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Year 1 – Aqua and Sky

Our final full week in Year 1 :(

Our final full week of school has been a fun-filled ICT week. We have been learning to choose characters and program them to move in response to each other using the Scratch app. The children have enjoyed working in small groups or with partners to share their ideas. In maths this week we have been …

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Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! What a strange week it has been! We have loved having the children back in school, but thank you very much for all of your efforts last week online. This week has been our Geography Week! We have created maps and learned the meaning of symbols on a map. We have also been …

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Smoothie Special

We have had an exciting week in English creating a diary for ‘Boxton the rat’ witnessing the events of the Great Fire of London following on from our text, Vlad and the Great Fire of London.  The children were able to generate some exciting vocabulary; plan the events and write in the past tense and …

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The Great Fire of London!

Hi everyone, In maths we have been focusing on different ways to solve subtraction calculations, by counting backwards using a number line, cubes and using our knowledge of number bonds to 10. We have also solved subtraction calculations using the maths term ‘What’s the difference’.  12- 3 = 9   The children place their finger on …

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Growing Plants

Welcome back after the half term! This week, growing plants has been our focus in Science and English. We have learned the parts of a plant and their function, identified deciduous and evergreen trees, and have named some garden and wild plants. We also planned a fair test for how to plant a seed. In …

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Puppet Pals videos part 2

Here are the other four videos. Ask your child which group they were in to find to correct video. Enjoy!

Puppet Pals fairy tale recordings – Aqua class

This week the children have been using the Puppet Pals app to create their own fairytale. Please see some of the videos below. Please ask your child to find out which group they were in. There are 4 more clips to follow.      

Sky Class PE Bags and Class Treat

Sky Class only – Please return your PE bags to school tomorrow for tomorrow’s PE lesson. We will then send them home for the half term at the end of the day. Both classes will have their class treat tomorrow. They are able to bring in a toy/ teddy or blanket for a short movie …

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Fairy Tales on the iPads

We have had a jam packed end to the half term in Year 1. Our learning in English has continued to focus on correctly using conjunctions in a sentence. We wrote our own sequel to The Naughty Bus called The Night Bus. We completed the written work with a front cover and a blurb. After …

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Road Safety

Our focus this week for PSHE week has been all about learning to keep ourselves and others safe. The children have discussed the importance of practising road safety and are aware of the different styles of crossings and how they work. They understand that at all times they must STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before crossing …

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