Magical writing and magnetic forces!

Year 3 did more magical writing  for our dream giver narrative. Everyone is building more confidence and resilience in their word choices and punctuation. They have produced some truly impressive writing. Come  and take a look next week!

In Maths we have continued to divide and will be moving onto telling the time next week so get practising!

Science was particularly exciting this week. We continued with our forces topic about magnets. We were lucky enough to feel the repel force with really strong magnets (with careful adult supervision).  It felt like a  magic spell.

In History we imagined we were Claudius and explored why he invaded Britain.  In RE we created a visual timetable for a day in the life of a teenager during their fast in Ramadan.

We also had a fantastic time dancing with Urban Strides. Please take a look on our Instagram account for photos. I think you’ll be impressed by our moves!

Enjoy your long weekend,

The Year 3 team.