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At Alban City School, we believe that RE is a vital part of children’s education and has a significant and valuable role in the taught curriculum, as well as the enrichment opportunities we offer our pupils that go above and beyond our curriculum. It features as a key element in our behaviour policy, which states: ‘We recognise children and adults as individuals and respect their rights, values and beliefs.’

The RE curriculum is taught using the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus. It aims to ensure that all pupils develop knowledge and understanding of sources of wisdom and their impact whilst exploring personal and critical responses. It will develop children’s abilities and understanding of different religions and cultures so they can engage in life in an increasingly diverse society in modern Britain.

Each year group will cover the eight key areas of RE in the programme of study, which include: Beliefs and Practices, Sources of Wisdom, Symbols and Actions, Prayer, Worship and Reflection, Identity and Belonging, Ultimate Questions, Human Responsibility and Values and Justice and fairness. They can be taught in any order.

Children will follow a coherent and systematic study of the principal religion of Christianity across each key stage. This will be achieved by using the resource ‘Understanding Christianity’ to develop a deeper understanding of Christianity and ensure progression across the year groups. The children will be introduced to the other 5 principal religions represented in Great Britain by the end of key stage 2. Each year group will teach Christianity and one other religion. Other world views including Humanism, atheism, agnosticism will also be covered every year to give children a broad and balanced view.