Here comes the sun!

How lovely for us all to have a sunny week.  It really puts a smile on everyone’s faces (especially the grown ups!)

In Maths this week we have been doing division with remainders.  We have shown resilience and practised until we are able to do these tricky calculations.

In English we have planned our space adventure story and have thought of exciting story openers for the beginning to get the reader interested.  We are trying to remember to use capital letters at the start of sentences, add in noun phrases and use our best handwriting.

In History we started finding out about Martin Luther King and the impact he had on society today.

In Art we have used our skills of portrait drawing to create a self portrait in a Pop Art style, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein.  We used cotton buds and paint to create a dot effect.

We had a super time in the sun on the field at after lunch.  What a fabulous way to end the week!  Thank you to those of you who came with us.

Enjoy the sunshine and have a great weekend.

Best wishes

The Year 2 team