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The Maths curriculum at Alban City School is designed to help children become confident mathematicians who can approach everyday problems with ease. A broad range of skills are taught, including teaching a range of different written calculation methods so that the children can select the method they feel most confident using. Key concepts are also taught in a variety of different contexts; this enables pupils to deepen their understanding and transfer their skills. The Herts for Learning PA Plus scheme is utilised to allow for a clear progression of skills across the entire mathematical curriculum. At least four lessons a week are taught in each year group as well as additional arithmetic or fluency sessions.

The key Maths strands include: Number (including fractions, decimals and percentages), Calculation, Ratio and Proportion, Algebra, Measurement, Shape and Space and Statistics. Teachers use this outlined progression as a starting point, adapting the content appropriately for the individual pupils in their class to design engaging lessons. Regular formative assessment is undertaken to help teachers identify whether to revisit key concepts or extend pupils’ learning further.

Within Maths lessons, extension and mastery tasks are also provided to deepen knowledge and understanding. Throughout lessons, regular opportunities are provided to practise the taught skills so that children can approach individual activities with confidence. This is also supported through the use of CLIC and SAFE tests to practise key skills weekly; any misconceptions are addressed with pupils 1:1 or in a small group to close gaps in pupils’ knowledge. Teachers are also encouraged to plan opportunities for pupils to use their mathematical skills across the curriculum, for example, learning about the Mayan number system which uses base 20, or producing statistical diagrams to record results in Science. Story books which include mathematical ideas are also available and help children to engage in lessons.