A lovely week of sunshine…

Hi everyone,

In Maths, the children have been using the 2, 5 and 10 times tables to explore division . The children have used equipment and sharing circles to develop an understanding of the process. From there, they have started to use their times tables knowledge to answer worded problems and write number sentences.


In English, we have been writing our own version of ‘The Naughty Bus’. The children chose three London landmarks for the bus to visit and cause a little disruption at! They have also been using question marks and exclamation marks in their writing.

In R.E. we have researching the qualities of a good leader. The children discussed the different roles leaders may have and what skills they need to fulfil them. The children then looked at the role of Jesus as a leader and how he encouraged people to become Christians. The children created their own rules for life after looking at the Ten Commandments.

In Phonics this week, we have been revising all the phase 5 sounds, looking closely at alternative spellings for example: j g – gem   ge – gem   dge – hedge.

Spellings for next week are:

  1. thirst
  2. August
  3. phone
  4. whisk
  5. you
  6. your 

As part of our Feelit programme, we have looked at how ‘relaxed’ might look and how it makes us feel. The children have discussed ways to relax and why it is good for our wellbeing.

The children are really enjoying the ‘Field Friday’ trips. Thankfully, the weather has started to improve. Please can you ensure you have put sun cream on your child before they come to school and they have a sunhat.

Thank you for all your support,

The Year 1 team