What a wonderful world!

What a fabulous first week back after half term!  We hope you all had a good break.

In English we have been looking at Traditional Fairy Tales.  We have explored the language used in them and how they all have a lot in common.  We have written some great sentences about the fairy tales that we have read, using conjunctions.

In Science, we have started the term with an investigation, looking at which ball is the bounciest. We learned that balls are able to bounce because they flatten slightly as they hit the ground before reshaping, which bounces them back up.

We had so much fun in Music this week, singing ‘Let’s Go Fly a Kite’ white waving our colourful scarves to the music.

This week we have been listening to music composed by Mozart. Next Tuesday, as part of sustainable day, some children will be playing music during soft start, rather than listening to music on the computer.  Remember your instruments if you’ve said you would like to perform to the class.

We thought about the wonderful world that we live in during our RE lesson. We went outside to observe what we could see, hear and smell.  Back in the classroom, we wrote and drew all the things we could think of that help make our world wonderful, whilst listening to beautiful music.  It was a very peaceful afternoon.

As usual, Field Friday was a highlight! Please let us know if you can come along on a Friday afternoon to walk to the field with us (1.30-2.30pm).

Have a great weekend.

The Year 2 Team