Under The Sea!

In Maths we have continued to develop our subitising skills (seeing the quantity without counting) in both structured (such as dice and 10s frames) and random arrangements. A key focus this week is to use the children’s developing understanding of doubles to support their subitising skills. We have also recapped odd and even numbers, looking at patterns along a number line, using unifix cubes to make each number and talked about even numbers having a partner. 

This weeks Literacy story focus has been ‘Billy’s Bucket’. We discussed the features of a story book, we made predictions as we read such as what could be inside Billy’s bucket and then wrote a sentence to describe this. We also discussed and compared how the environment and its physical features are different under the sea and on the land.

The children have loved helping to make our new ‘under the sea’ role play area. They have been busy making and creating under the sea creatures and objects for the class to use.

In PE we have started to practise for our sports day races where we have been learning to run in a straight line from one point to another and all starting to run when they hear the word ‘go’. Our sports races will be on the morning of the 24th May.

This week ‘worried’ was our new feel it focus. We read stories linked to this feeling such as ‘Ruby’s Worry’.

In phonics this week the main focus has been on adding ‘ed’ to the end of words and identifying if they make the ‘t’ sound e.g. look to looked, help to helped, drop to dropped. We have also continued to do daily sentence writing in our new literacy writing books. We have focused on simple sentence structure and using their phonic knowledge to spell all words except our ‘harder to read and write words’. Please could this continue to be a focus at home as well.  By the end of Reception the expectation is to write a simple sentence that can be read by others, this does not necessarily need to be spelt correctly. Some examples of sentence expectations are below…

  • The sun is hot.
  • The cat has a hat.
  • The fish can swim.
  • I went to the park.


Key Points 

  • On Friday mornings please may the children come to school in their field trainers ready to practise for sports day. They will also need their school shoes in a bag to change back into after. Please could you also try to arrive as early as possible so we can register the children and leave by 8:50.
  • Please make sure you are reading with your child daily and then writing a comment in the diary. If a comment isn’t written then we will be unable to change your child’s book. Please also make sure the yellow diary and reading book is inside of the drawers each morning even if it does not need changing.