We are scientists and artists!

In Maths this week we have been using our times tables knowledge to solve worded problems and used division for sharing.  We are starting to notice lots of patterns between multiplication and division.

This week in Science we have been planning our own investigation to prove or disprove the statement ‘Hard materials cannot absorb water’. Next week we will perform our test and record results to show our findings. Check in next week to see what we find out!

In History, we have been introduced to a new significant figure this week – Nelson Mandela.  We were fascinated that he was in prison for 27 years and couldn’t believe that it was because he stood up for his opinions about treating all people equally.  We look forward to finding out more about him next week.

In Art we used what we learnt last week from our observation drawings of our facial features and drew a self portrait.  Can you recognise any of us?

And another great end to the week on the field! (Please look out for our volunteer sign up sheet for Friday afternoons – we need your help!)

The spelling test will be on Thursday next week, as we all have an occasional day off on Friday (3rd).

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes

The Year Two team