This week we have started to work towards writing a fact page about butterflies. We have looked at the layout of fact pages and been practising using conjunctions in sentences. Our pages will include information about habitats, food chains, life cycles and the work of butterfly scientists called lepidopterists!

‘Caterpillar’ update – we have now had chrysalides for a week and we are hoping that butterflies may emerge either over the weekend or on Monday! We are keeping our fingers crossed! NEWSFLASH – Gold Class butterflies have already emerged!!

Our Science work has been all about habitats this week. We drew our favourite animal habitat and researched how it could provide enough food, shelter, space and water in order for the animal to thrive.

In maths, we have started work on multiplication and using our times table knowledge to work out the answers to 2 digit and 3 digit multiplications by a 1 digit number. We have looked at the patterns of multiplying round numbers and some of us even then applied it to decimals. Next week we will be honing our skills on the formal method of multiplication.

In history this week, we looked at why York became such an important Viking stronghold. We found out that it was already a well defended city with 2 rivers and a wall, that it was an ideal place for Vikings to access and trade from.

This week we have made a start on our final piece for art. We have used the skills we have built up over the last few weeks to mix watercolours and use the spattering techniques to paint a sunset skyline and textured seascape. Next week, we will finish these off with the addition of the Viking longboats.

In PE and as part of Field Friday, we have been practising for our Sports Day which is being held next Friday. We are hoping for a great afternoon of sport and fun.

We are coming to the end of our work on Sikhism, which will culminate in a small research project to answer a question, which we will then present to the rest of the class. The question could be around festivals, food or music of the Sikh faith and could be presented in a way of each group’s choosing. We are look forward to seeing how creative Year 4 can be with their presentations.

Our FeelIT emotion this week has been ‘ashamed’. We have had discussions about what this feeling is like and how we can avoid it.

We hope you enjoy the weekend,

Year 4 team