Whole, half and a quarter!

Hi everyone,
Welcome back to our last half term of the year.
In Maths this week, we have been working on splitting quantities, lengths and time into halves and quarters. We started by splitting quantities of liquid into two equal jugs before splitting it four ways. We then practised cutting string into halves and quarters and also splitting piles of bricks.

In English, we have been reading our new book ‘Vlad and the Great Fire of London’. We started the week by  making predictions about what would happen in the story. We discussed the content, new vocabulary and factual information the story included. The children sequenced the story and planned a diary exert which they will complete next week. They will be writing a diary of the Great Fire of London as if they were Vlad the flea.

In Art, children have designed their own printing block by creating an image using string on a square piece of card. They then used paint to create repeated patterns with great success!

Next week, the children will be completing their Phonics Screening Check, they have been practising during their phonics lessons, they know what to expect and to just do their best. You will receive your child’s result in their school report.

The spellings this week are:

  1. school
  2. push
  3. walk
  4. music
  5. sixteen
  6. whole


Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 team