovely to see you all at Parents Evenings this week and sharing the achievements of your child with you. We were so proud of Year 4’s amazing emotive poetry, inspired by the book Zoo, by Anthony Browne, that we have attached some for you all to look at. We were especially proud of the way the children have added emotion into their work by using figurative language such as similes, metaphors and personification. See for yourself below.

We have since been working on researching and writing our instructive texts on how to look after a penguin or lion, thinking about the amount of space they needs as well as food, enrichment and veterinary care. We have practised with imperative verbs and adjectives to add detail and specificity to our instructions.

Year 4 have all enjoyed making their own omelette this week! They used the skills of  cracking and whisking the egg, chopping ingredients and frying their omelette before sitting down to eat it. They have all really loved the experience and have written an evaluation on how it went. I have heard that some have already asked if they can make their own omelette at home! Maybe, they will make one for you too!

In maths, we have continued our work on decimals and using them to add, subtract and solve problems, including using money.

In Science, we have continued to work on pitch and are planning an investigation about how far sounds travel. We will be testing our ideas next week.

In geography, we have been learning about 4 figure grid references and using them to plot and find locations on a map. We have made some pirate treasure maps using our skills. Next wee, we hope to use this for real to find Easter related pictures around the school.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

Year 4 team