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Year 5 – Forest and Sage

Welcome to Year 5.

Our Teachers are Mrs Bland and Mrs Poole and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Luena and Mrs Yiu.

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

    This week we had the first of our class Christmas concerts. It was lovely to see the children perform so confidently and they had clearly practised! The recordings of the class Christmas songs will be available on Google Classroom – Please let us know if there are any technical issues accessing them!

    In art we have been looking at the artist Henri Rousseau and have planned our final pieces, which we will be completing next week. Layering is an important part of his work so we had a go at layering paint today and thinking about the different shades of a colour.

    We have continues our work on fractions in Maths, comparing and ordering fractions with different denominators by finding a common denominators. Please keep practising working with fractions at home as there are so many elements to them!


    Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday for our last full week of term!

  • A very “ice” week!

    What a chilly time we are having! Hopefully next week it will warm up! Next week in English we will be looking at “how to disguise yourself as a Christmas elf!” Get thinking! This week in English we looked at creating flow diagram to build cohesion in our work and make it flow. We linked these skills to both History and PSHE, looking at how to get advice and what happened with the Spanish Armada.

    In Maths we have been working with fractions. Please continue to practise using these, thinking about the different skills needed for all 4 operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide. Make sure you look at the denominator to see if they are the same or not. Equivalent fractions should be able to convert between each other and we tried a particularly tricky Tarsia Puzzle with these!

    Another week in Science brought another experiment – the reaction between baking soda and vinegar! This chemical reaction created CO2, H20 and sodium salt – and also a bad smell!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  • Another busy week!

    Well done to Forest Class today for their sharing assembly! There was amazing acting and singing! Well done for learning all your lines!

    We were very lucky to visit a synagogue earlier in the week. It was amazing to see a Torah Scroll and lots of different artefacts up close! They also very kindly baked us some challah bread – it was delicious!

    In Science this week we have been looking at chemical reactions and how these are happening all the time around us! We did an experiment with Coke and Mentos (but you could use any fizzy drink!). We also talked about fireworks, bananas, decomposition and baking…

    In English. we have been thinking about how t o make our writing flow better by using cohesive devices (both phrases and punctuation). The children produced some wonderful flow diagrams describing the events of the Spanish Armada and thinking about Cause and Effect.

    Have a wonderful weekend and see you on Monday!

  • Magic shows galore!

    Well done to Sage for your wonderful sharing assembly! Forest class are looking forward to sharing theirs next week!

    Our magician stories are in full flow and the children have worked so hard this week to use a range of description and dialogue to complete their story. The stories are full of suspense and tension and we look forward to finishing them off next week.

    Forest class enjoyed their visit to Scarlet class, where they taught them how to play the dreidel and had many successful weeks. In RE this week we have also been looking at the Seder plate and how Jewish people celebrate Passover. Make sure you complete your homework on Kosher food for Wednesday!

    Maths has brought lots of division as we have all become far more familiar with the Bus Stop Method! We have even worked with remainders and fractions as remainders! Well done everyone for lots of hard work!

    Have a lovely weekend and hopefully we get lots more sunshine like today!

  • Week 2 – tick!

    We were so grateful to have a visitor today to read Hebrew to us! It really helped us to understand a bit more about how Hebrew is written and read. Did you know….?

    • Apart from poetry, children’s books and prayer books, there are normally no vowels in Hebrew writing!
    • You read from right to left!
    • The language of Hebrew got revived!


    In Maths we have been looking at squared and cubed numbers and reviewing our knowledge of multiplication using column method. Lattice method is also very useful! Next week we will be reviewing division using bus stop method – this is where knowledge of times tables comes in handy!

    Next week we will be writing our Magician stories in English! Well done for creating plans for homework and keep thinking about what language you could use or what could happen in your story. Please also make sure you keep playing TTRockstars – next week is England Rocks!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  • First week back!

    We hope you all had a lovely half term and well done everyone for all your hard week on this first week back. We’ve started a new English unit all about a magic show that goes wrong! Please have a good think about your story and complete your homework for Wednesday so you have your story plan ready for our English lessons.

    In Maths, we have been working on our addition and subtraction skills and then worked on word problems to pull all our skills together.

    We have spent our time in RE learning about how to write Hebrew and making our own dreidels – we hope to finish these next week!

    It has been very interesting learning more about Tudors and how they lived. The difference between the lives of the rich and the poor was incredible! There were some very…. interesting…. jobs we learnt about including a ships boy and a Tudor footballer!

    Have a lovely weekend and hopefully we won’t have too much more rain!


  • Autumn Term 1 – mission complete!

    Well done for a fabulous start to year 5 with the first half term finished! Have a lovely holiday and see you back on Monday 30th October.

    This week, Forest Class had  their 3D printing workshop, learning how to use the different tools in order to create a keyring that will be printed! It was also very fun to watch the 3D printer in action whilst we worked.

    Another week in Science brought another experiment – this time we had to see how we could speed up (or slow down) the melting process for ice. The children got very creative with this and then created a line graph to show their results.

    The non-chronological reports about Henry VIII are now complete (and some are even on display outside Sage class). Well done for all your hard work on these, trying to use the year 5 success criteria.

    Please play lots of TT-Rockstars over half-term. They are so important for lots of different elements of Maths! Please try to keep up responsibility for bringing in your homework diary signed and ensure that you have read at least 3x each week.

    Happy Half Term!!!!

  • Filtering and fantastic computers!

    Sage class had an exciting 3D printing workshop this week. Forest class will enjoy theirs next week.

    In Science, both classes enjoyed a rather messy experiment. They were set the task of separating different components from a mixture, using limited resources. We had some filtration, cleaning with water and sieving to help us! They made a Carroll diagram to finish, using different properties

    We have also been learning a lot more about the Tudor Era and will start writing our non-chronological report on Monday. Why not ask your child for a fun fact about Henry VIII?

    In Maths we have been looking at factors and multiples, thinking about the differences between them and finding some common factors and multiples.

    Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday!


  • Donatello and Evaporation…

    So it turned out that our dissolved sugar and salt was still dissolved… so we heated it up to evaporate to see whether the sugar and salt had simply disappeared or whether they were still there in the liquid… Look at our results! We thought about whether we had conducted a fair test and how we could improve our accuracy in future.

    Forest Class enjoyed making their sculptures based on Donatello out of clay. They used some different techniques with tools to create different effects. There were some Henry VIII’s amongst the sculptures too! Sage Class will be creating these next week.

    In English, we created some poems based on a book called “I didn’t do my homework because…”. The children enjoyed coming up with creative excuses and did extremely well with the rhyming pattern. The end results were very amusing and descriptive!

    Have a wonderful weekend in the sunshine. Is Summer back already?

  • Decimals, dissolving and dramatic history!

    We are so close to finishing our book “There’s a boy in the girls’ bathroom” and it is amazing to hear about the change in Bradley Chalkers. We finished off our English work on the book with some letters to Carla from Bradley, talking about how much he appreciated her and will miss her. The children worked hard to show great editing skills and really got into the style of the new Bradley.

    In Maths, we have continued our work on rounding and had a look at decimal numbers. We are getting used to how they look and what the value of each digit is. This has helped us to compare and order decimals and place them on a number line. Keep up with the Maths quizzes for homework – these will help you with what we are learning in class.

    Another week brings another Science experiment. This time we were seeing if we could dissolve sugar, salt and rice. We wrote a prediction and produced a labelled diagram. Next week we will continue with the experiment…

    In History, the children had a think about the reformation from Henry VIII and how this affected everyday life then and now. They came up with some great points about how life was changed and also how our life is different because of the reformation.

    Have a wonderful weekend in the still remarkably warm weather! See you Monday!