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Year 3 – Amber and Vermillion

Welcome to Year 3.

Our Teachers are Mrs Wood and Mrs Hornblow and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Middleton, Mrs Parikh and Mrs Da Palma.

  • Pompeii, mosaics and Sport’s Day!

    We had a wonderful week full of exciting learning. We completed our diaries about witnessing the eruption of Pompeii with some very moving accounts. We finished working on the duration of time and continued our History topic about the Romans. This week we thought about the different types of houses in Roman Britain and remembered our visit to the hypocaust with its mosaic tiles. We all had a go at making a mosaic tile pattern with some very careful creations.

    In addition to this we were lucky enough to have Bishop Jane visit our classes. We were very proud of the excellent questions they asked her and the way they listened to her answers.  See the pictures below!

    Above all we hope you enjoyed Sport’s Day and have a restful week ready for our final term together.

    Year 3 Team


  • Roman pottery, Roman legacies and a Roman story!

    This week we read a new book called ‘Escape from Pompeii’ about a Roman called Tranio and his best friend Livia. They lived in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted and jumped into a cargo ship just in time to escape. We will be writing a diary entry as Tranio next week.

    We continued to learn how to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks in Maths. In RE we learnt about Bishop Jane and thought about questions we can ask her when she comes to visit us on Wednesday next week.  We are very excited!

    In History we thought about all the amazing Roman legacies. Did you know that they built the first roads and were the first to have running water in the UK?

    Finally we loved our afternoon making Roman face pots. They have been taken to be fired in a kiln  and will be ready to bring home next half term after open evening.

  • A shorter, sunny, fun filled week!

    We hope you enjoyed the long weekend. It was great that the sun shone this week.  We used our imaginations in English, we thought about what the rescued boy might have said to the dream giver and the children wrote out their conversation, making sure we used speech punctuation correctly. Today we wrote about the dream we would have if the dream giver visited us.  There was a lovely range of ideas with some great description.  Come and look!

    In Maths we are learning to tell the time to the nearest minute using a clock face.  The homework  this week will help the children practise. Please make sure they take care with the hands of the clock, remembering the hour hand moves slowly .e.g. at half past, the hour hand will be half way between the hours.

    We finished our Magnet topic with a fascinating experiment making chains of paperclips to test which magnets were strongest. In History we used knowledge from our trip to look at artefacts and think what they were used for.

    We continue to learn the recorder ready for our concert at the end of term. Please keep practising, especially the first two lines of ‘You are my Sunshine’ !

    Everyone enjoyed our trip to the field, we practised our running races ready for Sports Day in a few weeks time. Next week we are looking forward to our ceramics workshop.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    The Year 3 team.

  • Magical writing and magnetic forces!

    Year 3 did more magical writing  for our dream giver narrative. Everyone is building more confidence and resilience in their word choices and punctuation. They have produced some truly impressive writing. Come  and take a look next week!

    In Maths we have continued to divide and will be moving onto telling the time next week so get practising!

    Science was particularly exciting this week. We continued with our forces topic about magnets. We were lucky enough to feel the repel force with really strong magnets (with careful adult supervision).  It felt like a  magic spell.

    In History we imagined we were Claudius and explored why he invaded Britain.  In RE we created a visual timetable for a day in the life of a teenager during their fast in Ramadan.

    We also had a fantastic time dancing with Urban Strides. Please take a look on our Instagram account for photos. I think you’ll be impressed by our moves!

    Enjoy your long weekend,

    The Year 3 team.

  • Roman wonders!

    What a wonderful week! Everyone loved our time travelling trip back to Roman Verulamium. We dressed up as Celts and Romans and went shopping at a Roman market. Did you know that a Roman toga is enormous and very hard to walk in? We were very proud of Year 3, they were a credit to our school and to you. A huge thank you to the parents who came on the trip with us. We couldn’t have done it without you! Here are some of our photos of the visit and Mrs Carter has put some photos on the school Instagram.

    Meanwhile, in our other learning, we continued to write about the beautiful dream giver making some excellent word choices in our writing. In Maths we moved onto division with remainders. In RE we continued to explore Ramadan and thought about why Muslims fast and pray more during this time. Our Science was very exciting this week as we had a hands on investigation exploring which materials were magnetic. Everyone absolutely loved computing this week, we started to use green screen.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Year 3 team.

  • Field Friday, Roman mysteries and coil pots!

    Welcome back to our final term in Year 3!

    We started lots of  new topics: in History we started learning about Romans ready for our school trip to the museum next week. Ask the children about the mysterious dodecahedron found in archaeological digs.  In Art we are practising our pottery skills of rolling and coiling ready to make one out of clay later in the term. In RE we began learning about Ramadan. The children are now full of facts about this important part of Islam. We were impressed by the knowledge they already have about staying safe online. This is our new topic in PSHE.

    In Maths we continue to use our time stable knowledge to solve division questions and in English wrote a character description of the mysterious dream giver.

    Thank you for your support with our Field Friday slot, (10.15-11.15 am) we made it back before the worst of the rain today! Please do sign up on the list outside the classroom.

    Finally, we have our school trip to the Verulamium museum in the park on Thursday 25th April. Thank you again for those of you who have volunteered to help.

    Have a restful, dry weekend!

    Year 3 team.

  • Easter, eruptions and everyone ready for the Easter break!

    Our final week before the Easter holidays!

    We finished our Magic Box  poems and performed them to each other and the class. We consolidated our short multiplication skills. To finish our Geography topic ‘volcanoes’ we all made paper volcanoes and everyone went home with a paper plate volcano with instructions about how to make it erupt. Everyone enjoyed watching the class volcano ‘erupt’. Remember this is messy and must be done with adult supervision.

    Today we completed our RE learning about Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

    A few reminders. Keep practising your times tables and recorders, remember we have a Recorder summer concert.

    Also our slot for Field Friday is 1.30 -2.15pm every Friday. For this to happen we need 6 parent helpers across the year group.  We will set up a rota for you to fill in outside our classrooms. Without enough helpers we won’t be able to use the field.

    Have a wonderful Easter break,

    Year 3 Team.

  • Poems, packed sandwiches and parents’ evening! 22/03/24

    The penultimate week of the Spring term and we started work on our poems, made our sandwiches and learnt how to use the short multiplication method. I hope you all took a good look at all the wonderful work we have been doing when you came to parents’ evening.

    We have loved learning about volcanoes, this week we looked at why people might choose to live by a volcano. Most of us thought we prefer living far away from a volcano!

    We are writing a poem inspired by Magic Box by Kit Wright. We are working hard on making precise, exciting word choices and ensuring our presentation is the best we can do.

    In Maths we have been multiplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. We decided we prefer the short multiplication method rather than breaking the 2 digit number into easier numbers, multiplying them and then adding them.

    We all made our healthy sandwiches and designed a bag to put it in with an ingredients list. We used spreading, grating and slicing skills as we made the sandwiches and then evaluated our sandwich afterwards.

    Have a restful weekend ready for our final few days before the Easter holidays,

    The Year 3 team.

  • Sunshine, sandwiches and showers! 15.03.24

    Another hard working week in Year 3! This week we started our DT project about making a healthy sandwich. We learnt about where our food comes from and why it is better to get our food from close to home to help stop global warming. We then designed our sandwich and listed the ingredients we will need. We will be making our sandwiches next week and evaluating our choices and skills.

    It was our final week writing a narrative inspired by the story ‘War and Peas’. We have been very proud of their writing, come and look!

    We have been understanding how numbers become 10 times bigger in Maths and using facts that we know to help us with trickier sums.

    Everyone has been fascinated learning more about volcanoes in Geography. We explored the advantages and disadvantages of living near one.

    We completed our science investigation and found that the blocks with the slipperiest surfaces travelled the furthest because they have the least amount of friction.

    Have a lovely weekend,

    Year 3 team.

  • 8.3.24 Trips, talks and sharing!

    What an action packed week! Our trips to the Islamic Centre went really well.  We had dry weather for our walks there and they listened carefully and asked questions.  They were fascinated by the carpet angled towards Mecca to help Muslims pray and enjoyed seeing all the features we have worked so hard to learn about. (See below for photos).

    On Thursday we had World Book Day and the opportunity to dress up and share our favourite books. Finally, Careers Day, we started with two Policemen talking about their work in assembly which really interested everyone. Then we had speakers into  each class to talk about their jobs, again the children listened carefully and asked some great questions.

    Of course we also continued with our learning! In English we practised our skills at making powerful word choices, punctuating speech and  using prepositions to add detail to our writing. Next week we will use these skills to write a narrative of our story War and Peas.

    In Maths we have continued to work on fractions. We can now find fractions of a number using bar models to help us. Come and take a look! Also the TTRS  battle between the teachers and pupils… winners to be announced at Monday’s Assembly.

    In Geography we learnt about the different parts of a volcano. Ask your children the difference between lava and magma..

    In Science we planned an investigation about friction: Which surface allows a block to travel the furthest?

    I hope you all have a restful weekend,

    Year 3 team.