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Year 6 – Amethyst and Magenta

Welcome to Year 6.

Our Teachers are Mrs Collins and Mrs Aitbenmoussa and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Rimstad and Mrs Cheruvarthur.

  • Welcome to the Summer Term!

    Before the Easter holidays, Year 6 were working hard on their Anderson shelter projects.  We didn’t have the opportunity to share them with you before the break, however we wanted to show you the final creations.

    We will be using our maths lessons to do daily arithmetic and reasoning practice.  The children work in a carousel, using practice booklets that we have created, with the opportunity to ask questions and check any misconceptions.

    In English, we have been researching huskies with a view to creating our own fact files about this fascinating canine breed.

    In topic, we have started looking at our new unit, which is called Extreme Earth.  Firstly we used out listening skills to try and identify the sounds of different extreme earth events such as: an avalanche, earthquake and a volcanic eruption.  We then took a look in more detail at these different natural occurrences.

    Please remember to bring an additional pair of shoes for Field Friday (weather permitting!)

    Have a great weekend.

    The Year 6 Team

  • Pirates, Percentages and Punctuation

    In English lessons this week, we’ve been going over lots of questions which could come up in the grammar test.  Following this, we have finally started to write our pirate stories.  After a last few days of preparation, creating settings, characters and researching plenty of useful vocabulary, the children wrote their opening paragraphs.  So far, they have been a joy to read. We will continue next week, hoping to conclude these swashbuckling adventures on Wednesday.

    Maths has been looking at the use of ratio and how to solve questions involving ratio.  We followed this up by looking at problems which involved scaling recipes according to the number of people being served.  We ended the week with some arithmetic practice (a test!) with the year group all achieving impressive scores.

    The Anderson shelters are really starting to take shape now.  Using corrugated cardboard, foil, felt and even paper mache in some cases, the structures are resembling those shelters which were so important during World War 2.  Next week, we will concentrate on adding detail and decoration and will take photos of the finished projects.

    Have a great weekend.

    The Year 6 Team

  • Anderson Shelters, Assessments & Arithmetic

    We’ve been asking ourselves, how it is already half way through March? Spring 2 is absolutely flying by!

    In our long-awaited DT lesson this week, we made a good (but very messy) start on constructing our Anderson Shelters.  We focused on creating the base and shape of the structure, securing it with a hot glue gun.  Next week, we will work on adding colour and details such as vegetable patches and washing lines.

    In science, we continued our electricity topic, recalling the differences between series and parallel circuits before identifying faults in circuits and how to rectify these.

    We are coming to the end of our World War 2 topic and this week looked at some of the key events which happened in the latter part of the war. Over the next 2 weeks, we will write newspaper reports about the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, having listened to a first hand account of the events.

    Another week, another set of practice tests and once again, we are very impressed with how the classes approached the assessments.  This is to help prepare the children for the SATs in May – please see the dates below.

    Date Activity
    Monday 13 May 2024 English grammar, punctuation and spelling papers 1 and 2
    Tuesday 14 May 2024 English reading
    Wednesday 15 May 2024 Mathematics papers 1 and 2
    Thursday 16 May 2024 Mathematics paper 3

    Have a great weekend and we will see you at parent consultations next week.

    The Year 6 Team.

  • Circuits, Careers and Books books books…

    World Book Day dominated this week.  We had a lovely day enjoying all things book related. Following a colourful assembly, we completed a footy / booky quiz and then the teachers went to read stories in different rooms.  The children made some brilliant bookmarks, created their own comic strips and enjoyed some time just relaxing and reading.    

    In science, we have moved on to our electricity topic.  We looked at the differences between series and parallel circuits and then had an opportunity to make circuits using equipment which included bulbs and motors. 

    Finally, today we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to listen to some parent visitors talking about their chosen careers.  The children listened and asked some brilliant questions.  In Year 6 we enjoyed presentations by  Mr Batchelor, a scientist who works for GSK; Ms May, a civil servant and Mr Kwong who works in banking and finance.   

    In Feel It, we discussed the feeling of being patronised which was a little tricky to understand at first (particularly for those without older siblings!)

    Have a great weekend and remember the book fair will be running until Wednesday 13th March. 

    The Year 6 Team

  • Investigations and Pirates!

    It’s been a week of investigations in Year 6.  Following some revision on both multiplication and division (to 2 decimal places), children set about using their own examples to prove whether a statement was always, sometimes or never true.  They all seemed to enjoy working with the freedom to choose and work through their own examples. 

    In science, following some retrieval tasks around the vocabulary of opaque, transparent and translucent, the children discussed shadows, and how they are created.  They came up with a question that we could investigate: How does the distance from the light source affect the size of the shadow? The children carried out their investigations, noting down the results.  They then recorded these in both table and graph format.  

    We read the book The Pirate Cruncher in English lessons and have started considering writing techniques with a view to writing our own pirate-themed stories later in the term.

    In our history lessons, we got to know Winston Churchill a bit better; considered the type of leader that he was and some of the key decisions he made during World War 2.  We listened to his famous speech ‘We shall fight on the beaches’ and then thought about questions we would like to ask him and how he might have responded. 

    We are learning vocabulary about clothing in Spanish lessons and found out that Leap year in Spanish is año bisiesto.

    In our Feel It session we discussed feeling compassionate – feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others – and how important this is.

    Have a great weekend!

    The Year 6 Team

  • Algebra, Alliteration and Allies

    In English this week, we have been exploring poetry and writing poems about war with links to colour.  We revised the use of poetic devices such as: similes, metaphors, alliteration, onomatopoeia and personification.  We also considered the effect on the reader of rhythm and rhyme, with some even taking into account the number of syllables in a line. It was lovely to see children volunteering to read out their poems at the end of the week. 

    Algebra – a much feared topic in maths – was on the agenda this week.  I think the children were surprised to see how quickly they grasped some of the basic concepts and by the end of the week were getting stuck in and solving some more challenging problems.  

    Each week, we are blown away by the children’s enthusiasm when learning about World War 2.  This week was no different when discovering the diverse range of people who fought alongside the Allies to win the war.  Children researched and then presented information about incredible people who left their homes and travelled from as far as Jamaica and Sierra Leone.   

    We wish everyone a restful and relaxing half term break. 

    The Year 6 Team

  • The Spinning Spectrum of Light!

    Science has been the highlight of the week in Year 6. We delved further into our topic of Light and focused on the ‘spectrum of light’ where we discussed what white light is, what produces white light and the spectrum of colours that appear. When white light (light with no colour filters) is refracted using a glass prism or water, the colours bend and separate into the colours of the rainbow. Red is at the top as it bends the least and violet is at the bottom as it bends the most. We used the idea of Newton’s disc to create a spinning wheel that has the colours of the rainbow on it. When you spin it quick enough, the colours merge to a white representing white light. 

    Every single person in Year 6 LOVED it. 

    Over the last two weeks in English, we have been writing diary entries. We have linked these to our History unit of WW2. After learning about the evacuation that took place, we put ourselves in the shoes of the children who were evacuated and the mothers of the evacuees. Writing in their perspective gave us all a sense of sadness and allowed us to reflect on what everyone must have gone through. 

    Continuing on the WW2 theme and relating to our Art topic, we will be writing a free verse poem linking colour, mood and the events that took place during this time. 

    Have a great weekend!

    The Year 6 team

  • Blitz and SATz

    This week, Year 6 have worked really hard and completed another set of past SATs papers.  All the children approached the tests with positivity and resilience and we couldn’t ask for more.  Back to normal next week!

    In other news, in continuation of our World War 2 studies, we learnt about the devastating events of the Blitz.  We looked at the photograph ‘St Paul’s Survives’, taken in London during the night air raid of 29–30 December 1940, the 114th night of the Blitz of World War II. It shows St Paul’s Cathedral, illuminated by fires and surrounded by the smoke of burning buildings. It was taken by photographer Herbert Mason. To recreate this iconic image, we firstly made stencils of the London skyline – with St Paul’s Cathedral being front and centre – and then used chalk around the edges. Using our fingers, we smudged the chalk to create the impression of smoke and flames and finished it off by adding damaged buildings to the foreground.

    In RE, we used all of our research about the Dalai Lama to write an information page all about his incredible life.   In Science, we considered what life would be like without mirrors – needless to say there were some interesting responses!  We learnt about periscopes, what they are used for and even had a go at making our own!  

    Have a great weekend.

    The Year 6 Team 



  • Movement, Messages and Me gusta!

    Continuing our studies of World War 2, this week we looked at propaganda from the era and discussed its role in spreading important messages from the government, as well as keeping people’s spirits up in the darkest of times.  Inspired by what they had seen, the children then created their own propaganda posters. 

    In Spanish lessons, the children have been learning how to express likes and dislikes and include reasons for them.  They have been saying and writing sentences such as

    Me gusta la geografía porque es divertida.  I like geography because it is fun. 

    This week in our Feel It session, we discussed the word ‘blissful’ and how this is a pleasant, low energy feeling.  The children shared some nice examples of when they had experienced this feeling including feeding the ducks at the park and relaxing on a lilo on holiday. 

    On Thursday, 29 children proudly represented Alban City School at the Sports Hall Games athletic competition.  They competed in a large variety of events including relay and obstacle races, speed bounce, soft javelin chest push and long jump to name a few.  They did a great job of supporting each other and cheering them along. Overall we came 8th out of 14 schools in the area – our best result yet!

  • What a Cold One!

    What a week!

    Amethyst class were lucky enough to have the opportunity to train with Tottenham Hotspur on a freezing Monday morning! Despite the sub-zero temperatures, they had a great time practising their ball skills and working in a team. Magenta will be having their session on the 29th January.

    In Topic this week we have continued with our unit on World War II and delved into what life was like as an evacuee. We looked at the reasons why children were evacuated, where and why they were sent to rural area and imagined what it might have been like. In small groups the children looked at various replicas and particularly enjoyed looking at the Kit Kat wrapper and realising how much bigger they were back then!

    Have a great weekend and we will see you all on Monday morning.