Running, Rapping & Really Cool Graffiti

This week, we have spent some time practising the songs for the Year 6 production – the singing is really coming along.  It was brilliant to see lots of children auditioning for large parts; the teachers had a really tough job allocating the roles.  Children should be learning their lines over the half term break so that rehearsals can start straight away after half term.  

As you will have seen, on Thursday, we all took part in a street art workshop with Graffiti Stars.  The children spent some time making their own stencils before being introduced to the spray can techniques.  They carefully and thoughtfully painted their backgrounds using these skills before having their name or a word tagged on to complete the board.  They results were fantastic and everyone had a great time.  We will create a gallery after half term and some of the boards will be on display at the open evening in July. 

Sports Day rounded off the term nicely and it was so nice to see everyone taking part and having a go.  The weather played ball too!

That just remains for us to say, have a lovely half term break. 

The Year 6 Team