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Year 5 – Forest and Sage

Welcome to Year 5.

Our Teachers are Mrs Bland and Mrs Poole and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Luena and Mrs Yiu.

  • Sunshine!

    It’s been a busy week in year 5. We started with a trip on Monday to Cuffley Camp where we had lots of adventures.

    In English we have been focusing on learning the Year 5/6 spellings list and using our range of punctuation to write impressive sentences.

    In Art we have been completing our Lowry scenes with watercolours and we are rather pleased with them!

    Sports day photos to follow after half term.

    Have a lovely week – let’s hope for some more sunshine!

  • Victorians and explosions!

    In PSHE we talked about how when we feel angry, we can make unhelpful choices. We made anger volcanoes to represent how we normally react when feeling angry, and then thought about more helpful choices that would help ourselves and others.

    We have lots of sketching this week. Today we took our art books to the field and enjoyed some time drawing nature and some houses. We have also started our final piece of Lowry artwork – pictures to follow next week when we have used watercolours!

    In English, we have been writing our Victorian playscripts, using lots of Victorian vocabulary and adding in stage directions and a range of punctuation. Well done everyone for some creative work – we will all be talking like Victorians from now on…

    Have a wonderful weekend and hopefully we get lots of sunshine!

  • Lowry and Music!

    We had a wonderful trip to the Royal Festival Hall to our concert. The orchestra were amazing and we were so lucky to have sunshine! We enjoyed our picnic and time sketching.

    Next week we will be starting our final artwork on Lowry. For the past few weeks we have been making colour palettes with water colours. Did you know that Lowry only used 5 colours in his paintings?

    It has been fun learning about the Victorians. We have lots more to learn this Summer term! We read a Victorian playscript and performed it! Start thinking about where you want your Victorian playscript to be set…

    Have a lovely weekend in the sunshine and see you Monday!

  • A creative week!

    It’s been a busy week in Year 5. We have been looking at angles in Maths, refining our skills in estimating, measuring and accurately drawing. The children worked really hard to write their very own verses to go in The Highwayman poem, packed full of poetic devices. It was lovely to hear them perform them expressively.


    We have lots of artists in year 5 and they did amazingly recreating a Lowry scene. They thought carefully about perspective and sketched carefully, considering the vertical lines and adding in finer details.

    Field Fridays are back and we had fun practising our balancing skills using bean bags. Sports day is fast approaching… keep practising!


    Have a wonderful weekend and lets hope we get much more of this sunshine!

  • Bring on the Summer!

    We’ve had a wonderful first week back at school and have dived straight into English, looking at the poem “The Highwayman”.  It is packed full of poetic devices and interesting vocabulary – please find some interesting rhymes over the weekend!

    In Maths we have been recapping area and perimeter and will be moving onto looking at different angles. It’s good to test our skills with moving between different units of measure and problem solving to figure out missing sides.

    Some of us have watch “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse” noting down our favourite quotes (and even coming up with a few of our own)! Feelings are complicated things but we need to remember to be kind to ourselves – try doing some positive affirmations every day!

    It was also fun dissecting daffodils in Science, looking at the different parts and what their functions are. This involved some great teamwork.

    Have a wonderful weekend and see you back on Monday!

  • Suspense!

    This week has been all about getting stuck into our suspense stories. The children have used a range of suspense techniques, a mix of dialogue and description, and lots of great vocabulary to get on with their stories. Next week we will be finishing them off so make sure you all have a solution and ending in mind.

    In Maths, we have been learning about how to find percentages of amounts using the bubble method. You can find a video explaining the bubble method on Google classroom. Not only have we be finding percentages of amounts, we have also been finding the original amount based on what percentage we know. Keep practising!

    There was some great Science homework given in this week, with lots of interesting facts about the Sun, Earth and Moon. We put these facts to good use when creating comic strips in Science, adding lots of humour too!


    Have a lovely weekend. Please try hard to learn the words to the Disney Medley for our Spring Concert! Keep reading and remember your homework diary next week!


  • Busy busy busy!

    Wow! What a busy week! Yesterday was World Book Day and it was great to see all the creative costumes! We did some MC Grammar rapping, designed book tokens, discovered some new books and enjoyed creating a story plan for next week.

    Today was Career Day and it was great to learn about lots of different jobs. We specifically heard about jobs in the police, being a lawyer, jobs in publishing and fashion. It was also interesting to find out what jobs the staff in the school have had before going into teaching.

    It was exciting making catapults in Science, and we thought about the amount of pressure you need to place on it in order for it to travel in a certain way.

    Next week, we will be writing our adventure stories. Well done for finding useful vocabulary and we are so excited to read them!

    Have a lovely weekend (hopefully a sunny one) and see you on Monday!

  • Baking, earthquakes and pulleys!

    Today we all made some savoury scones! It involved measuring, grating, mixing and kneading. We had a lot of fun and made a lot of mess! We hope you all enjoy your creations and look forward to making some more savoury scones in a few weeks time – get thinking about what extra ingredients we could use.

    In English we have started looking at a suspense story version of Little Red Riding Hood. Get thinking about what your story might look like in a few weeks time – also our homework is linked to vocabulary for this story!

    In RE, we are thinking about Christianity in the run up to Easter and starting to come up with questions to deepen our thinking and knowledge of this story.

    In Science, we had fun making pulleys, investigating how they worked and how to improve them. We watched a video where 6 children managed to pull a lorry with a pulley system! Wow!

    In Geography we worked hard to write cause and effect statements linked to earthquakes. We also found out how people in countries where earthquakes are common, prepare for them in order to avoid too many problems because of them!

    Have a lovely weekend and see you Monday.

  • Final week!

    Well done everyone for a wonderful final week at school.

    The children have worked extremely hard writing discussion texts in English, thinking about whether it would be beneficial to live in a volcanic region, using great sentence starters, modal verbs and impressive vocabulary.

    In Maths, we have been calculating area of rectangles and compound shapes, including finding unknown lengths/widths in order to find the area of parts of a shape. Keep practising your times tables as we have discovered this week that they are very important!

    Both classes had their very own dance competitions in PE based on….. ROCK AND ROLL! The winners will be announced in Tuesday’s assembly after half term!

    Have a lovely half term. Keep reading, practise your spellings, complete your moon diary and most importantly… have fun!!!

  • Painting prints!

    We have had a very artistic week creating prints in the style of Andy Warhol. The children have worked so hard to carefully carve in their designs and patiently painted and printed them. Good job everyone!

    In English, we have been looking at discussion texts and will be writing our very own ones about volcanoes next week. Perhaps you could find out some more facts about volcanoes over the weekend?

    In Maths we have been exploring the area of regular and irregular shapes, estimating and also accurately calculating using multiplication (the lattice or column method).


    We created some stained glass windows in RE, reflecting on Judaism. The children thought of important symbols and their meanings.

    Also we experimented to find out more about water resistance in Science, thinking about the best shape of a boat and being curious thinking about what to explore in the future.

    Have a wonderful weekend and see you next week for the last week of term!