The Bug Collector!

This week we have started to learn about minibeasts. We have focused on the storybook ‘The Bug collector’ by Alex G Griffiths. We have spent time making lots of story predictions, we have discussed minibeast habitats and how important it is for them to be in their natural environment. We also discussed food chains and how animals depend on other plants and animals for their food and survival. We then created our own food chains and wrote a sentence about them. 

The children have been very curious about minibeast this week and we have had lots of questions to research for example the characteristics of different minibeasts, where they live and how they survive.

In phonics we have continued our focus on words with consonant blends at the beginning of a word. We have recapped ‘spl’, ‘spr’ and ‘str’ and also looked at words starting with ‘dr’, ‘cr’ and ‘gr’, We have continued to do daily sentence writing in our writing books. We are providing the children with sentence starters and encouraging them to continue the sentence using their own ideas. We have also supported the children to use their knowledge of segmenting and blending to write words independently.

This week in Maths we have focused on ordinality: considering where numbers to 10 are in relation to each other. We have done practical activities and games, the children thought carefully about which number is more or less.  We used linear number tracks to play games that encourage them to compare numbers that are far apart, near and next to each other. (For example, 10 is a lot more than 2 but 5 is only 1 more than 4). On Friday we recapped money, including recognising all the coins up to 50p, the purpose of money and then we had a go at buying toys for different amounts using 1p coins. 

On Friday Reception loved doing a minibeast hunt around the field. We found lots of different minibeasts such as snails, butterflies, ants, slugs, spiders and woodlice.

Key points

  • Over half term please collect the inside part of toilet rolls/kitchen rolls as we will be using these to make minibeasts.
  • Please make sure you are reading with your child daily and making a comment in their yellow book.
  • Our end of year target for reception children is to be able to write a sentence independently. It would benefit your child if you could support them in writing a simple sentence regularly, making sure they use their phonics knowledge and recognition of harder to read words. We have attached a copy of all the harder to read and spell words to support them.