Alban City Raiders!

Welcome back to a new Summer term! We hope you enjoyed your Easter break.

Firstly, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the Year 4 netballers who won their first ever tournament yesterday. They played 4 other schools in the first round, winning 3 matches and drawing the fourth, which put them at the top of their group and through to the semi-final! They then won that match, and went on to win in the final 1-0! We are so super proud of them and can’t wait to follow their progress.

This week we have started a new topic of the Vikings. Over the course of this half term and into next, we shall be learning all about these raiders and settlers, and their impact on Britain both then and even now.  We have started this week learning about their first raid on Lindisfarne and the reasons why they did. We have talked about their longships and why they were so successful as they were long, light and slender and could sail right up to the beaches and along rivers. In art, we studied how to draw a Viking longship. We worked really carefully to draw some amazing pieces.

Our Viking topic ties in nicely with our English, as we are writing adventure stories. We watched a short animated film about a Viking boy, who went out on a quest to retrieve his village’s lost sword. We have used this to practise writing descriptions about the setting and character of the boy, who we have named Erik.

In maths we have started work on fractions, we have been learning to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and drawing diagrams to help and prove our calculations. We have been able to link this to our previous work on improper fractions and mixed numbers.

In Science, we are starting a new unit on living things and their habitats, by grouping and classifying creatures depending on their features. We have learnt about vertebrates, invertebrates and their similarities and differences using Venn and Carroll diagrams to compare.

Our FeelIT emotion this week is feeling connected. We talked about how brilliant it feels to work together for common good. For example, in a sports team, in a class assembly or even connecting with our friends.

We are very much looking forward to our Field Fridays. We are grateful for and very much rely on parent volunteers to help us when walking to and from the field. If you are able to offer your time between 11.10 and 12.00 each Friday, there is a sign up sheet on Google Classroom, which will be pinned to the top of the stream. Please add your name to a space in the table. We need 3 volunteers each week to enable this valued part of our week to go ahead. Many thanks for your help with this.

Have a great weekend,

Year 4 Team