Minutes, Money and Magical Science!

Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely break. We’ve been working hard this week on writing with increased independence and we are really pleased with the exciting, interesting writing they  have produced. Everyone loved our first Maths lesson back – we timed ourselves doing a variety of activities with a stop watch. We are moving onto money next week so get your pennies out and start practising!

Our Roman topic is continuing and this week we learnt about why the Roman Army was so successful. In PSHE we are thinking about how to stay safe and Science was very exciting. Hopefully you have had a chance to see how our white flowers have turned red – proving that the xylem (tiny tubes in the stem of plants) carries water through a plant. Our homework this week is a google quiz all about plants so you can test your knowledge.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 3 team.