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Year 2 – Crimson and Scarlet

Welcome to Year 2.

Our Teachers are Miss Ellis and Miss Farley and our Teaching Assistants are  Mrs Parikh, Mrs Pasarica and Mrs Bickle.

  • This week in maths we have revisited our knowledge about addition and subtraction. We have practised using column addition and subtraction and applied this knowledge to trickier word problems. Towards the end of the week we worked in pairs and really challenged ourselves to find the answer to two step problems that required us to use both addition and subtraction.

    In English, we wrote stories based on ‘The Snail and The Whale’. The children wrote such lovely stories about the adventures their two characters went out and used great detail to describe where they went. Once they were completed we watched a video called ‘Austin’s Butterfly’ which taught the children the importance of editing and improving their work. They paired up and took time editing each other’s work and upleveling their vocabulary.

    In Science, we completed our investigation where we observed how materials would change over time. We had previously predicted what we thought would happen and it was very interesting to see if our predictions were correct.

    In Art, we were learning about symmetry in nature. We noticed that there are lots of symmetrical patterns in some animals and even flowers and trees! We used oil pastels to create symmetrical pieces of art based on natural materials.

  • A creative week!

    This week in English we started reading the book ‘Snail and the Whale’. We began by generating vocabulary based on pages from the book and shared these as a class. We also spotted a few similes in the story so we learnt how to use them to compare something to something else. We noticed in the book that they had a variety of different sentence starters which makes the story much more interesting so the children edited boring sentence starters which were very repetitive into more interesting ones. We ended the week by creating story maps to plan our own versions of ‘The Snail and the Whale’. The children have planned some really lovely, exciting stories which we cannot wait to read about next week!

    In Maths, we have been revising our understanding of how to add and subtract numbers using a number line or hundred square to help. The children were able to spot the pattern of moving up or down the hundred square when adding or taking away 10 and applied this when answering more challenging questions. We also though about addition and subtraction language to use and applied these when writing our very own word problems for each other to solve.

    In Science, we have began an investigation where we were testing how a material would change if it were left outside for a period of time. We predicted what would happen to a variety of different materials and have placed these on the playground. We will be continuing this investigation next week and keep observing them as the week progresses.

    In Citizenship and Ethics this week we were learning about Kindness. We thought about ways to show kindness and how others have displayed kindness. In pairs, they wrote lovely acrostic poems about what kindness is to them.

  • A creative week…

    This week, we wrote a detailed setting description about the Tin Forest. We started off the week by creating  our own version of a tin forest using water colours then based our writing on our settings. We wrote using noun phrases, adverbs and varied sentence starters about what they could see and what they could hear.

    In Maths, we revised our knowledge about partitioning by using dienes to help our understanding. We thought about what happens when we add two numbers together using dienes and how we sometimes have to regroup the ones into tens.

    In Science, we continued to learn about forces. This week we tested out a variety of materials to see how the material would change if we used a force on it.

    In RE, we have continued to learn about Hinduism. This week we learnt about the story of Krishna and acted out the story of him stealing butter. We were also very lucky that Mrs Parikh shared some of her traditional clothes and jewellery with the class as well.

    In Art, we have been learning about Andy Goldsworthy. Last week we planned what we would like our natural art to look like and this week we created them. They turned out amazing and so colourful!

  • Welcome back!

    This week in Maths we have been learning how to estimate where numbers would be on a number line. We started off focusing on 20 and have worked our way up to 100. We have really focused on using our knowledge of numbers to identify benchmarks within the number line in order to help us find other numbers. The children enjoyed making a human number line and placing themselves where they thought the number would go and were amazing at explaining why they thought so.

    In Literacy, we started our new Literacy topic based on the book ‘The Tin Forest’. We began the week by generating vocabulary from the book. We also used our senses to create a sound scape and wrote about what we could see, hear, smell and feel and began using adverbs to think about how the creatures in the forest changed from tin into colourful creatures.

    In Science, we took part in a very sticky but fun experiment. We have begun learning about Forces such as pulling, pushing and twisting. We investigated what forces we would require in order to change a curly wurly. The children had to use a lot of force to do this and were able to explain how using different forces changed the curly wurly in different ways.

    In PE, we took part in lots of different athletics activities. This is a part of our whole school sport Olympics games were we are trying to earn points for the blue or yellow teams.

    We were very sad to say goodbye to Mrs Bickle this week. She has been with the school since the very beginning and we had Year 2 get together to give her presents, cards and goodbyes. Thank you Mrs Bickle!


    ART PROJECT: Today we will be designing pictures where we will need natural materials. Over the week please try to gather natural materials to bring in next Friday as we will then be making our artwork. You could bring in twigs, leaves, petals etc.

  • Busy, busy week!

    What a wonderful week it’s been!

    In Maths, we have been learning about money. We have been learning about how to make different amounts of money using the least and the most coins, making change and began challenging ourselves with some problem solving. We have used cherry models and bar models to help us add amounts together and work out change.

    In Literacy, we have been writing a set of instructions based on our delicious bread recipes. The children wrote a persuasive introduction telling the reader why they should follow this recipe, listed the ingredients and wrote clear, descriptive instructions to follow.

    In Science, we took part in a Science investigation where we tested the best material to use as an umbrella for our teddies. The children considered what we needed to keep them the same in order to make it a fair test, decided the materials to test out and decided how much water to use.  Luckily, our teddy bears stayed quite dry throughout as many of our materials were waterproof. The children worked so well in groups during this experiment and displayed excellent communication skills.

    As our topic this term is ‘Around the World’, we had a very exciting visit from Animal Man today! He spoke to us about lots of animals from around the world and told us about their habitats, eating habits and their lifestyle.

    Thank you for all the amazing homework contributions to represent something you are looking forward to. Here are a few of them:

  • A few updates…

    In English this week we have been looking at writing instructions and what features we need to build an instructional piece of writing. We used bossy verbs and adverbs and found time connectives so we can write our instructions on how to make bread next week!

    In Art this week we practised our sketching and shading using different grades of pencils. We look at our facial features and drew them multiple times improving on our sketches as we went.

    In Maths we have been looking again at telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. The children have amazed us with their time telling skills and we even looked at converting between units of time. Keep practising at home!


    A few updates for next week:  

    Tuesday 25th May:

    • The children have been asked to bring in a small teddy bear each on Tuesday to take part in our Science experiment. Can we choose the correct materials to keep our teddy bears dry? Please ensure that the teddy bear is small (ideally under 15cm) and children know the expectations to keep them in their bags until it is time for Science.


    Friday 28th May:

    • We are very lucky to have a visit from Animal Man booked on Friday. He will talk to the children about animals from around the world and even bring in some animals for us to see!
    • Sustainable St Albans Week – On Google Classroom the children have been set a task to complete by next Friday. The task is “To reuse objects to create something to represent something they are looking forward to when restrictions lift or something to represent how they are feeling about the future.” Get creative and post your creations on Google Classroom!
  • This week in Maths, we have been using our times table knowledge to help us solve multiplication and division problems. We used arrays to help us visualise the number problem. We also began dividing numbers with remainders. The children found this quite tricky to begin with but with a growth mindset they were up for the challenge!

    In English, we have continued our topic based on Meerkat Mail. This week we wrote a diary entry from Sunny telling his family all about his travels. Our focus for writing our diary entries was to use proper nouns, commas in a list and speak about our emotions – they turned out to be amazing!

    In phonics this week, we have been learning about words that have -c in them but sound like /s/. We were able to notice that usually this happens before e, i and y. Make sure you practise these at home ready for Monday’s spelling test!

    Homework update: Homework will now be due every two weeks. We will make sure the due date it written on Google Classroom to prevent any confusion. Now that you have longer please ensure you are completing this!

    We hope you enjoyed the bread as much as the children did last Friday! This week, we evaluated our bread recipe and thought about what worked well and what didn’t.  Perhaps you could try making some at home and let us know how it turns out!

  • Welcome to the Year 2 Bakery!

    This week we have started our new topic based on Meerkat Mail. It is a lovely story based on a Meerkat who decided to leave home and writes a series of letters to his family during his adventures. This week we learnt about proper nouns. We could spot lots in the book and then used them in our own writing. We also thought about what we would pack if we were Sunny the meerkat and learnt how to use commas in a list to write a packing list.

    In Maths, we have continued learning about different units of measure. This week we focused on volumes of liquid and practised reading in litres and millilitres. We also learnt about measuring temperatures. We linked this to the weather and thought about what times of year we might have different temperatures.

    Over this half term we have been learning about bread. Last  week, we designed our bread and thought about whether we would like them to be sweet or savoury.  This week, we turned the classroom into a bakery and made our breads. We all started off by making a simple bread recipe and using our measurement skills we have learnt in maths to weigh out the ingredients then added our individual flavours. The children then plaited their bread ready to cook.


    • Spelling tests are every Monday and are based on the previous weeks phonics lesson. Please ensure you are practising these multiple times at home.
    • Reading at home must be done at least 3 times a week.
    • Homework is set on a Friday on Google Classroom. Please make sure the children are doing this as it is based on their learning in school.
  • Crazy hair to end a crazy busy week!

    This week in English, the children have worked so hard to write a persuasive leaflet. We started off the week by researching a country of their choice. As a class, we decided to research landmarks, famous foods and animals. The children then began writing their leaflet focusing on persuasive language and using facts.  The children have created some amazing leaflets!

    In Maths, we have been learning to compare, add and subtract units of measure. We compared grams, kilograms, centimetres and metres. We then started solving word problems based on mass and length and used bar models to help us solve them.

    In music we followed clapping rhythms and took turns to lead the class at the front!

    In computing, we have been learning about coding. This week we learnt how to give our sprite instructions and then get it to repeat the instructions several times. Next week, we will be creating a dance routine as a class to then create a code for our sprite to do the same.

    Crazy Hair Day!

    What a hair-larious day (get it?). The children all looked amazing with their colourful, spikey, curly and crazy hair. We loved looking at everyone different hairstyles!

  • Another Busy Week!

    This week in English, we have continued with our topic based on the book ‘Atlas of Adventure’. We researched using computers and the Atlas a festival from around the world. We learnt about persuasive language and why it is used. We practised trying to convince people to attend our chosen festival using persuasive phrases.

    In Maths, we revisited using a bar model to help solve world problems. The children were able to read word problems, create a bar model based on the problem and then solve the problem using either column addition or subtraction.

    In Science, we were learning about properties of materials. We thought about how lots of materials will feel different and how certain objects are fit for purpose i.e. raincoats. In groups, we searched round the classroom for materials with different properties i.e. transparent, flexible, shiny, hard and soft.

    In D&T, we continued our topic on bread. This week, we were tasting breads from around the world. We considered what we liked and what we didn’t like about these different breads. We also thought about how these breads are different, how they are made and if we would use any of these flavours in our own bread.