Welcome to the Summer Term!

Before the Easter holidays, Year 6 were working hard on their Anderson shelter projects.  We didn’t have the opportunity to share them with you before the break, however we wanted to show you the final creations.

We will be using our maths lessons to do daily arithmetic and reasoning practice.  The children work in a carousel, using practice booklets that we have created, with the opportunity to ask questions and check any misconceptions.

In English, we have been researching huskies with a view to creating our own fact files about this fascinating canine breed.

In topic, we have started looking at our new unit, which is called Extreme Earth.  Firstly we used out listening skills to try and identify the sounds of different extreme earth events such as: an avalanche, earthquake and a volcanic eruption.  We then took a look in more detail at these different natural occurrences.

Please remember to bring an additional pair of shoes for Field Friday (weather permitting!)

Have a great weekend.

The Year 6 Team