Happy half term!

This week in Maths, we have been looking at splitting shapes into halves, quarters and thirds. We started off the week with a square piece of paper and explored how to fold it into halves and quarters. We were then challenged to fold a square into thirds, which we realised is a little harder as you have to estimate to ensure each part is equal.

In Science, we have been looking for patterns to help us sort objects into those that are natural and those that are man-made. Some of the things we realised are that natural objects are more fragile and flexible while man-made are generally sturdier and made out of stronger materials such as plastic.

In English we have written some super sentences using a range of sentence starters.  We are really starting to add interest to our writing by using noun phrases regularly and a great range of vocabulary.   We were also lucky enough to have a talk from a parent who is in the publishing field.  It was very interesting to hear what she does and she even gave us some tips for when we are editing our own writing.

In PSHE we have discussed what we can do if we feel pressured to do things that we don’t feel comfortable with.  We discussed a range of scenarios and thought of how we would respond.

Sports Day was a lovely end the week and to our penultimate half term.  Year 2 were so supportive of each other. It was lovely to see the children and supporters having so much fun.

Have a wonderful half term break and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 3rd June.

Best wishes

The Year 2 team