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Individual Needs

Meeting Children’s Individual Needs

We aim to give each child an appropriate level of support and challenge in the classroom. Our strategies include the use of clear learning objectives linked to children’s needs, small group teaching and 1:1 support. Our rich and diverse curriculum is also significant because it ensures all children find suitable outlets for their interests and strengths, enabling children to reach their full potential.

Children with Disabilities and Special Needs

We endeavour to identify and meet the Special Educational Needs and /or disabilities of all children. With regard to the Code of Practice for S.E.N. the school has a staged approach to the identification, assessment and provision of Special Needs teaching and support.

Parents are involved fully in the process and external agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, Specialist Advisory Teachers, School Nurse and Speech Therapist are contacted for support when appropriate.

High Achievers

It would not be doing any gifted or talented child justice to simply allow them to achieve the expected level for their year. To this end, children who are working above the national expectation for their ages are given work at an appropriate level to ensure they continue to move ahead and excel.

Children Learning English as an Additional Language

Teachers plan lessons that help children learn English quickly, using visual support and other resources to make sure they understand lessons across the curriculum.