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Year 6 – Amethyst and Magenta

Welcome to Year 6.

Our Teachers are Mrs Warner and Mrs Bland and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Rimstad, Mrs Panta, Mrs Smith and Mr Mullen.

  • Our final week of the Spring Term!

    In our Literacy and Guided reading lessons, we have read and retold the tragic story of the Titanic’s maiden (and only) voyage.

    In maths we have been interpreting line graphs and answering a variety of questions about the data they provide.

    We researched renewable energy to help us create posters about the benefits and drawbacks of using these substances in everyday life.

    We finally completed our Easter stories in Faith and Belief.

    Jeremy from the YPPT visited both classes – we were able to have a go at puppeteering and list what we wanted to do in the show. Today we found out our roles and scripts were handed out.

    We would like to inform you of Year 6 Revision booster sessions which will take place every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtime

    • Wednesday: adding and subtracting decimals
    • Thursday: dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000
    • Friday: dividing fractions

    We will keep you updated on a weekly basis.

    We hope you have a ‘Eggcellent’ Easter!

    See you in two weeks.

    The Year 6 Team

  • A ‘Crucial’ Week

    We kicked off our week with a really insightful morning at the St Albans Community Fire Station where we met with the Crucial Crew. We took part in 8 different life-skill scenarios ranging from identifying real and potential fire hazards in a house to being able to put someone in a recovery position.

    In Literacy we have been learning all about the Titanic’s voyage from Southampton and imagining we were a 3rd class passenger aboard. We have written a diary entry all about our first impressions and what we have done.

    In Maths we have converted different units of measurement – remembering to multiply or divide by 10,100 or 1000. We then had a go at solving some problems with measures.

    In Faith and Belief, we have been retelling the Easter story in our own words.

    Learning all about batteries and their limitations allowed us to have a great discussion in class – if we were to invent a new battery, what would we use it for and what would it be made of?

    A reminder that Literacy, Maths and Spelling homeworks continue to go home on the Wednesday to be brought back the following Wednesday.

    A general homework will still be sent home on a Friday but due dates vary depending on the task set. A half term homework should be in your child’s book bag with a link to an Arithmetic website. it is really important that they go on the website daily to consolidate their learning.

    We thank you for your continued support in ensuring these are completed and returned to school.

    Next week we are looking forward to meeting with YPPT and moving forward with all the different parts we will play in the Puppet Shows next term. More detail to follow…

    Thank you

    The Year 6 Team


  • International Week has arrived at Alban City School

    What a busy week we have had!

    Year 6 have been taken around the world this week with visits from parents sharing their games from France (petanque) to South America  (the cup game) and the high energy Capoeira where we mixed a bit of martial arts with gymnastics to the rhythm and sound of a tambourine! We also learnt how old calligraphy is and some of us had a go at writing our names in Arabic style calligraphy.

    Across Literacy we have continued writing instructions on how to train our dogs to sled; we have followed instructions to make our own polar expedition ‘sledging biscuits’.

    In Maths we have identified the three dimensions associated with volume.

    In the afternoons we have played various games the polar explorers would have played in their free time or down time such as: cards, dominoes, darts. The children showed a real interest in darts!

    We ask you again for your support in completing homeworks set. This will really help your children in preparation for secondary school as it consolidates their learning.

    A quick reminder about our trip to the Fire Station on Monday – we are really looking forward to it!

    Thank you for your continued support,

    The Year 6 Team

  • Preparing for Antarctica..

    This week it’s all been about ratio in Maths lessons. We were able to compare and contrast ratios to fractions.

    In preparation for our International Week starting Monday, we have researched and developed instructions on how to train a Husky for dog sledding in Antarctica. Did you know this can take up to a year (and lots of dedication)!

    We also found out that explorers like Scott, survived on high energy foods including Sledging biscuits, Pemmican and Hoosh.

    We tested different circuits in Science – by studying the diagram, we had to predict whether the circuit was ‘defective’ and if so, explain how we could make it work.

    Now that the SATS Busters books have been completed, we will be sending home a weekly double sided sheet with both Maths and SPaG. It is really important that the children complete these and bring them to class for Wednesday so that they can go through and identify where they have made any errors.

    See you next week!
    Year 6 Team

  • March Mash-Up!

    Year 6 began the week in quiet meditation with a visit from Julian, a practicing Buddhist, who talked us through a guided meditation – we listened and focused our minds to the sounds around us and the pattern of our breathing. The children were given the opportunity to ask questions at the end and found out that Buddhists live in monasteries. They do not ask for food but wait for the generosity of the community around them to come with offerings – this tells them that they are wanted in the community and so continue to stay in their monastery.

    Yesterday was great fun with our Roald Dahl World Book Day! It was great to see so many different characters and costumes. We had Roald Dahl Maths conundrums and poetry of a prickly kind followed by research of the porcupine and amazing art work in the afternoon.

    In Literacy we have been writing a biography of the life and successes of Michael Faraday. Did you know his passion for science started out as a book binder?

    In Maths we have been consolidating our understanding of fractions with a particular focus on fractions of amounts.

    Science has been electrifying – testing scientific statements by creating series and parallel circuits.

  • Welcome back!

    We hope you’ve all had a lovely half term break – this week have been writing using both formal and informal language.

    In Maths we have used reflection, translation and missing coordinates to draw shapes accurately on a quadrant.

    We identified the three branches of Science and their associated jobs.

    In Citizenship and Faith and Belief we have been researching the benefits of Meditation which links to our visitor next week who will be leading a guided meditation session.

    Upcoming events:

    • Tuesday 5th – Buddhist visitor
    • Monday 11th – visit to St Albans Cathedral
    • Monday 25th – Crucial Crew at the Fire Station

    See you on Monday
    The Year 6 Team

  • Final week

    This week has been very busy in Year 6, welcoming the rest of the school yesterday afternoon as we hosted an Art Exhibition inspired by the artist, Antony Gormley. We later evaluated our designs and models, outlining what went well and what we could change to make them better.

    Earlier in the week we also had a great opportunity to work in small groups problem solving and building up our resilience. We made a giant 3×3 cube from different shapes and towers of 2 digit numbers.

    It was lovely to see you all at parents’ consultation this week. The children will be coming home with three tasks, one of which is a fantastic online resource to develop times tables.

    We hope you enjoy your week off
    From the Year 6 Team

  • Lots of learning across the curriculum

    In literacy this week we have been reading and responding to a poem all about Jasper O’Leary, a boy who had an unhealthy desire for eating ‘junk’.

    It was all about angles in maths: acute, obtuse, right angle and reflex. We learnt how to use a protractor correctly and measure angles accurately. It wasn’t as easy as we thought.

    We researched and tested out Newton’s theory of light with our colour wheels with interesting results.

    We learnt about different types of weathering that affect our landscapes. Did you know one of the types of weathering is called ‘Onion skin weathering’?

    Our Gormley inspired sculptures were finally finished and we look forward to setting up our exhibition next week.

    Have a good week end
    The Year 6 Team

  • We’re getting all arty in Year 6

    From farm to fork – we have been working across our curriculum this week and created informative posters explaining the processes of growing and picking different fruit and vegetables around the world, packaging and transporting them to supermarkets in the UK to be sold to us, the consumer. It has been an interesting topic and we’ve used our writing features to share what we have learnt.

    In Maths we have investigated area and perimeter of different shapes, remembering that area is the space inside whereas perimeter is the outside edge.

    We finally got round to starting our Antony Gormley inspired D&T with some very messy results! We’re looking forward to continue these masterpieces and showing them off in our very own mini exhibition.

  • Read all about it! Read all about it!

    This week we have written our own newspaper article, informing readers of the recent crash investigation on Alban City School premises.

    In maths we have developed our understanding of Algebra from simple equations to picture puzzles and more advanced worded questions.

    In groups, we created 30 second clips for a ‘Science Show’ explaining with scientific vocabulary, how the light helps us see.

    This afternoon both classes participated in a workshop held in Alban City Cathedral where we reinacted the story of St Alban and Amphibalus. The guides and group leaders at the Cathedral praised both classes for their enthusiasm and conduct throughout. We are very proud!

    Home work this week is to design a poster about Fairtrade in preparation for our lessons next week.

    See you all next week!
    The Year 6 Team