Caterpillars, Viking Warriors and Fractions

This week we have been learning about Viking warriors and how the Vikings gradually defeated the Anglo Saxon Kingdoms of Northumbria and East Anglia. We drew a Viking warrior and labelled it with the clothing they wore and the equipment they carried. Did you know that the word ‘berserk’ originates from the Vikings? The berserkers wore shirts (serks) made from animal skins (Bears – ber). They were some of the most fearsome Vikings who would go wildly in to battle without fear for themselves – so they did not need armour as the Gods would protect them and they would end up in Valhalla. Hence going ‘berserk’!

In English we have been practising  using speech in readiness for our Viking adventure stories. We have practised using the punctuation correctly and leaving a line after one person has spoken and before the next.

In maths we have continued our work on fractions by finding fractions of quantities, for example 1/4 of 48 and then extending our knowledge to find 3/4 of 48. We are continuing to practise our times tables and are encouraging Year 4 to keep practising them at home.

In science we have focussed on the characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates to draw an example of each. We have welcomed our new additions to each class – we are now the proud guardians of some caterpillars and are looking forward to watching how quickly they grow and change and learning about the process of metamorphosis. Please come and have a look at them during soft start.

In art this week we have practised writing a title in Viking script, designed some figureheads for our final longship drawing and designed some of our own warrior shields.

Our FeelIT emotion is feeling stressed. We have discussed what this might look like and feel like for ourselves and each other. We also considered some strategies we may use to help relieve our own stress as well as being tolerant with others who may be feeling stressed.

We have very much enjoyed going to the field today – the weather was kind to us. We enjoyed searching for minibeast habitats and playing some games.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Year 4 team