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Reception – Apple and Lime

Welcome to Reception.

Our Teachers are Miss Cooper and Miss Reynolds and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wonnacott and Mrs Knapper.

  • Busy times in Reception

    This week we have had some of the children’s parents come in and read stories, cook with the children and be a mystery visitor. Thank you. Everyone was fabulous and the children were so proud.

    In Phonics we have recapped over the sounds ow, oi, and ear. We have practised using these sounds in our writing. We have also been focusing on adjacent clusters in ccvc and cvcc words. We looked at ft-eft, mp-lump, ld-held and lk-milk. We have been reading phase 3 sounds which combine 2 or more digraphs or trigraphs eg sheep, chair. We continue to write sentences remembering capital letters, finger spaces and ending a sentence with a full stop.

    In PE we have been getting competitive and have been practising for sports day. We have mastered the obstacle race, bean bag on the head and the hurdles.

    In Maths we have been learning about 2d and 3d shapes. We have been describing them using words such as flat, face, curved and corner. The towers the children have made have been impressive. We have also sorted the shapes. We have been looking at numbers in the twenties using numicom.

    Happy birthday to Oona, Ollie, Marni and Claire!

  • A fun week in Reception

    This week in Reception we had our first mystery visitor. It was Skye’s mum and she came to tell Reception all about her job. It was very fascinating.

    In phonics we have been recapping over the ar, ur, er, and air sounds and applying these sounds when we are writing. We have been going over phase 2 and 3 tricky words and learning how to spell them. The adults in Reception were impressed when the children applied these words correctly in their writing. We are mastering writing a sentence with a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.

    Phase 2 to 5 Tricky Words Word Mat | Tricky words, Word cards, Phonics words

    In Maths we have been estimating. We have also been comparing by estimating which has more and which has less. We have looked at how long 10 seconds and 30 seconds feels and then estimated how many star jumps we could do. The children have learnt that it has to be a sensible guess.

    In PE we have continued to use the apparatus and have enjoyed taking risks. We have also been practising for sports day. We will be having running races, obstacle races, bean bag races and hopefully a hurdle race. The children need to remember to run in a straight line!

    Happy Birthday to Marni, Claire and Rayyan.


  • A very warm and busy week in Reception

    It has been another busy week in Reception. This week we have talked about habitats and what animals will live in certain habitats. We looked at  lots of different habitats eg deserts, rainforests, mountains, oceans, back gardens etc. We then went on to talk about the continents of the world and which animals you would find in those continents and why. The children were introduced to the seven continents song.

    In Phonics we have been recapping on the ure, igh, ur, air, er sounds and representing these sounds as letters as we are writing. We used the sound mat to find these sounds to use in our writing. The children have also been looking at CCVC words eg twin, from etc. We are continually recapping over the phase 4 tricky words as well as learning to spell the phase 2 and 3 tricky words.

    Letters and Sounds Phase 2 to 5 Tricky Words Bookmarks

    In Maths we have been looking at coins and how much each is worth. We have been playing shops, looking at the price tag and giving that amount of money to the shop keeper. It’s been an expensive week!

    In PE we continue to use the PE equipment in the hall and have become very confident with climbing and travelling on it. We are also getting ready for Sports day.

    Happy birthday to Maisie-Ellen!

  • What a lovely week!

    It  was lovely to see the children after a week off. They were all very excited to be back and to see their friends.

    We have been reading the book Arrgghh Spider by Lydia Monks. We talked about having a spider as a pet and how easy it would be!

    In Maths we have been looking at maps. We have made story maps, a map showing how we get to school and what we pass and a map for an obstacle course. It was great fun recreating the obstacle course maps outside and having a go on them.

    In Phonics we have recapped over the sounds ure, igh, ur, er and air. We have learnt the tricky words have, like, some, come, so, said, was and you.

    If you have any boxes, containers etc that we can use for junk modelling- please send it in!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  • Another busy week in Reception

    This week the children have been very excited about talking about the school trip. Lots of writing was generated. We had books, lists and stories. The highlight to write about was the picnic and coach ride!

    In PE we continued to use the apparatus and wall bars. The children were more confident this week and pushed themselves.

    In Maths the children were introduced to Cuisenaire rods.  We talked about how they represented the numbers 1 to 10. We took one Cuisenaire rod and used other rods to make it the same length for example we got a 5 rod and then made it with a 3 rod and a 2 rod.

    Maths Number Bonds to 10 -Introduction to Cuisenaire rods | Teaching  Resources

    In phonics we have been recapping over the sounds or, ar, ow and oi. We also looked a CVCC words eg bend, tent etc.

    To mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, we have talk about who the Queen is and who her grand children and great grandchildren are. We have made cakes, crowns and drawn portraits of the Queen using tissue paper. We talked about making bunting for the River of Hope. We read the stories Clean up and Charlie and Lola- look after your planet. We then talked about what we could do to save the planet and wrote this on out bunting.

    Have lovely half term!

  • Celtic Harmony

  • We’re going on a school trip

    Reception had an amazing day on Thursday when we went to visit the Celtic Harmony Camp. We spent the day outside and were so lucky to have such lovely weather. We arrived and went went into the round house where we were told about our day. We made clay faces that we put on trees, we went on walk with a journey walk, we made boats and sailed them and we made minibeasts from salt dough. Lunch was a hit as was going on the coach. A fabulous day and Reception made us all proud!

  • We’re going on a school trip…..

    There was so much excitement in Reception this week as we counted down how many sleeps until we got on the coach to go to Celtic Harmony. We had an AMAZING time. There were many highlights but going on a coach and having a packed lunch was such a hit!

    In Phonics we have looked at the sounds or, ur, ow, and ar. We have started looking at the phase 4 tricky words.

    Phonics-Phase 4-Sound 13-"tr"

    In PE we introduced the children to using the wall bars, benches, tables and ladders to travel and climb on. They loved it and were very adventurous.

    We have planted our runner beans, which we are going to care for and watch them grow. It was lovely to see some children make a book and record what they had done.

    In Maths we have been looking at number sentences with a missing number eg 5 + ?= 7. We used cubes and number lines to work out what the missing number was.

    Happy Birthday to Finlay.


  • Lots going on in Reception!

    This week we have designed a card that we are going to send to the Queen to congratulate her on being the Queen for 70 years. We talked about what we could put on a celebration card and we voted on what we wanted to include. We hope she likes it!

    In Phonics we have revisited the sounds er, ng, ar, the long oo sound and the short oo sound. We have been writing sentences, remembering our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We have been putting the Phase 3 tricky words into sentences.

    Friday 15th Jan – phonics phase 3 tricky words | Plover School

    In PE we have continued practising our tuck, star and wide shapes. We performed them to rainforest themed music.

    In Maths we have been looking at odd and even numbers. The children made an odd monster. Some of the monsters had 1 body, 3 eyes, 5 legs, 7 teeth, 9 antennae’s. It had to be an odd amount.

    Happy Birthday to Theo!

  • Hello May!

    This week in Reception we have been planting. We have prepared the soil in the planter beds near the scooter rack. We have planted carrots, lavender, strawberries, runner beans, cauliflower, rosemary and some wild flowers. We will be watering the plants and look forward to get some fruit and vegetables to harvest and then eat!


    In Phonics we have revisited the sounds igh, ch, sh and th. We have been quick writing phase 3 tricky words making sure we form our letters correctly. Lots of our friends have been having a go at writing lists for food that they are making in the mud kitchen- we are very impressed.

    Phase 3 Sound Mat (teacher made)

    Phase 3 Tricky Words Word Mat | Tricky words, Phonics lessons, Word  activities

    In Maths we have been sharing and halving numbers. We have worked with numbers to 20 using cubes to help us. We have been playing bingo but doubles bingo!

    Have a lovely weekend.