The Very Hungry Caterpillars and where to find them!

Our caterpillars have now transformed into chrysalides! We have carefully watched them grow over the past fortnight from a mere 8mm to a whopping 42mm! After the weekend, we will transfer the chrysalides (as they will be more stable by then) to our ‘butterfly hatchery’ and wait until they emerge. We can’t wait!

In other news this week, we have just about finished our adventure stories of Erik the Viking and his quest to find his village’s precious sword, lost in a terrifying sea battle. However, what fate awaits our daring and bold adventurer? Please take time to read the stories during soft start. We are proud that Year 4 have  used speech punctuation correctly and a variety of strong descriptive and suspense features, to make the story come alive and grip the reader.

We have also been trying to resolve our own quests to win at fractions this week, with our new work on equivalent fractions. We have used diagrams to help find equivalents and our mantra of ‘whatever you do to the top, you do to the bottom’ to help find other equivalent fractions.

Finally, the weather has turned more spring and summer like, which enabled us this morning to carry out our science on the field. We took hoops and our knowledge of habitats, which we looked for last time we were there to find creatures that live in some of those micro worlds. We looked in the grass, under logs and amongst the trees to find various creatures.

In art this week, we experimented using spattering to create different effects which will go towards our Viking ship piece. We explored how we could use the paint and brushes in different ways to give texture to our seascapes. We have now practised all the skills we need to create our Viking seascape and from next week, we will be starting to create our final piece.

Enjoy the sunny weather this weekend

Year 4 Team