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The Members of Alban City Free School Ltd are the individuals who designed and developed the school plan, and were the original signatories of the Memorandum of Association, plus additional members who have been appointed subsequently.  The role of the Members is to oversee the progress of the work of the school.  The Members receive key documents, are free to attend Governing Body meetings as observers and ask questions, but have no voting rights on the Governing Body.   The following have served as Members over the last 12 months:

Name Date of appointment
Linda Crawley MBE 23 May 2011
Janice Graham 23 May 2011
Lara Jubb 23 May 2011
Kate Leahy 13 March 2017
Hilary Isham 6 November 2017 to 26th September 2022 (stepped down)
Gordon Baisley 27 November 2018
Paula Willoughby 29 November 2021