Kubo fun!

Hi everyone,

The children have enjoyed practising reading and writing the time to o’clock and half past the hour. To develop their skills and understanding they have completed a carousel of activities. The children have used stop watches to time each other completing simple tasks. They have worked with an adult to complete time based written activities, including worded problems. The children have use sequencing cards to order events that occur at different times of the day. Practise this at home by asking your child to tell the time using your clock at home.

In English, we are reading ‘Traction Man’ by Mini Grey and using the text to discuss and explore new vocabulary. The children wrote a character description and designed a super hero outfit for Traction Man..

In Computing, we having been programming and creating sequences for a Beebot and Kubo to travel along.


In Phonics this week, we have been revising all the phase 5 sounds and focussing on how one grapheme can many sounds for example: a – cat  a – ai apron   a – ar father   a – o swallow

Spellings for next week are:

  1. station
  2. brush
  3. lighting
  4. float
  5. over
  6. two

As part of our Feelit programme, we have looked at how ‘Annoyed ‘ might look and how it makes us feel. The children have discussed strategies they can use to calm themselves when they feel annoyed.

The children are really enjoying the ‘Field Friday’ trips. Thankfully, the weather has started to improve. Please can you ensure you have put sun cream on your child before they come to school and they have a sunhat. Thank you to all our parent helpers, we couldn’t do it without you.

Thank you for all your support,

The Year 1 team