Field Friday, Roman mysteries and coil pots!

Welcome back to our final term in Year 3!

We started lots of  new topics: in History we started learning about Romans ready for our school trip to the museum next week. Ask the children about the mysterious dodecahedron found in archaeological digs.  In Art we are practising our pottery skills of rolling and coiling ready to make one out of clay later in the term. In RE we began learning about Ramadan. The children are now full of facts about this important part of Islam. We were impressed by the knowledge they already have about staying safe online. This is our new topic in PSHE.

In Maths we continue to use our time stable knowledge to solve division questions and in English wrote a character description of the mysterious dream giver.

Thank you for your support with our Field Friday slot, (10.15-11.15 am) we made it back before the worst of the rain today! Please do sign up on the list outside the classroom.

Finally, we have our school trip to the Verulamium museum in the park on Thursday 25th April. Thank you again for those of you who have volunteered to help.

Have a restful, dry weekend!

Year 3 team.