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Year 6 – Amethyst and Magenta

Welcome to Year 6.

Our Teachers are Mrs Warner and Mrs Bland and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Rimstad, Mrs Panta, Mrs Smith and Mr Mullen.

  • What can we say…? Year 6 have performed four Puppet Shows this week to both parents and carers and classes from years 4 and 5! They have been amazing in their teamwork behind stage and Narrators have done a super job at the front (despite technical issues with the microphone).

    We can’t wait to see you at the Abbey on Monday evening!

    With this in mind, please see the attached plan of the Abbey for entrance and exit.

    Jeremy would also like us to inform you that the YPPT will be holding a stall at the St Albans Festival on Sunday, so if any children would like to help demonstrate how to puppeteer, they are more than welcome to turn up and have a go although you will need to supervise your children. Thank you.

    Besides all the rehearsing and performing, Year 6 have also been working hard in maths – completing the Algebra topic and working on calculating segment sizes needed to record data in a pie chart.

    In science, the children watched a short video about human evolution. They discussed the work of Charles Darwin and were given the opportunity to research the ideas behind evolution. In small groups they are now planning a short animation of their own.

    Relationships and Sexual Education (RSE) is to begin on the 1st July. In anticipation of this, on the Thursday 27th June at 3pm, parents and carers are invited to attend a short information session in Magenta classroom where resources will be shared.


    Entry Exit Map

  • Lights, camera, action!

    This week year 6 have thrown themselves into puppet show rehearsals and embarked on learning a couple of songs and dance routines for the end of year show! Already both are looking fantastic.

    Tuesday was National Empathy Day and Year 6 read two extracts from Wonder by R.J Palacio. They discussed the feelings of the main character from the text in a mature manner and later in the week revisited the same text and were given the opportunity to respond through poetry and artwork. The children also discussed how this may link to their own experiences at school.

    In Maths, the children have described both number and pictorial sequences using algebra. They were able to identify what had changed each time before testing their rule on different examples. Some children even managed to start forming their own games based around algebra.

    As you may be aware, Alban City now have a school choir and they will be performing at the Summer Fair. We look forward to seeing you all there!

    The choir also participated in a Sing Up event that was recorded and performed alongside many other schools. Please see the link below:

    (Alban City School are on the opening slide and then nearing the end of the performance)


  • Welcome Back!

    What a busy couple of weeks we have had in Year 6 since returning from the half term break!

    Well done to Magenta for a super assembly this morning – a fun summary of all the learning that has taken place over the last half term.

    The YPPT rehearsals are well under way with both classes being given an opportunity to run through the scripts and practice their lines and develop their expression. You will have noticed the stage has now also been put up, the stage crew are learning their roles and puppeteers have met their puppets. We are looking forward to rehearsals next week!

    Alongside the puppet show we have also written our Pirate stories. We are sure the children would love to tell you about the letters they have been writing too.

    There is much more to come over the following weeks. We are very excited!

    Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week

    The Year 6 Team

  • We would like to say a very big well done to all of Year 6 for their hard work and focus this week!

    We hope you all have a relaxing weekend and see you next week.

    The Year 6 Team

  • Year 6 have been throwing themselves overboard in Literacy this week as they plan and rehearse using all the features of dialogue, description and sentence types to move their ideas for a pirate themed story forward.

    In Maths they are continuing to develop their speed and accuracy in arithmetic and reasoning skills.

    Science, Topic and Art have all been closely linked with the theme of Evolution and Charles Darwin. They have researched and created an information sheet about an animal of their choice, outlining the traits needed to survive in their habitat and competing against other animals for survival; created a modern day kit list for Charles Darwin to take on an expedition; and finally, they have also followed in his footsteps and produced similar, detailed sketches of the plant life around our school grounds.

    We wish you a restful week end and look forward to seeing you all next week.

    Punctuality is essential next week as SATS will be taking place in classrooms at 9am promptly in the morning with normal lessons following for the rest of the day throughout the week.

  • This week we have been revisiting our use of inverted commas and the three different ways of using speech. Some of us had a go at a little bit of drama to help us along.

    In maths we are continuing to practice our arithmetic and reasoning.

    Through topic we are learning about Charles Darwin and his theory of Evolution.


  • Welcome Back!

    We hope you have had a restful Easter holiday and all set for our short first week back!

    Over the following weeks, we will be revising, consolidating and developing our speed and knowledge of arithmetic, times tables and reasoning in Maths.

    We have read all about ‘The Pirate Cruncher’ and developed our own Pirate character – focusing on: appearance, personality and friendships.

    Both our Science and Place and Time topics are closely linked – with animal adaptations and using our homework about Charles Darwin to create Wordles.


    Thank you to all the children who have attended Lunchtime Maths Booster sessions this week.

    Next week are as follows:

    Mon – multiplying decimals

    Tues – multiplying decimals

    Weds – fractions of amounts

    Thurs – 4digits x 2digits

    Fri – dividing


  • Our final week of the Spring Term!

    In our Literacy and Guided reading lessons, we have read and retold the tragic story of the Titanic’s maiden (and only) voyage.

    In maths we have been interpreting line graphs and answering a variety of questions about the data they provide.

    We researched renewable energy to help us create posters about the benefits and drawbacks of using these substances in everyday life.

    We finally completed our Easter stories in Faith and Belief.

    Jeremy from the YPPT visited both classes – we were able to have a go at puppeteering and list what we wanted to do in the show. Today we found out our roles and scripts were handed out.

    We would like to inform you of Year 6 Revision booster sessions which will take place every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday lunchtime

    • Wednesday: adding and subtracting decimals
    • Thursday: dividing and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000
    • Friday: dividing fractions

    We will keep you updated on a weekly basis.

    We hope you have a ‘Eggcellent’ Easter!

    See you in two weeks.

    The Year 6 Team

  • A ‘Crucial’ Week

    We kicked off our week with a really insightful morning at the St Albans Community Fire Station where we met with the Crucial Crew. We took part in 8 different life-skill scenarios ranging from identifying real and potential fire hazards in a house to being able to put someone in a recovery position.

    In Literacy we have been learning all about the Titanic’s voyage from Southampton and imagining we were a 3rd class passenger aboard. We have written a diary entry all about our first impressions and what we have done.

    In Maths we have converted different units of measurement – remembering to multiply or divide by 10,100 or 1000. We then had a go at solving some problems with measures.

    In Faith and Belief, we have been retelling the Easter story in our own words.

    Learning all about batteries and their limitations allowed us to have a great discussion in class – if we were to invent a new battery, what would we use it for and what would it be made of?

    A reminder that Literacy, Maths and Spelling homeworks continue to go home on the Wednesday to be brought back the following Wednesday.

    A general homework will still be sent home on a Friday but due dates vary depending on the task set. A half term homework should be in your child’s book bag with a link to an Arithmetic website. it is really important that they go on the website daily to consolidate their learning.

    We thank you for your continued support in ensuring these are completed and returned to school.

    Next week we are looking forward to meeting with YPPT and moving forward with all the different parts we will play in the Puppet Shows next term. More detail to follow…

    Thank you

    The Year 6 Team


  • International Week has arrived at Alban City School

    What a busy week we have had!

    Year 6 have been taken around the world this week with visits from parents sharing their games from France (petanque) to South America  (the cup game) and the high energy Capoeira where we mixed a bit of martial arts with gymnastics to the rhythm and sound of a tambourine! We also learnt how old calligraphy is and some of us had a go at writing our names in Arabic style calligraphy.

    Across Literacy we have continued writing instructions on how to train our dogs to sled; we have followed instructions to make our own polar expedition ‘sledging biscuits’.

    In Maths we have identified the three dimensions associated with volume.

    In the afternoons we have played various games the polar explorers would have played in their free time or down time such as: cards, dominoes, darts. The children showed a real interest in darts!

    We ask you again for your support in completing homeworks set. This will really help your children in preparation for secondary school as it consolidates their learning.

    A quick reminder about our trip to the Fire Station on Monday – we are really looking forward to it!

    Thank you for your continued support,

    The Year 6 Team