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Year 2 – Crimson and Scarlet

Welcome to Year 2.

Our Teachers are Miss Ellis and Miss Farley and our Teaching Assistants are  Miss Restell,  Mrs Da Palma, Mrs Redgwell and Mrs Pasarica.

  • Some tips to stay safe on our new virtual classrooms

    Here are some tips from the National Online Safety organisation to help you stay safe and secure in these difficult circumstances.


  • How to access Google Classroom on an iPad

    Please watch the following video if you need help with using Google Classroom on an iPad.

    Thank you for your continued support.

    The Alban City team

  • Monstermatic Toy Guide

    This week in Literacy, we have been writing our own Monstermatic Toy Guide based on our own monsters we have created. The sections we have created for our own explanation texts were; Assembling your  monster, switching on, cleaning and caring and dos and don’ts. The children used some very detailed verbs to explain clearly how to assemble their monster and lots of varied conjunctions to extend their sentences.

    In Art, we have been planning what we would like our pop-up books to look like inside and outside. We thought about what information we would like it to include in order to motivate children to help save orangutans. We also practised the different mechanisms to help decide which pop-up we would like in our book.

    In Faith and Belief, we have been learning about the Easter story. In groups we ordered the different events during Easter and explained what happens during each.

    Next week:

    Maths: We will be learning how to tell the time in 5 minute intervals. Ask them what they already know about telling the time.

    Literacy: We are starting a new topic based on Poems.

    Phonics: We will be learning about homophones and near homophones.

    Science: The class will be going on a minibeast hunt and creating tables based on their findings.

  • World Book Day, Monster making and so much more!!

    What an exciting week we have had this week!

    We started off the week by receiving a letter from our boss at the Monstermatic Toy Factory asking us to design and create our very own monsters. We began by drawing out our designs and we thought about what would and would not work from our design as some things would not have been possible to do Eg making it breathe fire. We then made them out of clay and some of these came out differently to our original plans.

    We were so impressed by all the incredible characters that came into school during World Book Day. Our day was themed around the book ‘Supertato’. We designed and created our own hero/villain vegetable or fruit. In the afternoon, we created a character description to introduce our characters. The children used incredible sentence starters, for example ‘You have never met someone more evil than the Evil Sprout’. We were blown away by the character descriptions!

    In Maths, we have been continuing our work on fractions. This week we have been learning how to find 3/4 of an amount or of a shape. Ask the children to show you how to do this at home – they are great at it!


    Crimson Class – Thank you to all of the parents who were able to come to our Sharing Assembly. I  think you will agree with me when I say the children were absolutely incredible and so confident. I was very proud of them!

    Also make sure you are following our twitter page @AcsCrimson to see daily updates of what the children are learning.

  • World Book Day – Class readers!

    Crimson class and Sage class were lucky enough to be able to join together and share each other’s favourite books. We paired up and took it in turns sharing either our favourite book or a book based on who we were dressed up as. It was so lovely to see the classes sharing their love of reading with each other and talking about why they love these books so much!

  • First ever job!

    What an exciting first week back it has been! We received a job offer from The Monstermatic Toy Factory. We had to fill out a job application that tested our reading comprehension skills. We reread the text to look for answers to make sure we were filling in the application correctly. We all answered the application so well they offered all of us a job! Hooray!!! Our first job was to reply to complaint emails using varied sentence starters, giving advice that refers to the text and using conjunctions to expand our sentences. The whole class is so excited to see what jobs we will be doing next week.

    In Maths, we have been learning about fractions. We have been finding fractions of an amount and also finding fractions within shapes.  Next week we will be continuing this and finding 3/4 of an amount.

    In Art this term we will be creating our own pop up books based on Orangutans. We spent time on the chromebooks researching Orangutans to make sure we knew lots about them.

    Don’t forget next Thursday is World Book Day. The theme is Heroes and Villains from your favourite book. We would love you to bring in the book that links to your character!

  • UPDATE on School Reading Books

    Due to an error with the order of our new phonically decodeable books (see previous blog post if you’re not sure), we do not have enough books for all of the children. Therefore for the time-being we will continue to send home the current books as of before until the new ones are delivered to us. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

    If you have any questions please speak to your class teacher/phase leader! 🙂

  • World Book Day

    Advance notice 

    World Book Day is on Thursday 5th March. Our theme this year will be Heroes and Villains from our favourite books in case you want to start rummaging through the dressing up box for ideas! More information will be sent out after half term.

  • Internet Safety Song

    Internet Safety

    This week we have been focusing on Internet Safety in ICT. We shared ideas about what we do at home and in school to ensure we remain safe when on our tablets, ipads etc. We talked about what kind of things we should be sharing online, downloading apps, clicking on pop ups and only talking to people we know.  We discussed the importance of sharing any worries or concerns with adults if there was something we were unsure about. We even learnt a song to help remind us of this. Click on the link below to watch:


  • Alban City Are Internet Legends #SaferInternetDay2020

    Together For A Better Internet

    Today is Safer Internet Day. Across this week the children at Alban City School will be discussing and completing activities to raise awareness about staying safe online.

    With the help of Google’s and Parent Zone’s Internet Legends, the children are exploring how to be internet: sharp, alert, secure, kind and brave.

    Interland is a virtual adventure-packed online game that makes learning about these 5 pillars interactive and fun by interacting with the Internaut team. You can play at home by clicking here (Interland).

    Online safety does not stop at the end of the school day. At home, take a pledge to demonstrate the Internet Legend’s code discussed at school. You can download the pledge here (BeInternetLegendsPledge). Google and Parent Zone have also created some online safety activities for families to complete at home! Click here to see them (FamilyActivities).

    If your child has access to a mobile device at home, the BBC have created the fantastic BBC Own It keyboard app which is designed for young people and available on both Apple and GooglePlay app stores for free. It is a wellbeing and smart keyboard app like any other that helps the user to make smart choices, feel more confident and get advice when you need it. Find out more information here (BBCOwnIt).

    February’s value is friendship. Here are some views from CBBC about how to support your friends online and Be Internet Brave!


    Here are some photos of Alban City taking part in Safer Internet Day.