Pop! Boom! Crash!

In English this week we have finished writing our space adventure stories.  We have used lots of noun phases to add interest and have spent time editing our own work.

In Maths we have been finding half, third and quarters of amount (e.g. find  quarter of 24).

This week in Science, we looked at being able to explain what we had found out from our investigation. We explored the absorbency of a variety of different fabrics and then used a wax crayon to see if we could make it waterproof. We then created a class diagram to explain our thoughts.  The children were then challenged to create a waterproof book.  We had lots of different suggested materials and exploration such as covering the pages in glass as it is transparent (we did discuss how fragile the book would then become!) but it certainly got the children creatively thinking about those materials that are absorbent and those that are waterproof!

In History we ordered all the significant events in Martin Luther King’s life.

In Art we had great fun designing Pop Art style lettering, for a superhero comic.  We used the dot art we learnt about last week.

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes

The Year 2 Team