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Year 2 – Crimson and Scarlet

Welcome to Year 2.

Our Teachers are Miss Hesketh and Mrs Freer and our Teaching Assistants are  Mrs Restell,  Miss Rayside, Mrs Redgwell and Mrs Pasarica.

  • Aboriginal Art

    The children have been finding out about Aboriginal art  and they’ve produced their own piece of art work. They have practised drawing symbols and they’ve learnt more about contrasting colours so that the symbols standout.

  • Exciting Explanations

    This week in English we have been planning and writing an explanation text about, Why do people go on holiday?

    In maths we have been; sorting regular and irregular 2D shapes,  making and describing 3D shapes and identifying the link between symmetry and halving.


    Just a reminder about the play…  Children need to learn their lines for the play so that they can practise saying them loudly and with expression during the practises. You’ll also find the words to the songs on the blog.

  • Equality in Multiplication

    This week in maths we have been finding equality in multiplication e.g. 4×5 = 2×10 and comparing multiplication number sentences using the symbols < > =.

    In English we have been finding out about explanation texts and identifying their features.

    We are continuing to learn more examples of homophones so the children should know when to use are and our now.

    Homework is to learn the words for the play and songs and to organise costumes as well as the weekly spellings and daily reading.


  • Have a Brilliant Half Term!

    What a fantastic last week of term!

    In maths, the children have had very practical lessons reading different scales to measure length (cm, m), weight (g/kg) and capacity (ml/l).

    In Literacy, they started to look at the book ‘Meerkat Mail’ by Emily Gravett. They researched countries around the world and have written postcards to their families about their interactive travels!

    We also have made some brilliant Jazzy Junk!

    This half term the children have begun to learn their play songs, please see pictures of the lyrics below. They also have lines to learn and costume letters, please check book bags for these. If your child does not have a costume letter it is because they need to be in their summer school uniform for the performance.

    We hope you have a great half term!

  • More Materials

    This term in Science we have been finding out about different types of materials and investigating the uses of materials around us. We have started to think about why a material is suitable for  a particular purpose.

    Using ‘Catch it’, a story clip, we have been writing stories in literacy. We revisited commas in a list and used them in our writing to add extended noun phrases, e.g the shiny, red, juicy fruit.

    In maths we have been investigating equivalent fractions, 1/2 =2/4.

    Next week we will be jazzing up junk for sustainable St Albans week, so please can the children think of idea and bring in what they’re going to need to make it.


  • Welcome back!

    We hope you all had an enjoyable Easter holiday and took full advantage of the beautiful weather. The children made a great start to the summer term this week.

    In maths they have been naming and describing 3D shapes and finding fractions of numbers.  In English they have been developing their reading comprehension skills.

    In French they are learning the words for different types of drinks, so perhaps you could ask them to tell you a few!

  • Super Science!

    We have had a busy final week. In maths we have been learning to tell the time and estimating, ordering and comparing intervals of time.

    In English had fun writing poems about animals, using adjective and rhyming words.

    As it is approaching Easter we have been learning about the Easter story and learning about how some Christians celebrate Easter.

    For science we investigated what would happen if we added Mentos to a variety of liquids.  The fizzy drinks performed a very exciting reaction, whereas there was no reaction with water and apple juice.

    We would like to wish you all a very happy Easter and look forward to seeing you in the summer term!

  • International Week 2019

    What a fantastic week! The children have been focusing on the continent South America in their classrooms. They have learnt about the different countries on the continent, climate and population. They even found sometime in this busy week to research famous sports people and games to write some great fact files!

    They have been lucky enough to have brilliant workshops where they have learnt different games, languages, dances and sports, they even got to meet and workout with a GB athlete.

    Thank you to all the parents that came in to teach the children about different cultures!

  • Everybody Dance Now!!

    This week the children have been using regrouping to help them find half of a number and double it. They have linked this to the two times table, multiplying when doubling and dividing when halving. In Literacy they have been learning about linking verbs. They created posters and chain sentences to help them remember them. Please look at their fantastic work on display in the classrooms.

    The children also took part in their Danceathon this week! They thoroughly enjoyed it and were dancing for over 30 minutes! Well Done Year 2!

    Please can all sponsor money be given to class teachers by Tuesday 19th March.

  • World Book Day 2019

    Before the exciting book day news…

    Maths has seen the children investigate commutative addition and subtraction. They used the Cuisenaire rods to explore the different ways we can write addition number sentences and that subtraction sentences can only be written with the largest number first.

    In Literacy they read ‘The Adventures of the Dish and The Spoon’ by Mini Grey. The children were only read the first part of the story and planned and wrote some brilliant endings, better than Mini Grey’s!

    The children wore some fantastic costumes on World Book Day! Throughout the day our activities focus on the Roald Dahl story ‘The Twits’. We read the story and describe Mr and Mrs Twit using some brilliant adjectives for a display in the Library. We also had a food (soft ball) fight with them in PE, where the children were able to hit targets and add up their scores at the end, it was so much fun! There was also an opportunity to meet with another year group and share the lovely books the children brought into school, they did this brilliantly and really enjoyed talking about all kinds of books.