Welcome Back!

What a fun and busy first week back at school!

We have continued to focus on the topic of ‘Minibeasts’ this week. In Literacy we have been reading the book ‘Yucky Worms’ by Vivian French & Jessica Ahlberg. We have had lots of discussions about minibeast habitats, the features of worms and why worms are so important. We have also thought about what we would like to know more about worms and wrote these as questions to research as a class.  The children then started to create their own mini books about minibeast, including one fact they had learnt this week about worms.

Thank you again to our parents that have donated butterfly kits for Reception. The children have been so excited to observe the caterpillars each day, noticing how they are getting bigger and continually eating! The children also made observational drawings of the caterpillars at this stage in their life cycle. We are excited to see how they change over the next few weeks!

In Maths we have revisited subitising and have practised recognising small numbers without counting. We have also introduced subitising beads on a rekenrek. Subitising is important because it encourages the children to recognise small amounts efficiently (perceptual subitising) and to quickly see the ‘numbers within’ other numbers (conceptual subitising). Both skills will support the children in developing their understanding of the composition of numbers and will support greater fluency with calculation.


In phonics we have started to learn the phase 5 phonics sounds. We have introduced ay, ou, ie and ea. We have practised identifying and reading these within words. We have also segmented and blended to write words that include these new digraphs. Each day we have continued to do our daily sentence writing. The children are becoming much more confident to do this independently. We have been focusing on capital letters, finger spaces and letter formation.

We are still continuing to do our weekly field Friday visits. This week the children loved exploring and seeing how many minibeast they could find from our tick sheets.

In PE we have just started our Gymnastics topic. We learnt different gymnastics shapes such as tuck, straddle, star and pike. The children then worked in pairs to choose 3 of their favourites to show to the class.

Key Points

  • Please make sure reading books and diaries are in school every day and placed into your child’s colour group tray.
  • Our school trip is on the 21st June. If you would like your child to buy a souvenir wildlife pin badge please bring in £2 and give this to one of the Reception team over the next few weeks.
  • We are soon going to be learning about ‘People who help us’. If anyone would like to volunteer as a mystery visitor please let us know!