Class Pages

Reception – Apple and Lime

Welcome to Reception. Our Teachers are Miss Cooper and Miss Reynolds and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wonnacott and Mrs Knapper.

Year 1 – Aqua and Sky

Welcome to Year 1. Our Teachers are Mrs Jennings, Mrs O’Sullivan and Mrs Aitbenmoussa and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Moss and Miss Lumbier.

Year 2 – Crimson and Scarlet

Welcome to Year 2. Our Teachers are Miss Ellis and Miss Farley and our Teaching Assistants are  Mrs Parikh, Mrs Da Palma and Miss Kotrcova.

Year 3 – Amber and Vermillion

Welcome to Year 3. Our Teachers are Mrs Wood, Mrs Gardiner and Mrs Boothby and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Scott.

Year 4 – Gold and Saffron

Welcome to Year 4. Our Teachers are  Mrs Warner and Mrs Moore and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Gregory and Mrs Teufel

Year 5 – Forest and Sage

Welcome to Year 5. Our Teachers are Mr Clements and Mrs Humbles and our Teaching Assistants are Miss Felgueiras and Mrs Senanayake.

Year 6 – Amethyst and Magenta

Welcome to Year 6. Our Teachers are Mrs Collins and Mrs Bland and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Rimstad, Miss Panta, Mrs Cullen, Mrs Cheruvarthur and Mrs Smith.

Little Robins Pre-School

Little Robins Pre-School is an independently run pre-school situated within Alban City School.  Little Robins provides care and education for children from 2 years of age and operates daily. Further information can be obtained by emailing or by telephone on 07539 246860.