Field Friday fun!

Welcome back!  We are in our final term of this academic year and can’t wait to get stuck in with all the fun learning topics we have planned, as well as getting the children ready for sports day!

In English we have been writing recounts and are using some excellent time connectives to show when things happen.  We will be continuing this next week too.

Our new topic in Science this term is based around materials and we started the unit off with an investigation to help Mrs Stray clear up the mess Lani makes after having water. We explored three different types of kitchen towels and predicted which one would be the most absorbent. After investigating the paper towels in different ways we were able to share our results with Mrs Stray!

In Art we are drawing portraits, and this week started by looking at our facial features.  We use soft drawing pencils which allowed the lines to be stronger and easier for using shading.

We are so happy that ‘Field Friday’ is back on the timetable.  It was definitely a highlight of the week and Year 2 were very lucky that the sun joined us for our time there (despite us being on weather watch all morning!).  Thank you so much to the parents who joined us.  We will leave a sign up sheet by the lunches, so please let us know if you can spare us an hour in the coming weeks (Fridays 1.30-2.30pm).

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Best wishes

The Year 2 Team