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Reception – Apple and Lime

Welcome to Reception.

Our Teachers are Miss Jackson and Mrs Freer and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wonnacott and Mrs Kumarasinghe.

  • Forest Schools

    The children had a lovely first time at forest schools, engaging with natural things! They had a go at making their name out of  things that they collected and they went on a hunt for things that were spiky, smooth and beautiful.

    Thank you so much to all the parent helpers that came along and made it possible. The children appreciated you being there.

  • Super Subtraction

    This week the children have been working on subtraction, they have practised with different resources and have started to record their own number sentences using a subtraction symbol.

    We are now practising counting to 20. To become more familiar with the numbers between 10 and 20 we are going to have a number of the week. This week our number of the week is 11. We have been writing the number, forming the numbers correctly and counting 11 objects.  Next week our focus will be number 12

    The rhyme of the week is I know an old woman who swallowed a fly…  There were a lot of words to remember but they have been doing an amazing  job to remember them.

    Next week our rhyme of the week is, I had a little turtle his name was Tiny Tim
  • Welcome back

    Rhyme of the week

    This week our rhyme of the week is Incy Wincy Spider. The children have been using props to help them to recite the rhyme.

    We have started to look at the book Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne. Prior to reading the book we listened to some African music and looked at pictures from Africa. You might like to help your child find out more about Africa and if you have anything African we would love to see it.

  • We wish you a Happy Christmas

    From all the staff in reception, a huge thank you for all your kind words and gifts. The children work so hard every single day and we feel so lucky to be able to work with such lovely children and families.  We hope you all have a fantastic break and we look forward to hearing all about it on Tuesday 7th January.




  • Rhyme of the Week

    The children have become very confident reciting this week’s rhyme, ‘Little Jack Horner’.

    Next week our rhyme is going to be, ‘Here is the Beehive’.

  • Christmas Lights Competition

    Christmas Lights Competition

    Our mystery visitors today told us all about their Christmas Lights competition which is raising money for charity. Click on the PPT link above to find out more!! This year all proceeds raised will be going to St Albans Action for Homeless. The competition will begin on Sunday December 15th, with the winner announced following a period of judging by local children who have completed a trail of the streets. The winning house will receive a Warner holiday voucher donated by one of the residents and a trophy they get to keep for the year.

    The lights will be available to view throughout the Christmas period and donations will be accepted in buckets or online.

  • ‘Wriggly Nativity’

    The children did an amazing performance of ‘Wriggly Nativity’  this week. It was great to see them enjoying themselves and performing so confidently in front of a big audience. Thank you parents, for all your support with costumes and your lovely feedback after the performance.

    We have introduced ‘Rhyme of the week’ so that the children become more familiar with rhymes.

    Our first rhyme that we have learnt is, Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

    In Apple and Lime classrooms we have got a rhyme of the week area, where the children can read the rhyme, act it out and recite it .

    We are going to share the rhyme that we are learning each week so that you can support your children at home. Next week is going to be Little Jack Horner.  You might like to talk to your child about the words that rhyme.

    In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds, ee (see, bee, tree) and igh (sight, fight, light).


  • Can’t You Sleep Little Bear?

    This week we have been looking at the book, Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? From reading the book we discussed the different emotions of the characters in each part of the book and  found out new words to describe emotions other than sad and happy.  We developed the idea of little bear and big bear from the book to  investigate more about height in our maths lessons. We have been thinking about how to measure accurately (starting at the same point) and using the words shortest and tallest to compare items, people and toys.

    In phonics we have learnt the digraphs sh, ch, ng and ai  and the  tricky word was. Look out for these digraphs in your reading books.

    We have been developing our understanding of what a question is so that when our mystery visitors come in to visit we can ask good questions.  We would still like more volunteers after Christmas if you’d be willing to come in, please sign up on the sheets outside the classroom.

    Next week is our nativity play, ‘Wriggly Nativity’. Thank you for all your help in bringing in costumes. The children have worked hard to learn the songs and remember their lines. We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 3rd December at 9:15. You should have received 2 tickets per family in the children’s book bags this week.

    We are looking for a few parent helpers for the pantomime on Wednesday 11th December. If you can help please let your child’s teacher know.  (Mrs Freer for Apple Class or Miss Jackson for Lime Class. )

  • Terrific ten frames!

    In maths we have been learning about 10 frames.

    Image result for 10 frames

    We have learnt that if the 10 frame is full there are 10 objects. If one row is full there are 5 objects.

    Image result for 10 frames

    Some children were able to explain that if a 10 frame had one missing it was 9 because 9 is one less than 10.

    Following on from birthday’s last week, we have been learning about Wesak (Buddha’s birthday)  as part of our topic on celebrations.

    Mystery visitor

    The children have loved having mystery visitors each week. This week our mystery visitor came and spoke to the whole year group about  the police. The children were shown pictures and real objects as well as having the opportunity to  try on clothing and hats.

    We are looking for more volunteers. If you would like to come and talk about your job, festivals that you celebrate at home, a particular interest that you have or you are willing to come in and read the children a story, we’d be very happy for you to sign up on the sheets outside the classrooms. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


  • Birthday Celebrations

    This week we have looked at the story, ‘Kipper’s Birthday’. We have been writing party invitations and shopping lists to prepare for our class toy’s birthday.

    In phonics we have learnt the new sounds, j, v, w, x and the tricky words he and she.

    We have been busy practising ‘Wriggly Nativity’. Please can the children who have got words to say practise at home, using their big voices. We have now learnt all the songs. These are all the words if the children want to practise at them at home.

    Rockabye Jesus

    Rockabye, Jesus, close your eyes,
    I will sing you a lullaby.
    Don’t be afraid; your mother’s here.
    Softly sleep, my dear.
    Softly sleep, my dear.

    Dancing About In The Straw

    Look at all the cows
    In the stable tonight,
    Dancing about in the straw!
    Look at all the cows
    In the stable tonight,
    Dancing like they never have before!
    Feeling so excited to see the baby boy.
    See them dancing everywhere:
    Their hearts are filled with joy!
    Look at all the donkeys…
    Feeling so excited…
    Look at all the chickens…
    Feeling so excited….

    Skip, Skip, Skippity Hop

    Not far away on the hillside that night,
    Shepherds and their sheep saw
    the sky fill with light.
    Little lambs went skip, skip, skippity
    Skip, skip, skippity, hop!
    Little lambs went skip, skip, skippity
    Hop, hop, hop!
    Shepherds’ eyes went very wide
    And their hearts went thump inside.
    They were scared,
    They could not look away.

    There they all were on the hillside that
    Shepherds and their sheep saw the
    sky fill with light.
    Little lambs went skip, skip, skippity…
    (sing twice, ending with:)
    (Quietly) Hop, hop, hop!
    (Quietly) Hop, hop, hop!
    (LOUD!) HOP, HOP, HOP!


    Angels, angels lighting up the sky,
    Angels, angels singing as they fly.
    Singing, singing, music fills the air.
    Angels, angels, angels everywhere.
    Angels (or all)
    Shepherds, come and see!
    Shepherds, come and see!
    You will find a baby king in the manger.
    Angels, angels…

    Bumping Up And Down

    Bumping up and down on a camel,
    Which is bumping up and down under
    Bumping up and down on a camel,
    All the way to Bethlehem.
    We have gold for the baby.
    The star will show us the way.
    Frankincense for the king of the world,
    Born this happy day!
    Bumping up and down on a camel…
    We have myrrh for the baby.
    The star will show us the way.
    Taking gifts to the king of the world,
    Born this happy day!
    Bumping up and down on a camel…
    (repeat last line twice at the end)