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Year 4 – Gold and Saffron

Welcome to Year 4.

Our Teachers are  Mrs Humbles and Mr Hartington and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Lumbier and Miss Felgueiras.

  • Alban City Raiders!

    Welcome back to a new Summer term! We hope you enjoyed your Easter break.

    Firstly, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the Year 4 netballers who won their first ever tournament yesterday. They played 4 other schools in the first round, winning 3 matches and drawing the fourth, which put them at the top of their group and through to the semi-final! They then won that match, and went on to win in the final 1-0! We are so super proud of them and can’t wait to follow their progress.

    This week we have started a new topic of the Vikings. Over the course of this half term and into next, we shall be learning all about these raiders and settlers, and their impact on Britain both then and even now.  We have started this week learning about their first raid on Lindisfarne and the reasons why they did. We have talked about their longships and why they were so successful as they were long, light and slender and could sail right up to the beaches and along rivers. In art, we studied how to draw a Viking longship. We worked really carefully to draw some amazing pieces.

    Our Viking topic ties in nicely with our English, as we are writing adventure stories. We watched a short animated film about a Viking boy, who went out on a quest to retrieve his village’s lost sword. We have used this to practise writing descriptions about the setting and character of the boy, who we have named Erik.

    In maths we have started work on fractions, we have been learning to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and drawing diagrams to help and prove our calculations. We have been able to link this to our previous work on improper fractions and mixed numbers.

    In Science, we are starting a new unit on living things and their habitats, by grouping and classifying creatures depending on their features. We have learnt about vertebrates, invertebrates and their similarities and differences using Venn and Carroll diagrams to compare.

    Our FeelIT emotion this week is feeling connected. We talked about how brilliant it feels to work together for common good. For example, in a sports team, in a class assembly or even connecting with our friends.

    We are very much looking forward to our Field Fridays. We are grateful for and very much rely on parent volunteers to help us when walking to and from the field. If you are able to offer your time between 11.10 and 12.00 each Friday, there is a sign up sheet on Google Classroom, which will be pinned to the top of the stream. Please add your name to a space in the table. We need 3 volunteers each week to enable this valued part of our week to go ahead. Many thanks for your help with this.

    Have a great weekend,

    Year 4 Team


  • What a cracking week!

    It was lovely to see you all at Parents Evenings this week and sharing the achievements of your child with you. We were so proud of Year 4’s amazing emotive poetry, inspired by the book Zoo, by Anthony Browne, that we have attached some for you all to look at. We were especially proud of the way the children have added emotion into their work by using figurative language such as similes, metaphors and personification. See for yourself below.

    We have since been working on researching and writing our instructive texts on how to look after a penguin or lion, thinking about the amount of space they needs as well as food, enrichment and veterinary care. We have practised with imperative verbs and adjectives to add detail and specificity to our instructions.

    Year 4 have all enjoyed making their own omelette this week! They used the skills of  cracking and whisking the egg, chopping ingredients and frying their omelette before sitting down to eat it. They have all really loved the experience and have written an evaluation on how it went. I have heard that some have already asked if they can make their own omelette at home! Maybe, they will make one for you too!

    In maths, we have continued our work on decimals and using them to add, subtract and solve problems, including using money.

    In Science, we have continued to work on pitch and are planning an investigation about how far sounds travel. We will be testing our ideas next week.

    In geography, we have been learning about 4 figure grid references and using them to plot and find locations on a map. We have made some pirate treasure maps using our skills. Next wee, we hope to use this for real to find Easter related pictures around the school.

    We hope you all have a lovely weekend,

    Year 4 team



  • Pitch Perfect!

    Today, Year 4 enjoyed a visit to Marlborough Road Methodist Church to meet with Liz and Mark from St Peter’s Church to learn about how Christians remember the events of Holy Week in church today. We learnt about what happens at Holy Communion and why. Year 4 were very thoughtful and asked some really challenging questions.

    In maths this week we have been calculating with decimals, using our formal addition and subtraction methods. We have then applied this to money.

    This week in English, we have been using the work we did last week on our emotive poetry as inspiration to write instructions on how to care for an animal. It has been interesting to see what a day in the life of a zoo keeper may look like and what commands they would need to follow.

    In science, we investigated how to alter the pitch of sound by making our own pan pipes. We cut straws to different lengths and noticed which would give us a low note and which would give us a high note.

    We have been busy designing our omelettes, ready for cooking them next week. Some of the ingredients chosen include, cheese, ham, pepperoni, pepper and tomatoes. Watch this space!

    We hope you have a lovely weekend

    Year 4 team

  • World Book Day and Careers Day

    What an exciting week we have had!

    We all had great fun yesterday, dressing up as either our favourite book character, or in comfy clothes to snuggle down and read a book. We listened to stories read by other teachers and heard an Indian folk tale called The Tiger, the Brahmin and the Jackal. From this story, the tiger was trapped in a large pit, so we asked everyone to design a different (but humane) tiger trap, which the villagers could have used to solve their problem of the tiger eating all their livestock. We had some very interesting and elaborate examples!

    Today has been our Careers Day and we have really enjoyed listening to parents with fascinating careers. Our morning started off with an assembly with the local police officer and PCSO, Charlie and David. We were so interested that hopefully we will be inviting them back to a have a closer look at what they do. We can’t wait!

    We have been working very hard on preparations for writing our emotive poetry and we have noticed everyone has really stepped up in their use of vocabulary to describe the plight of their creatures. We have learnt more about similes, metaphors and personification and have been practising writing a few examples. E.g. – ‘The cage walls closed in.’ ‘The bare walls stared deep into the soul of the orangutan.’ ‘The lush grass on the other side of the cage teased the tiger.’

    In maths we have continued to work on our decimals, estimating their position on a number line and rounding them to the nearest whole number.

    We used our scientific observation skills to learn what happens when you make a sound. We watched cubes vibrate on a drum skin and were surprised when a tuning fork, which had been hit on the table splashed water at our faces when it had been submerged!

    We have been preparing information for a miniature tourist brochure about Naples or Bergen in geography to gather all the interesting facts we have learn about these two locations.

    We hope you have a great weekend,

    Year 4 Team.


  • And your decimal point is…

    We hope you have all had a good half term.

    We have started this week by looking at the book called ‘Zoo’ by Anthony Browne as inspiration for our emotive poetry unit. We noticed in the book that the creatures who were behaving most like zoo animals were in fact the humans visiting the zoo! We also noticed that the animals in the zoo did not look particularly well cared for; their enclosures were dirty, bare, with nothing to entertain the animal and they had little food to eat. We though about how that might affect the behaviour of the animals. Next week, we will be putting all our ideas together to write our emotive poetry.

    In maths, we have continued to work on decimal numbers, finding different ways to represent them, ordering decimals and estimating positions on a number line.

    We have started a new unit on sounds in science and have thought about the sounds we could hear around the school and how we were able to hear them. We spoke about sound being a vibration and we will explore a little about what this means next week.

    In geography we ‘visited’ Norway. We learnt about fjords and described pictures of human and physical features.

    This half term in DT, we will be building up to making an omelette, so we started our unit thinking about how we stay safe in the kitchen and have designed some posters.

    PE this half term is tag rugby and creating a ‘spy’ dance.

    Our FEELiT emotion this week is feeling generous and we have been challenged to become more generous with our time this weekend. Perhaps Y4 could be generous by helping at home – maybe help to vacuum, tidy something away or be generous with their time in another way.

    We hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the time you have been given back with Y4 generosity!

    Year 4 team

  • Hair Raising Science!

    We were so proud of Year 4 this week, for all the effort they put into turning both classrooms into a Gurdwara. It was really great to see them sharing their knowledge with Year 3 as they provided guided tours. They were able to talk eloquently about what each room was for and Sikh beliefs. Well done!


    This week we have worked hard to create an explanation text about Granville T Woods who was an African American Inventor, who invented lots of improvements on devices we still use today such as overhead power cables for trains and enhancements for the telephone.

    We have been working on decimal numbers in maths, including creating numbers with 2 decimal places and representing them in different ways.

    We thoroughly enjoyed our visits from parents this week and would like to thank them for talking to us about Lunar New Year in South Korea, China and Hong Kong.

    For Science this week, we had a visit from Mr Crick who demonstrated his Van de Graaff generator. We were amazed at how electrons react and could force different reactions from flying pie plates to polystyrene showers. It was certainly hair raising!

    This weeks FeelIT emotion is Exhausted! So have a very restful half term!

    Year 4 Team


  • Read all about it!

    This week Year 4 have become journalists, reporting from the recent Toy Fair in London. They used their toy inventions, which they designed for their homework and imagined that they were revealing them for the first time at the Toy Fair. We wrote headlines, sub headings and quotes  to go in our reports and used fronted adverbials, time conjunctions and past tense. There was a lot of AI style toys… is this the way our toys are heading?

    In maths we have been exploring symmetry of 2D shapes, focussing on quadrilaterals and regular polygons. We noticed that regular polygons have the same numbers of lines of symmetry as the number of sides in the shape.

    In geography we compared the Mediterranean city of Naples in Italy, with St Albans, looking at location, climate, landscape, tourist attractions and history. We were fascinated by the images from the city of Pompeii, which was buried under volcanic lava and ash in AD79.

    We have been continuing to practise our skills in sketching figures and showing them moving. Have a look at our work!

    Saffron had a fantastic time on Monday, when they were taught football skills by a coach from Tottenham Hotspur. They had fun whilst honing their skills and controlling the ball. Gold class had their session earlier this half term.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Year 4 team

  • Trouble at the lighthouse!

    This post will be going live as many of our Year 4 will be at Wembley Stadium for Young Voices, we wish them the best of luck!

    This week the children have been exploring the features of quadrilaterals, and the many different styles they can be found in. Our most recent challenge was seeing if we could make 4 sided shapes that can fit specific criteria, such as a specific amount of right angles!

    In science, the children were given a problem: the circuit running the lighthouse lamp has been broken, what materials could be used to plug the gap? We’ve had a lot of fun finding out which materials conduct electricity, and which insulate by plugging wooden spoons, corks and paper clips into our own circuits.

    In English, we have started on our new topic which is newspapers reporting on the London Toy Fair hosted in January 2024! The children have been coming up with their own toys, and imagining what their speeches would sound like on the main stage so they could be put into a paper.

    The children have made some lovely Gurdwara plans in RE, which sparked discussions about which room they feel is most important. This is all to help us in our ambitious plans to turn the Year 4 area into a Gurdwara for a day soon!

    Our feeling to discuss this week was ‘irritated’. The children discussed what things can get under their skin, and what they can do to help themselves calm down when they feel this high energy feeling.

    We hope you all have a lovely weekend – Year 4 Team.

  • Mysteries, Perimeter and Electrical Safety

    Our FEELiT emotion this week is ‘ashamed’. We watched the video and discussed what this feels like. We did have a few confessions too!

    We have continued our planning work on detective stories,  creating our detective and culprit characters and considering the things they may say. “Mmm! Interesting… I think we are getting close!” We have also made a start on our story openings – describing the location and introducing the mystery.

    In maths, we have been working on perimeter of rectangles. We have worked out several strategies for calculating the perimeter of rectangles and been practising these.

    In RE this week, we have learnt about how the Guru Granth Sahib (The Sikh Holy Book) is treated within the Gurdwara. We learnt that it is treated just as a human would be. It is kept comfortable, cool and treated with the utmost respect. It is even taken to a resting room over night, where it is placed into a bed until it is needed again.

    In Science, we have created posters warning people of the dangers of electricity. We have thought about how we could make our messages clear, for example by using images, ‘Do’s and Don’ts’, and ticks or crosses.

    In art we studied how light affects and object, showing on a sphere where the light is coming from and the shadow it makes.

    We hope you have a lovely weekend,

    Year 4 Team

  • Happy Clue Year!!

    Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you enjoyed the festive season and it’s lovely to see everyone back, fresh faced to start a new term in Year 4.

    We started with a bit of a mystery! Year 4 had to search for key words in the classroom and piece them together to find out what we would be writing in English – mystery stories. We have been working all week, planning our mysteries and answering the questions: What has gone missing? What could the clues be? And how would the clue link to a culprit who would have a motive for taking the missing item?

    In maths we have explored discrete and continuous data and finding the differences between which data would be appropriate for a bar graph and which is more appropriate for a line graph. We have been reading pictograms, bar graphs and line graphs, asking and answering questions about the data. We have started to produce our own data to create our own bar and line graphs.

    Our geography this term is taking us on a tour of Europe. We have started to create fact files using general information about the continent, such as rivers, mountains and cities of Europe.

    We have started our topic on electricity by sorting which appliances need mains electricity or batteries or both to work. We also considered  which electrical items will move, make light, sound, heat or a combination.

    In art we are learning to show 3D form through sketching and shading techniques. We learnt how different parts of the pencil can be used effectively and how pressure can affect the tone of shading. We also used different techniques for shading.

    In RE we are learning all about the Sikh gurdwara this half term, which will culminate in creating a cardboard box model of this in a few weeks time. Shoeboxes are excellent for this, so if you have any at home, please save them and bring them in for us. We would be very grateful.

    Our FEELiT session for this week was motivated. We learnt what that looks and feels like and will be doing an activity in Soft Start based on it next week.

    We wish you all a happy weekend

    Year 4 team