What does a Submarine See?

In literacy this week we have focused on the book ‘What a submarine sees’. We discussed what submarines were, why they are used and how they are able to sink below the surface. We then linked this to floating and sinking, the children made predictions about different objects and then we tested out and recorded if they floated or sunk. The children then designed and made their own boats, thinking about which materials would be best to enable their boat to float.
In Maths we have been thinking about number bonds to 5. We practised using one hand to demonstrate the two parts that make the number 5 e.g. 3 fingers up and 2 fingers down, there are still 5 altogether. We then had a go at writing these calculations in our new maths books as a number sentence eg. 3+2=5. The children surprised us at how well they were able to follow instructions and write carefully in the squares.
In Phonics we have been continuing to focus on the ‘ed’ word ending and how this can make a ‘t’  and ‘d’ sound. We have also been practising to read longer phase 4 words and writing sentence using our phonic knowledge.
We have now finished all the Reception ‘Feel it’ emotions. We are now going to recap these and look into them in further detail.
Sports day practise is coming along very well and the children are very excited already about having their families coming to watch them on the day.
Key Points 
  • Sports day is on the morning of 24th May
  • Please bring back all library books on a Monday so that they can be changed
Under the sea playdough creations