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Year 5 – Forest and Sage

Welcome to Year 5.

Our Teachers are Mr Bushell and Miss Aitenmoussa and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Kirk, Mrs Smith, Mrs Parikh and Mrs Cheruvathur.

  • Who did it?

    This week in maths, we’ve continued applying our knowledge of scaling. Year 5 used these skills to discover who the criminal was and where the crime was committed in a who-did-it scenario.


    In literacy, Year 5 have been planning and analysing non-chronological reports. Over the next two weeks, Year 5 will be turning their own reports into leaflets designed for children and adults about Alban City School itself.

  • Puberty: what changes will happen?

    Today in RSE, we watched a video about changes that we go during puberty. Although we primarily focused on the changes that happen to boys, we also discussed which of those also happen to girls.

  • Cinderella 2019

    If you had ever wondered what the traditional tale Cinderella would look like if it was written in 2019, then come and read the stories in Year 5.


    Over the past two weeks, Year 5 have modernised the tale of Cinderella. This was an opportunity for the children to share all of the skills they have developed across year 5.


    In maths, we have continued to learn about scaling. Today we designed treasure maps to help us practise scaling of distances.

  • Relationship and Sex Education

    This week, we discussed vocabulary linked to relationship and sex education.

    Definitions were given.


    In gender split groups, the children then had the opportunity to ask any follow up questions.


    Over the next couple of weeks, we will use this vocabulary whilst discussing the changes that occur during puberty in boys, girls and both.

  • Relationships and Sex Education

    Today, both classes in Year 5 had their first relationships and sex education (RSE) lesson.


    We spoke about different relationships people have including loving and friendships.


    To build on from this, we then watched a film with actors re-creating a scenario about inappropriate touch between an adult and child. This is classed as private parts of the body covered by underwear. We discussed the options and used our knowledge of relationships to help us understand when, where and how touching someone is appropriate or not.


    Next week we will be developing our vocabulary. This will include names of body parts and names of changes/ processes during puberty. Including: sperm, erection, breasts, penis.

  • Moaning Myrtle

    We have just about recovered from our amazing trip to PGL.


    Sage Class treated us to a fantastic sharing assembly. Their personalities and enjoyment really shone through.


    In maths, we revisited long multiplication and short division.


    In literacy, we studied the writing style of author David Walliams within his book ‘Fing’. The children tried to imitate his style by writing their own chapter 2. The children enjoyed picking out his ability to use adventurous vocabulary; dialogue; humour and including illustrations.


    Happy half-term.

  • Day 3: PGL 1 – 0 Kids

    We are on the coach after having our final activities this morning.

    The children have been an absolute credit to the school.

    Many are asleep. Even Miss Hesketh has needed to head her eyes.

  • Day 2 More

  • Day 2: Man Overboard!

    We’ve had a fantastic second day full of climbing, team work and falling overboard our rafts.

    Weather has been perfect.

    Currently we are having a campfire with stories, singing and marshmallows waiting.