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Year 2 – Crimson and Scarlet

Welcome to Year 2.

Our Teachers are Miss Ellis and Miss Farley and our Teaching Assistants are  Mrs Parikh, Mrs Pasarica and Mrs Bickle.

  • Be Internet Legends!

    This afternoon Years 2 to 6 had a live assembly with Google and Parent Zone learning about how to be legends online!

    We learned a lot about how to be internet sharp, alert, secure, kind and brave.

    They tested our knowledge about how to make good choices online.

    In school we will continue to talk about Being Internet Legends in our lessons but at home you can get involved too!

    Click here to play the Google Interlands game where you will explore the different kingdoms.

    Click here to complete the brand new family challenge.

    Click here to enter the competition which could win prizes for our school.


  • November News

    In English this week we have been busy writing our very own versions of Rapunzel where she escapes in a unique way and finds something amazing in the forest. The children have worked really hard to include conjunctions, adverbs and noun phrases in their writing, whilst also writing in past tense. Why not ask them what happens in their version of Rapunzel?

    In Maths we have been securing our knowledge of using bar models whilst also practising our addition and subtraction skills with this. We had to decide whether a whole or a part was missing and whether we needed to add or subtract.

    For Anti-Bullying week the children have designed their own hands with qualities that make a good friend written on them. This links to “United Against Bullying”.

    We are starting to look at the “Christmas Story” in Faith and Belief (is it that time of the year already?!) It is really interesting to look at the significance of the difference characters and the views and meanings they bring to the story for Christians.

    This term we will be introducing 5 Ways to Wellbeing and focussing on how we can connect
    with others in our class. This week we thought about how, as a class, we can connect with each other and considered why this is important. We created a class flag (Scarlet class) and class paper chains (crimson class) to represent  our class family.

  • Week 2

    This week in Maths we have been learning how to halve a number. The children have been great at using their knowledge of even and odd numbers to be able to support them when deciding whether a number can be halved into two equal groups.

    We have focusing on descriptive language this week in English. We have been using noun phrases, verbs and adverbs to write a setting description about the forest surrounding Rapunzel’s tower. The children used some great vocabulary i.e. swaying, mysterious, peaceful, never ending, magnificent and majestic! They also thought about what they would do if they were Rapunzel and free from the tower for the first time. The children were able to use some excellent past tense verbs to write a diary entry about their first day of freedom.

    In Faith and Belief, the children continued learning about Rangoli patterns. This week they designed their own ensuring they were using repeating patterns when designing. Once they were happy with their design they recreated them using oil pastels. Here are a few of the finished products:

    This week we demonstrated to the children how to log in to both NumBots & TT Rockstars. Both have the same username and password (found in the front of their reading records). Numbots is great for children’s mental maths skills and to improve number fluency. TT Rockstars is a great learning tool to improve children times table knowledge. These can be downloaded as an app or accessed via a computer. TT Rockstars will have times tables set every week. Please encourage your children to log in and practise at home!

    Thank you so much for your generous contributions towards Children in Need this week. The children loved dressing in their own clothes for such an important charity!


  • Be Internet Legends: The Family Adventure

    ” Join The Internet Legends with this new family adventure at home.

    Learn about online safety together from Google and Parent Zone.

    This family challenge is a three-part animated series following a family of Internauts through Interland. “

    Once you have finished watching the films, why not download and complete the accompanying activity packs? There is even a quiz to complete where you could win our school some prizes!

    Click here for the new Internet Legends family adventure.

    Click here for the Legends family challenge where you could win prizes for our school!


    Here is an introduction to Be Internet Legends.

  • A great first week back!

    It was lovely to see the children so refreshed after half term and ready for a new week! In Maths, we have  been learning about doubles. We have been thinking about what ‘double’ means and even created a long list of different ways to say double. We used cubes, column addition and hundred squares to support us when doubling two digit numbers.

    In English, we have started our new topic based on Rapunzel. We read two different versions  of Rapunzel and compared the two. We were able to create a list comparing the differences and similarities between the two. We also wrote a character description using noun phrases to describe Rapunzel’s personality.

    In Music, the children have started singing in rounds and are using the Solfege Hand Signs to learn the different notes. Have a look here for more information –

    In History, we began learning about Grace Darling.  We watched a video that retold Grace Darling’s story and ordered the key events. The children discussed what it might have been like and thought about how Grace Darling was feeling throughout. They came up with some great vocabulary to describe her emotions throughout.

    Thank you to all of those who took part in the half term Art project. We were amazed by how creative they were!

  • Time flies when you’re having fun!

    Can you believe we are at the end of our first half term in Year 2?

    We have had a great week this week. In Maths, we have been learning about subtraction and learning different methods to subtract. We spent some time learning how to use column subtraction and we were blown away by how hard the children worked. Keep practising with them at home – practice makes perfect!

    In English, we wrote our own versions of ‘Look up’. We were focusing on having a clear beginning, middle and end to ensure a good story structure. The children have used some excellent vocabulary to describe Rocket and have begun using conjunctions to extend their sentences.

    In History, we were learning how to order key events using a time line. We learnt about lots of significant events that have happened in Space history and were able to order them chronologically. We were fascinated by some of the facts we learnt. Did you know they sent fruit flies into space?

    Due to you not being able to come into school we thought it would be nice to show you our displays. We have created a display to showcase our incredible pirate stories we wrote at the beginning of October, a D&T display that represents the children’s design process of creating their rockets, a World Mental Health Day display where the children listed a reason they were amazing and a ‘achievement tree’ to showcase their proudest achievement.

    As the children have worked so hard this half term we enjoyed a class treat on Friday afternoon. The children have settled back into school life so well and we are so proud of their positive attitudes towards learning. We can’t wait to  see them after half term!

  • Look up!

    This week in English we read a book called ‘Look Up’. It is a lovely story about a girl named Rocket who loves space. She wants to share the experience of seeing a meteor shower with her brother but he is too busy on his phone and all she wants him to do is look up and share an amazing experience with her. The children have loved the book and have enjoyed writing character descriptions about Rocket using noun phrases, ordering the events of the story and using conjunction to retell. Next week we will be writing our own version of Look Up.

    In Maths, we have been using our number bonds to 10 to help build our confidence with numbers to 100. We thought about our number bonds to 10 and thought ‘if I know this, what else do I know?’. We played a card game to create number bonds to 10 and then linked this to our knowledge of number bonds to 100.  We also began learning how to use column addition to solve 2 digit number by 2 digit number additions. The children loved learning this method – ask them to teach you how to do the same!

    In Music, we were learning about the different rhythms and beats in music.  The children got to ‘shake along’ to the beat of the music and really enjoyed creating new rhythms.

    In Science, we concluded our science experiment by looking at the growth of all of our bean plants. The children were able to use great scientific language to discuss why some of our plants grew healthily and why others didn’t. The children were able to discuss what went well in their experiment and consider how they would change it if they were to carry it out again.



  • Letters to NASA, number lines and World Mental Health Day

    Another very busy week in Year 2!

    This week we received a very exciting letter from NASA sharing their interest in the space rockets we created to then build and take into space. We began the week by planning what we would write in our persuasive letter to convince NASA to pick their own rocket instead of someone else’s. The children wrote some amazing persuasive letters using conjunctions, noun phrases, varied sentence starts and excellent persuasive language- if it were up to me I’d pick them all!

    In Maths, we began the week by learning how to estimate where numbers would be placed on a number line. We started by working out the benchmarks within the number line to then help us when working out where the number would go. The children were very good at explaining why a number would go closer to one number than the other and used great mathematic vocabulary.

    This week, we learnt about Rosa Parks. We watched a very interesting clip about her life and the big impact she had on Black History. We had a lovely discussion about why she did what she did, whether they thought she did the right thing and how the other people on the bus must have reacted. It was so nice to hear what the children had to say about this and we thought about how things have changed since then.

    In Art, we have been thinking all things space! We learnt how to mix and blend oil pastels together to make different colours. We decided to create a piece of artwork based on the planets as we noticed how many colours made up one planet. They turned out great!

    To celebrate World Mental Health Day we talked about what good mental health is. We discussed what makes us feel happy and what we do to cheer ourselves up if we aren’t feeling happy. We read a lovely book called ‘Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun’ which talks about having the courage to be who you are – a lovely message to share with the children. We create our own balloons that celebrated what we liked about ourselves and shared them with the class. The children then enjoy getting all cosy to enjoy a ‘feel good’ film.

  • Persuasive letter writing, comparing numbers and mashed potato!

    The children have blown me away with their writing skills this week. We have been learning about persuasive language and thinking about what words/phrases we can do to persuade people to agree with our point of view. The children improved and edited some persuasive sentences to make them more convincing and including conjunctions such as ‘because’ or ‘as’.

    In Maths, we have been comparing numbers. We have been using the <, > or = sign to compare numbers and created them using dienes to help us visualise the bigger/smaller number. The children really impressed me with their perseverance in Maths and all challenged themselves to take on the  ‘extra spicy’ challenges throughout the week – keep it up!

    After we dug up our potatoes last week, we thought carefully about what we could do with them. The class decided we could make mashed potato. We discussed the ingredients needed for mashed potato and thought about how we make them. The children listened very carefully when we modelled how to cut, mash and grate the potatoes and were very sensible when carrying out these skills.

  • Planting, Scratch and Rockets!

    We have had a very busy week in Year 2 but a very exciting one!

    We started the week by taking part in a Science Investigation. We are investigating what a plant needs to grow healthily. We all planted our own bean and have chosen different places around the classroom to see how they grow. We also wrote wonderful instructions to explain how to plant your own bean. We also went out to our planters on the playground and dug up lots of potatoes – we will be using these in D&T next week.

    In Computing, we have been using Scratch Jnr. to design and create our own game and characters. We created our backgrounds and characters this week and began to think about how we would code our character to move around in the game. Next week, we will be looking more closely at coding our character to go through different levels within our game.

    In Maths, we have been learning how to represent a number in many different ways. We have been thinking about how to split a number into tens and ones and whether we can do this in multiple different ways. The children were given lots of resources to represent a number and were able to do this using lots of different methods.

    The children have really impressed us this week during Guided Reading. Guided Reading is a daily lesson where we teach the skills needed to help the children to read. The children are split into groups where they  will read with both their Teacher and Teaching Assistant within the week to help with their comprehension, decoding and vocabulary knowledge. It’s a lovely lesson where you get the opportunity to hear children read and discuss at lengths different texts with them.


    As it is beginning to get colder please ensure the children have long PE trousers and a cardigan or jumper.

    Children’s homework is now set on Google Classroom. They have 2 weeks to complete both pieces of homework. When you log in it is all in the section ‘Friday 18th – Homework’. This is due on Friday 2nd October.

    Please come and speak to us if you have any issue with Google Classroom.