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Reception – Apple and Lime

Welcome to Reception.

Our Teachers are Miss Jackson and Mrs Freer and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wonnacott, Mrs Smith and Mrs Kumarasinghe.

  • Reception Meet the Teacher

    Thank you to everyone who attended our Reception ‘Meet the Teacher’ talk on Tuesday morning. Please find a link below to the slides.

    Meet the Parent Reception 2019

  • Sports Day Fun

    We are having a jam-packed end to the year in Reception. This week we started off with a health talk from a nutritionist (Thank you Mrs Compton!), where children learned about the different types of food, portion sizes and how to keep hydrated. We made our own healthy food plates and the class have loved adding food of different colours to a rainbow.

    Next, we had our very first sports day at Alban City School. We had carried out lots of practise sessions here, so we were all experts on the day! We took part in an egg and spoon race, a sack race and a bean bag throwing activity. We then took part in the sprinting races. Reception did so well at cheering on their team members and taking part in the races! Well done everyone! We hope you all enjoyed the picnic afterwards, too. Did you eat a rainbow?

    Look at us go!

    In French this week we finished the year by playing a counting game in French to 20, and recapping on the French song ‘Alouette’. We have even been able to see a play from Little Robins!

    We hope you all enjoy the last few days of term in Reception and have a fantastic, well-deserved break over the summer! We look forward to seeing you again in Year 1, ready for the new term. 🙂

  • Up, up and away!

    As part of a Science Week last week, we carried out experiments to send rockets into space! (Well, into the air at least…!) To prepare for this, we read and watched stories, discussing everything we know about space so far. We particularly enjoyed a story called  ‘The Way Back Home’. We saw how people live in space on the International Space Station, we researched space using the iPads, experimented with different describing words for space, and painted our own rockets. When we carried out our experiments, we first tested different sized cones to see which would be the best rocket. Once we had decided on the best size, we cut out and made our cones, and decorated them to make them into pirates. We then tested sending them up into the air by balancing them on top of different sized bottles and squashing our bottles. They shot up so high! We found that the bigger bottles with softer plastic were the 2 best bottles for our rockets, and talked about why this would be. For literacy, we then wrote our own stories of what we imagined might happen to our pirates if they had flown into space and landed on a planet. Where would they go? Who might they have met? Would they find treasure?

    The classes absolutely loved this topic, so we decided to continue with it until the end of term!  To get ready for Year 1, we have recapped on the names of 2D and 3D shapes. Then we drew our own rocket using only 2D shapes, describing the shapes we had used and remembering to say and count the corners and the sides for 2D shapes. We talked and wrote about a short film called ‘Unknown Planet’, where space rovers are looking for new places to plant seeds. We thought about where we could plant seeds around the school, where they would grow and where they wouldn’t grow, and tested this out.

    For forest school this week, we went on a hunt for mini-beasts, ensuring to be kind to them and learning the ‘Please don’t squish me’ mini beast song. The classes really enjoyed their Transition Day, to help them to prepare for the new year.

  • Adventures, adventures….!

    Just like the pirates in the stories we’ve been reading about, this week we have been on our own adventure to Whipsnade Zoo!

    We had an amazing day, and especially loved seeing the penguins, a baby giraffe, and the elephants. We also loved watching the butterflies flutter all around us and linking this to our learning on life cycles earlier in the year. We imagined how it might feel to be under the sea when were watching sea lions swim right past us.

    Here are some pictures from our day:


    Thank you so much for our parent helpers. Without you the day wouldn’t have been possible! Thank you also to our student, Miss Richards, who had her last day with us today.

    We hope you all have a lovely weekend and have a great time at the Summer Fair, too!

  • Ahoy, there!

    We hope you all had a great half term!

    After the half term in Reception, we discovered some strange clues around the classrooms! We found the words for each code, and then put the words together to make a sentence. This led to some mysterious treasure. Who had been in our classroom?! We have been writing and using our language to talk all about this.

    We then used our skills in money to buy pirate objects from our pirate shop. We needed to remember that the coins have different values, and we added the coins together to make the amount (up to 15 pence). We used real money and noticed the different patterns or pictures on some coins that have the same value.

    In PE we have started to get ready for Sports Day, this week focusing on egg and spoon races. We practised working in our colour groups and cheering on our team.

    In Faith and Belief we are making a ‘Helping Our School’ book by taking photos of each other when we see something that is helpful/tidy.

  • Rhyme Time

    This week Reception have been looking out for rhymes in stories they have read and heard. They have then been on rhyming word hunts to find and record rhyming words.

    In maths we have been beginning to understand halving amounts and halving shapes. We are linking this to division and comparing it to doubling. 


    For art this week we are jazzing up our junk. Let’s see what we can create! We will compare our drawings from the local walk last week to photos and images from Google Earth to be able to talk and discuss differences and similarities in features of the environments.

    Our Show and Tell focus for the rest of the year will be technology, as we are really interested to find out more about the different types of technological skills your child has picked up at home. This can include games, toys, or any other objects that are appropriate to bring in.

  • Shaping up!

    We are learning to sort and explain the differences between 2D and 3D shapes this week in maths. We are also recapping on and using language to describe 3D shapes, such as by identifying faces, vertices and edges.


    In literacy, we are starting to write some fantastic stories about our under the sea adventures! We have explored what different parts of the ocean might feel, sound and look like, and we wrote lists of describing words to help us. We have been thinking about the different senses in our descriptions when writing about our adventures.

    In PE we have continued to practise aiming and balancing using a tennis racket. In Faith and Belief, we made pastel and water colour paint sea-scapes.

    Thank you to all parents and carers who have offered to help with our local walk!

  • Splashing into The Summer Term

    We have started our new Under the Sea topic by reading and learning about ‘Billy’s Bucket’, ‘Sharing a Shell’ and ‘Commotion in the Ocean’. This has helped us to think and write about things that are special to us, how we participate as part of a team and what different under the sea creatures are like. We have become under the sea explorers in our new Shark and Mermaid Palace/Submarine role play areas (Lime/Apple).

    In maths we have been counting and identifying numbers to 30 and also ordering non – consecutive numbers by searching for fish and ordering the amounts that we collected. We have also been learning to tell the time, beginning with ‘o’clock’.

    In PE, we have begun to learn how to hold tennis rackets and balance beanbags/tennis balls on our rackets.

    Well done to everyone who is bringing in show and tell items and talking about these with the class!

  • Sharing is Caring!

    This week in Maths we have been learning about sharing quantities. We explored sharing a variety of quantities between 2 and looked for patterns when doing this. We noticed that some numbers always leave one spare and so can’t be shared, we call these numbers ‘odd numbers’. We also learnt that to share equally means that each set must always have the same amount.

    In Literacy this week we have been developing our reading and comprehension skills whilst reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. A lot of us already knew this story but it was great to be able to link the story to our real life caterpillars which are growing and have now created their pupas (fingers crossed they stay cosy inside until after the Easter holidays…). We revisited our learning about non-fiction texts from last weeks Literacy and noticed that there is some factual information within the story but the key parts that are fictional link to just how much he ate and what he ate!

    We hope you all have a great break and can’t wait to hear all about it when we come back to school!

  • Life Cycles

    This week Reception have been keeping a close eye on their caterpillars and tadpoles, which are growing each day. We can’t wait to see them turn into butterflies and frogs! We have made stain glass butterflies in art and have acted out the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar in groups. In maths we have been learning to double amounts using our ‘magic’ doubling pots or using the wings of a butterfly to help us.

    In PE, we are learning different types of throws using a rugby ball. As well as writing lots about our observations of the caterpillars in the classroom, we have been reading non-fiction texts about the life cycles of butterflies and tadpoles in guided reading. Here we are reading and following the words in the books: