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Year 3 – Amber and Vermillion

Welcome to Year 3.

Our Teachers are Mr Bushell,  Miss Alexandre and Miss Gardiner and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Scott, Mrs Da Palma and Miss Alexandre.

  • Did you know?

    Alongside learning about the Romans in history, we are writing about the Romans in English too! We have learned a lot of facts about the Romans. Sometimes gross, sometimes disgusting, sometimes amazing but we have learned many facts. As our writing skill, we have continued practising using co-ordinating and subordinate conjunctions. You can help at home by practising making sentences using these conjunctions: nor, yet, but, after, before, while, because, when. Next week we are moving onto subtracting 3 digit numbers.

    In maths we have been learning to add 3 digit numbers using the column method (306+142 or 482+260). We’ve had practice of making the numbers using equipment; played noughts and crosses and today, had several challenges to complete using randomly selected digits. You can help at home by completing today’s challenges. Choose 6 random digits. Place them in any order to make two three-digit numbers. Can you make the total: odd; even; a multiple of 5; the smallest; the greatest?

    In computing we electrified the maze walls of our games so that if the character touches them, the character is sent back to the beginning.


    In science Year 3 have continued investigating forces around us. Recently, Year 3 investigated how cars travelled on different surfaces.

  • Year 3 homework

    Here is a reminder of the Year 3 homework policy.

    Year 3 will be given a piece of homework every 2 weeks, and will have the 2 weeks to complete it. It should take around 20 minutes to complete. We will alternate between English and Maths and will send topic projects home approximately once every half term.  Children should be reading daily and practising the spellings. The homework is on Google classroom and I am happy to print it out if you need it.

    If you have any questions regarding the homework, please feel free to get in touch with me, either on the playground or via email.


    Miss Gardiner

  • The Rebellion

    Over the last 2 weeks, we have been learning about Boudicca and her influence with the Celts against the Romans. We have made posters and written diaries about the story. At home, you could research the countries within the Roman Empire.


    In maths we have moved onto sharing and division. Today, we learned about remainders. We had some shape problems and number questions to investigate. At home you can practise some questions that have remainders. You can use toys and teddies to make the number and share them out.

    In English we have been using our learning about the Romans to write information reports. We will finish these next week and will have some lovely reports to share on here.

  • Crazy Hair Day

    It was a fantastic end to the week with everyone taking part in the PTA’s crazy hair day.

    In maths we continued learning strategies to help solve multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We even moved onto solving some worded problems and missing number problems too! They really made us think especially when regrouping was involved. You can help at home by practising some extra questions. You could even write a question out with the answer and ask your child to be the teacher and mark it for you.

    This week in English, we have been practising using different types of conjunctions. These are words that help to join sentences together or to include some extra detail. As a chance to use them, we created our own versions to the end of The Tunnel story we have been reading. We will read the real ending next week. You can help at home by practising saying sentences using the conjunctions: for, and, so, because, while, when, after.

    In art, we learned from our experiences of making pottery using clay to now design something more elaborate. We will get to make these soon while using our pinch and coil techniques.


    In computing, we have been debugging and fixing broken code for the beginning of our maze game topic.

    We watched and participated in the NSPCC assembly this week. Can your child remember the phone number? (0800 1111)

  • The Romans and The Tunnel

    It has been a wonderful week to be in Year 3!

    After researching about Roman pottery last week, this week, Year 3 explored making our own Roman pottery using a coil technique. Is was lovely and messy. We used lots of different methods for rolling and shaping the clay to build our pots. Soon, we will look at designs a bit more before having a 2nd attempt.


    In English, we continued exploring the story The Tunnel. As predicted, we found out that the sister did in fact follow her brother through the tunnel. Of course, her wild imagination doesn’t help her fears at the other end when faced with a dark forest. Year 3 have been concentrating on using and improving our descriptive vocabulary. We have some wonderful writers. You can help at home by choosing something to describe (a tree, a vase, a lake); write 3 adjectives to describe it and then work on improving them.


    In maths, we have started learning about multiplying 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number (23×4). Most of the week, we have been using equipment to make the question to help us solve it. Next week we will learn about how to write this as numerals and use quick drawings to help us if needed. You can help at home by practising the 3 and 4 times tables. Try playing games to make it fun like matching the question and answer.

  • First week back!

    We’ve had a fun and busy first week back  after Easter and Year 3 have been working really hard.


    In English, we’ve been looking at the book ‘The Tunnel’. We did a ‘snowballing’ activity, writing advice to a character in the story and we wrote a suspenseful paragraph based on part of the text. Next week we are continuing with the story, looking into the characters and using conjunctions in our writing.

    In maths this week we have focused on multiplying by 10 and multiplying multiples of 10. We used base 10 to build the calculations and explained our working out using a speaking frame. Next week we will be looking at formal written methods for multiplication.

    We began our new history topic of The Romans. We thought about what we know so far and devised valid questions that we want to find out. We then used the internet and information books to research the information. Next lesson, we will be looking at how the Romans took over from the Celts in Britain.

    Homework is starting again this week and is on Google classroom.


  • Last week!

    How fast this time has gone!

    We’ve had a great 3 weeks, now it’s time for a rest before we come back rejuvenated for our summer term.

    This week in Maths, we consolidated our fractions knowledge, using  fractions pizzas. We used this to answer word problems based on unit and non unit fractions. After the half term, we will be looking at multiplication.

    In English, we finished our play script unit, culminating in writing our own play scripts, which were fantastic! We read these out to the class.   

    Sadly this week in Vermillion, we said goodbye to 2 of our amazing classmates, Hamish and Olive. They will be sadly missed but we will stay in touch!

    We hope you have a lovely Easter break and enjoy yourselves.

  • Fractions, play scripts and Superheroes!

    We’ve had a busy but exciting week, culminating in the children dressing up as the Superheroes they are for Comic Relief! We enjoyed our day working on fractions, learning about Red Nose day, coming up with and sharing jokes and creating our own Superheroes. See below for the some pictures of our work.

    In English, we have been looking at playscripts. We read a range of plays, identified the features and perfomed a play in groups. Miss Gardiner and Mr Bushell didn’t realise that there were so many talented actors in Year 3! Next week we will be looking further into play scripts and writing and performing our own play.

    In maths, we continued to work on fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator. We used a fractions mat to help us and worked up to solving tricky word problems.

    In Science, we are investigating what plants need to grow. We have set up seeds in pots and are restricting what each plant gets, recording this every day. We created predictions based on what we know so far about the plant cycle.

    Have a restful weekend and we will see you next week.

  • Welcome Back!

    A huge welcome back to Year 3!
    It is amazing to have the classrooms full again with chatting and laughter. All week we’ve spent time across the day to just talk, share stories and make things together.
    In English we looked at the poem ‘The Magic Box’. After reading the poem and looking at the features we could find, we spent time drawing some of the strange items being put inside. We also created our own items that we would put in our own magic boxes that we also made.
    In maths, we spent time revisiting some of the fraction work taught previously. Year 3 have been excellent at using some wonderful maths vocabulary.
    In science we recreated and retold the life cycle of a flowering plant! We made life cycle spinners and used role play to help us retell the life cycle!
    Year 3 have really impressed us with their enthusiasm for all their learning this week and being kind to each other.
  • Christmas is Here

    It has been a huge term of learning so many new things. Today, some of us compared our work to our Y2 books and started to really appreciate how much we’ve learned and progressed.


    We hope you enjoyed the recorder performances! If you have not seen them yet, please have a look below this post. They are incredible.


    In maths this week, we have been revisiting our shape knowledge and learning about perimeter. We now know how to find the perimeter of a 2d shape and learned about what makes regular shapes special.

    In English, we were treated to a video call with the author and illustrator of the children’s picture book Look Up! It was fascinating learning about how long it took from the original idea to printed book; where the inspiration came from and finding out some clues about new b

    ook coming in the near future.

    Before we move onto our new geography topic, we spent time this week revisiting some knowledge about the UK. Do you know how many countries make the UK? Do you know where to find each country on the map? Do you know the capital city of each country of the UK? Can you name the seas that surround the UK?


    Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts and cards. We are very spoilt.

    Have a wonderful and safe break. See you in the new year.