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Reception – Apple and Lime

Welcome to Reception.

Our Teachers are Miss Cooper and Mrs Freer and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wonnacott and Miss Smith.

  • Pets


    In reception the children’s reading rapidly improves and develops with daily practice. Please can we encourage all children to read for about 5 minutes each day to an adult. They don’t have to read a whole book a day, just a few pages and have a discussion about what they have read to check their understanding or to explain vocabulary that they are unfamiliar with. It doesn’t just help them to become a more confident reader but it also equips them with the skills for writing.

    Library Books

    Please remember your library book on a Thursday so that you can change it during class library time.

    In music the children have been listening to the music, the Carnival of the Animals. Here is a link which has a brief exert of each part of the music representing the different animals. They have been introduced to the word staccato and they have been practicing the beat.

    This week the children have been talking about their pets and pets within their wider families. They have been thinking about what pets need to keep them fit and healthy and they have looked at some resources on the RSPCA website. They prepared some questions for Mrs Stray prior to Lani’s visit to the reception classrooms.

    We have had some snails in our bug garden area, which has provoked lots of interest from the children.

    In maths, they have been applying their knowledge of takeaway in a variety of games.
    Here’s one to try…

    With a friend collect ten objects to play the taking away game.
    Take it in turns to take away 1, 2 or 3 objects.
    How many objects are left each time?
    The player that avoids taking away the last object wins the game.

    In PE the children have been completing a dance unit. They have been developing their expressive movement through the topic of ‘everyday life’. The children explored space and how to use space safely. They explored travelling movements, shapes and balances. The children chose their own actions in response to a stimulus. They were given the opportunity to copy, repeat and remember actions. They were introduced to counting to help them keep in time with the music. They performed to each other and began to provide simple feedback.

  • Weather doesn’t stop us!

    It has been a very busy week in Reception. We have been outside whatever the weather.

    We are continuing to revisit phase 3 sounds in phonics. We have been looking at ai, ee, igh, oa, the long and short oo and the tricky word they.

    In maths we have been counting on and putting teen numbers in order and matching them to numicon and ten frames. We have been adding more and using a ten frame and counters to find out how many altogether.

    We have been learning about Ramadan and Eid as well as talking about the NSPCC campaign PANTS. We looked at this website and song

  • Bananas!!!

    Following on from last week’s books, Oliver’s Vegetables and Oliver’s Fruit Salad, we have found out about a banana’s journey. We looked at the fair trade logo and thought about what this means for farmers. If you have any food at home with the fair trade logo on, it would be great if you could encourage the children to find it and talk about it. We decided to make banana bread with some of the spare bananas that we had in school. But before we could get cooking we had to write a list of ingredients to buy. All the children were involved in the baking and tasting, which they loved.

    Here is the link for our recipe that we made. It is dairy and egg free as some children have allergies and we cooked them in the oven.

    Last week we began to grow runner beans in a jar so that we could observe what happens to the beans when they start to grow. We have watched the roots grow and the shoot with the first leaves appear so this week we transferred them into pots with compost and we are going to watch them grow nice and tall, hopefully! During our child initiated playtime some of the boys asked if they could have some beans to plant in the garden area so we will see if they grow too.

    In phonics we have been learning our tricky words and putting them into sentences. The tricky words included: my, are, her and all.

    Our focus in maths has been shapes. We have learnt a new word ‘rotate’ so we are now recognising shape that are the same but have been rotated. We have made model using cubes and we have encouraged our friends to make a matching model.

    Here are some photos from the week.

  • Busy times

    It has been a very busy week in Reception. The weather has been glorious with lots of children choosing to learn outside.

    We are continuing to revisit phase 3 sounds in phonics. We have been looking at ow, ear, oi and air. We have been digraph and trigraph detectives as we have read words with these digraphs in them and we have applied the digraphs in our writing. We also wrote sentences with ‘ear’ words.

    In maths we have been looking at numbers and putting them in order. We focussed on Zero and how to make numbers to 20 in different ways.

    Our book of the week has been Oliver’s vegetables. We have talked about where different vegetables come from. We are watching a runner bean grow.

    Please continue to send in junk modelling or anything you feel could enhance our environment. Library day is on a Thursday. PE is on a Tuesday. Reading books and records need to be sent in every day.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  • Welcome Back

    It’s great to see the children settling back into school after the Easter holiday.

    We are continuing to revisit phase 3 sounds in phonics. We have been looking at  oo (long and short sounds), ar, or and ur.  We have been digraph detectives  as we have read words with these digraphs in them and we have applied the digraphs in our writing.

    In maths we have been taking a close look at the teen numbers and making them with different resources, which includes Numicon and ten frames.  We have been noticing what is the same and what is different about the teen numbers. They all have 1 ten.  It is the ones that change.

    Our book of the week has been Jasper’s Beanstalk. We have revisited the days of the week and have started to think about plants and growing.

    Here are a few pictures of the children being active and creative inside and outside during their ‘discovery time’.

  • Sing St Albans!

    Here is the Sing St Albans Song! It has been played on the radio!

  • Happy Holidays!

    Wow – these last three weeks have whizzed by! It’s been so wonderful to see the children bound back into school and get stuck into their learning!

    This week in Maths we have been learning about sharing. We now know that when we share we need each person to get an equal amount, and we have been doing this systematically using objects, for example, sharing 10 sweets between 5 teddies and finding out how many each teddy will get.

    Over the next couple of weeks here are some ideas of activities you could do at home to keep on learning 🙂


    Create a role-play shop with items up to 10p. Start with using 1p coins only. As your child becomes confident creating amounts with 1p coins you could introduce 2p coins, making sure to model the value of 2p by counting it twice. Your child could start problem solving e.g. This teddy is 7p, how could we make 7p using only 1p and 2p coins?


    Create a role-play tea party, buy a bag of sweets and set up some plates with teddies or pictures and share an amount up to 10 between different amounts. You could even start to talk about odd and even numbers and discuss how odd numbers can’t be shared equally between 2.


    Go for a walk around your local area, and maybe take a pen and paper and draw some of the things you can see e.g. a church, a shop etc.
    Once you are home you could have a go at labelling your pictures with the words to match, or you could even have a go at writing some sentences using the same sentence starter each time e.g. I can see a church, I can see a shop.

  • Comic Relief

    Our super heroes have had a great day today. It was lovely to see so many of them dressed up.

    This week we have been learning about money in maths. We have been making amounts with 1p and 2p coins. The children have brought their new knowledge into their play by making a shop and market. They have been taking it in turns to be shop keepers and customers.

    We are continuing to work on phase 3 sounds in phonics, through reading and writing games. We are delighted to see that the children are becoming more confident in their writing and they are finding real reasons to practise. Some of you are getting little messages and cards arriving home in their book bags as a result!


    We are so so thrilled to welcome everyone back to school this week. Every child has come back with huge smiles on their faces and it’s been so lovely to see them all settle back in so quickly.

    In Maths this week we have been learning about estimation. We have talked about what estimation means and how we can find out if our answer was close to the exact amount. We have estimated how many jumps we can do in 10 seconds, and used a number line to see how close our answers were. We have also been predicting which amounts have fewer/more and explained our reasoning. Below is a great video you could watch at home to continue discussion about estimation.

    In phonics this week we have been recapping phase 3 sounds and beginning to read and write simple sentences with these sounds in. Encourage your child to label their pictures at home, or help you to write a shopping list.

    The children have spent all day on Thursday making kites thanks to the weather delivering us with lots of wind! They all tested their ideas for different ways to make a kite, and soon found that the wind was stronger than their first design so had to come back inside and try again!

  • It’s Christmas!

    We wish you all a very Happy Christmas! Thank you so much from all  the reception team,  for all the lovely messages, cards and presents we have received.

    The children have watched the Pantomime ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ in the theatre today which was fun.

    Yesterday they  had their Christmas party.  There was a DJ, lots of dancing and games to join in with and enjoy!