A shorter, sunny, fun filled week!

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend. It was great that the sun shone this week.  We used our imaginations in English, we thought about what the rescued boy might have said to the dream giver and the children wrote out their conversation, making sure we used speech punctuation correctly. Today we wrote about the dream we would have if the dream giver visited us.  There was a lovely range of ideas with some great description.  Come and look!

In Maths we are learning to tell the time to the nearest minute using a clock face.  The homework  this week will help the children practise. Please make sure they take care with the hands of the clock, remembering the hour hand moves slowly .e.g. at half past, the hour hand will be half way between the hours.

We finished our Magnet topic with a fascinating experiment making chains of paperclips to test which magnets were strongest. In History we used knowledge from our trip to look at artefacts and think what they were used for.

We continue to learn the recorder ready for our concert at the end of term. Please keep practising, especially the first two lines of ‘You are my Sunshine’ !

Everyone enjoyed our trip to the field, we practised our running races ready for Sports Day in a few weeks time. Next week we are looking forward to our ceramics workshop.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 team.