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Year 2 – Crimson and Scarlet

Welcome to Year 2.

Our Teachers are Miss Ellis and Miss Farley and our Teaching Assistants are  Mrs Restell,  Mrs Da Palma, Mrs Redgwell and Mrs Pasarica.

  • Numbots and spellings!

    The school now have access to a maths game called Numbots. To access this just go onto and login in using your TTRS details (these are found in your homework book or reading diary). Have a go at the activities at home if you can!

    Spelling tests in year 2 are on Thursdays or Fridays and new spelling sheets go home every Friday. If your child receives the same spelling sheet, it means that they need to retake that test. Also, the spelling folders do not need to be returned – just add your new spelling sheet to your folder when you get it every week and keep it at home to practise!



  • Traditional Tales

    This week we began our new Literacy topic based on traditional tales. We have been reading a few different versions of the story Rapunzel. We have been focusing on building a detailed and interesting character description and setting description. To help us generate vocabulary we took part in drama activities to help build a varied range of vocabulary.


    We began the week by consolidating our ability to use column addition. The children have loved learning how to do this and many have been telling me that they have been practising this at home – keep it up. Please see below the method we have been using:

    We have also been using cubes to support us finding doubles. I asked the children to represent this in a number sentence and we found that there were lots of different ways to write it.

    A very big thank you to all the children have took part in the homework project. The 2D and 3D creations were absolutely outstanding. The class have loved hearing about how they were all created.            

  • Twitter – Crimson Class

    We have created a Twitter account for Crimson class. This will have daily updates/pictures of what the children have been learning about in school. It is a great communication tool for parents to also share any home learning. Please follow us on Twitter (@AcsCrimson).

  • Diary entries

    This week we have been writing diary entries based on our very own bubble adventure. We watched a clip about a girl who found a pot of bubbles and went on an incredible adventure. Throughout the week we collated vocabulary to describe how the girl was feeling, noun phrases to describe what she could see and used our senses to think about what was around her. We then wrote diary entries as if we were the girl in the video. The diary entries were all so interesting and all used great language throughout.

    We also were using our number bonds to 10 to help us with our fluency to 100. We played a game using £10 notes to help us to consider what multiples of 10 make 100.

    Next half term in Literacy, we will be learning about traditional tales and looking at the key features of the tale Rapunzel. In Maths, we will be learning about doubles of numbers and how doubles can help us when adding and subtracting 2 numbers. In Science, we will be moving on to our new topic Animals Including Humans.

    Wishing everyone a happy and safe half term break. We look forward to seeing you all when we are back.

  • Cars, cars and more cars!

    This week in Maths, we have been learning about lots of different methods in order to help us with subtraction. We used resource s in Maths to help us find the difference between two numbers and also to find missing numbers.

    In Literacy, we have been writing some incredible diary entries based on one of Christopher Columbus’ journeys. We used the different senses to help improve our writing. We have also become very good at being able to go back and edit our work in order to ensure we have included super vocabulary, correct punctuation and lots of detail.

    In design and technology we have previously looked at existing cars, planned to design our own and this week we built our cars based on our designs. We had to consider where the wheels were placed in order to ensure that the car could move, what we would use to create the wheels and how they would stay attached to the car. Some of us realised after we had made them that the wheels were not as efficient as they had hoped and decided they would try to improve at home – a super attitude to have!

  • Christopher Columbus!

    This week we have been focusing on estimation in maths. We began the week by trying to estimate the place a number should be on a number line. We were able to reason and discuss our answers to explain our thought process.

    We have also been using our number bonds to 10 and 20 to help us when adding. We played a game with counters where we added counters onto a 10s frame. Once we had filled our 10s frame we regrouped them using our number bonds to make adding easier.

    Next week, we will continue using concrete objects to support us when adding and subtracting.

    In literacy, we have began looking at diary entries. We looked at the different features and colour coded them in order to see how they all make up a diary entry. We will be writing a diary entry in the character of Christopher Columbus therefore, we began thinking like Christopher Columbus and what he might be seeing, smelling, hearing and feeling during his journey. This will come in very handy when we begin writing our diary entries next week.

    In ICT, we created our own games. We designed characters, enemies and power ups. Once designed we imported them onto the app Sketch Nation. This helped us when putting these characters into our own game.

    ** Please remember we require donations of cardboard boxes and bottle lids for next week. All donations will be greatly appreciated!**

  • Week 5 completed!

    Another very busy week in Year 2!

    In Literacy, we have been writing a story based on our pirate adventure last week. The children have been able to include, noun phrases, adverbs, adjectives and conjunctions in their writing. We have been blown away with how creative their writing is! Next week, we are moving on to writing diary entries based on Christoper Columbus.

    In Maths, we have been focusing on comparing 2 digit numbers and using the <, > and = signs to compare or order them. We really challenged ourselves when doing this and even then began comparing lengths/weight as well. We looked at objects and considered what unit of measure would be used to measure it and then consider which would be shorter/longer or lighter/heavier.


    In Science, we organised our own science experiment. We considered all of the resources we would need and made predictions using scientific vocabulary.Our experiment is to test what a plant needs in order to grow. We then took part in our experiment and made sure we made it a fair test by considering the different variables. The groups have all chosen different places to keep their plants as some believe it needs lots of sun light whereas others believe none at all!



  • Puppets and Pirates!


    It’s been an exciting week! On Monday we followed clues and collected coins in order to find the treasure chest on our very own treasure hunt around the school! This week the children have been making puppets and practising puppet shows to retell the story of our treasure hunt. In Maths we have been continuing to look at Place Value and have focused on partitioning numbers into tens and ones.

    We practised our Compass skills in Place and Time where we imagined what journey Christopher Columbus would have taken to get to America.

  • Place Value and Pirates!

    This week in Literacy we have been writing our own Pirate stories based on the book ‘How I Became a Pirate’. We created our own story plan drawing each part of the story. We used our story plan to help us begin to write our story. We have been practising using noun phrases, adverbs and verbs in class to make sure our stories are really interesting.

    In Art, we created a front cover for our pirate story. The children were challenged to only use 2D shapes to create these covers.

    In Maths, we have been revising our place value knowledge and have been using a place value grid to help place our understanding of tens and ones. We played a game to help us understand what happens when a number over 9 is in our ones column – the children were experts!

    Next week:

    In Literacy, we will be going on a pirate adventure around the school using a treasure map & clues to help them. We will creating our own puppet show based on our exciting adventure.


    In Art & Design, we will be looking at toys and how the wheels move in different ways based on their design. We would love for children to bring in any example of toys with wheels on and sharing these on Monday (Crimson) & Tuesday (Scarlet).

  • Welcome Back!

    We hope you enjoyed your summer holidays and have all had a lovely first week back at school! In Maths, we have been reviewing our fluency to 20 using numberlines, numicon and other resources. Next week, we will be reviewing our number and place value knowledge. In Literacy, we are about to write adventure stories based on the book “How I became a pirate”!

    Spellings will go out on Friday and it would be great if everyone could take the time this week to continue practising handwriting and letter formation before homework is handed out next Thursday.

    Eco-rep and School Council applications have been handed in and are due in on Tuesday 17th September.