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What We Do

We have an active governing body at Alban City School, and we work closely with both the Headteacher and staff in order to ensure the pupils’ happiness, well-being and high achievement are always at the forefront of what we do. Whilst we do not get involved with the day-to-do running of the school, we see …

Governors at a Glance

The Governors (also known as Directors or Trustees) are held to account in all matters relating to the school.  Their responsibility covers not only the education and welfare of all the children but also the upkeep of the building and grounds, as well as all financial dealings within the school and between the DfE and …

Governor Profiles


The Members of Alban City Free School Ltd are the individuals who designed and developed the school plan, and were the original signatories of the Memorandum of Association, plus additional members who have been appointed subsequently.  The role of the Members is to oversee the progress of the work of the school.  The Members receive …

Governor Newsletters