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Year 6 – Amethyst and Magenta

Welcome to Year 6.

Our Teachers are Miss Edwards and Mrs Aitbenmoussa and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Rimstad, Miss Panta, Mrs Cullen, Mrs Cheruvarthur and Mrs Smith.

  • 5 sleeps to go…

    Even with the increasing levels of excitement due to our impending PGL trip, Year 6 have been working their socks off this week both in the classroom and on the archery range. We were lucky enough to get an extra PE session where the children got to try their hand at archery.  The children had a blast with some even saying that they would like to take it up as an extracurricular activity!

    In our RE lesson this week, we continued our studies of Humanism, drilling down into some of the key beliefs of the philosophy.  The children used this information, along with the ever-improving design skills to make posters for display. Please see below:

    As we mentioned last week, we have been focusing our maths lessons on revision of fractions, specifically adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers with different denominators.  With lots of practice, we are pleased to report that the children are really gaining in confidence and accuracy.

    In English lessons, we have been researching the fascinating life of Charles Darwin and have started writing biographies about him.  We will continue these when we return from our trip next week.

    We expect that bag packing will take place this weekend.  Just to reiterate, please don’t feel the need to buy new clothes and refer to the list which was sent home last week.  If your child does have a mobile phone, please be reminded that this needs to remain at home for the duration of the stay.

  • The countdown to PGL begins…

    In topic, the children thoroughly enjoyed researching and creating an information page about climbing in the Himalayas.  Please see below some of the exceptional pieces of work that they have created.

    Year 6 have worked tirelessly in English lessons this week, writing instructions on how to train a dog to sled.  With a lot of research and a little imagination, the results have been amazing!  We have really concentrated on including Year 6 writing features; in particular using a range of punctuation to give extra information and organise a text which is fit for purpose and audience.

    Next week, we will starting our research and preparing to write biographies about Charles Darwin, making links with our science topic: Evolution and Inheritance

    In Science this week we looked at what animals compete over. Please have a look at the photos below to see what we found out.

    Having completed a week of revision on area, perimeter and volume, next week we will be looking back over our fraction work, with a focus on addition and subtraction of fractions with different denominators.  Weekly arithmetic tests show that fractions are an area for development for the majority of children so we will continue to revisit these.

    In our Guided Reading sessions, we have been working on a number of reading skills to develop comprehension and to progress how to answer questions on a text.  We have selected a series of texts related to recent topics covered in other lessons (such as Anne Frank and Extreme Environments) and are using these for vocabulary and information retrieval tasks.

    In music, the children have been learning to use their bodies as percussions instruments to match the beat of a piece of music. There has been lots of rhythmic stomping and clapping coming from the community room.

    Finally, we ended the week with the meeting about PGL. Following the parent meeting, we were met by a barrage of questions from the children who, quite rightly, are extremely excited about the impending visits.  Kit lists are coming home this afternoon and please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further questions.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Hair today, gone tomorrow…

    As excitement builds for our impending PGL trip, Amethyst and Magenta classes continue to work extremely hard and we couldn’t be more proud of their achievements.

    In English lessons this week we have been researching Huskies and learning about dog sledding in the extreme temperatures of Alaska.  We will continue on this theme next week when we start to write a set of instructions, explaining how to train a husky dog to sled in the snow.

    In Guided Reading sessions we are focusing on different styles of questioning, as used in SATs tests, to check the children’s understanding of a text. We are also enjoying the class book, Running on the Roof of the World, which is giving us a fascinating insight into life in Tibet and bringing to life our Extreme Earth topic lessons.

    This week, we researched the epic challenge of scaling Mount Everest. Learning about the preparation, training,  prospective perils and the eye-watering cost, the pupils have designed and are writing brilliant information pages which will continue into next week.

    A little later than planned, we have focused in this week’s maths lessons on angles, revising the use of a protractor and also the relationships between angles, moving on to solving missing angle problems.  Next week, as well as lots of more arithmetic revision, we will be going over perimeter, area and volume.

    We went outside in the sunshine for computing to start taking photos with a view to editing them next week.

    We have enjoyed rounding of the week with Crazy Hair Day – see pictures below.

    Enjoy the bank holiday weekend everyone!

  • So, how did we evolve?

    Week 2 – done and dusted! After such a long time without visits and extra-curricular activities it has been an absolute joy to see children enthusiastically returning to the after school clubs.  In addition to this, we were able to enjoy a visit IN PERSON from Dr. Francis, who delivered a fascinating workshop about Evolution, in line with our current topic.  The children had the opportunity to look closely at a number of artefacts, both authentic and replica.  The children then stepped into the shoes of palaeontologists and participated in fossil digging and fossil making activities.  Please see the gallery below.

    Leading on from last week’s extraordinary alien autopsy, children took on the role of journalists reporting on the events which took place. With a focus on formal writing, including technical language, direct and indirect speech; the children wrote some brilliant newspaper reports, some of which we are pleased to share with you below.

    We have continued our Extreme Earth geography topic this week by looking at how mountains are formed, looking with particular interest at the Himalayas and Mount Everest.  We started our new class book, Running on the Roof of the World,  and are already gripped by this tale of escape and adventure which is set in Tibet.

    Our Well-Being focus this term is ‘Get Active’ and in light of this, we will be making an extra effort to get out of our seats and move!  The children are really enjoying our new PE units of basketball and cricket, particularly in the glorious sunshine this week.

    In math lessons next week, we will be revising the use of a protractor to measure angles, looking at missing angles and ways to calculate and problem solve.

  • Eerie Events in Year 6…

    Even though it’s only been a 4 day week for the children, it has been an action-packed few days.  Read on to find out more about the happenings of the week.

    Events in our English lessons have taken a supernatural turn.  Following an ‘incident’ which took place over the weekend on school grounds, the children have been investigating the scene, filling out a police report and interviewing a witness.  On Friday, we had a visit from two extra-terrestrial specialists, Detective Inspector A.Leon and Spanish Specialist Inspectora Una Planeta.  They carried out an autopsy of an alien life form whilst children took notes.  Next week, we will be writing newspaper articles, reporting on these eerie occurences.

    In maths, we have been revising multiplication and will continue to focus all the skills required to complete arithmetic calculations.  Each week we will try and beat the previous week’s scores in an end of week test.

    We have really enjoyed starting our new geography based topic about Extreme Earth this week, which has left us marvelling at the awesomeness of nature.  This linked really well to our RE discussions in which we talked about where our world views come from.

    Our new computing topic for this term is all about photo editing and what makes a good photo.

    In art, Banksy will be our inspiration for this term as we delve into the increasingly popular world of Street Art.

  • Where has that school term gone?

    And just like that, the Easter holidays have arrived.  It has felt like the last few weeks have whizzed by but with such an action-packed period, everyone is ready for a rest.  The children have been working and playing so hard back in school and as always, we are really proud of all their achievements.

    Writing our pirate themed stories this week has definitely brought out those budding authors in the children.  We have so enjoyed reading their unique and exciting adventure tales, many of which have brimmed with ambitious vocabulary, cohesively written complex sentences and bundles of enthusiasm.

    As you have probably seen, the Anderson shelters we have been making for the past 3 weeks in DT have been finished.  Please take some time to enjoy this gallery of pictures showing all the children’s hard work and dedication.

    DT Gallery

    In the run up to Easter, we have read and discussed the Story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  We considered its significance at this very special time of year for Christians and retold it in the form of colourful comic strips.

    Easter story comics

    In science this week, we became experts in the fascinating yet often rather revolting world of microorganisms. The children created eye-catching posters filled with information about these teeny tiny yet absolutely essential living things.

    All about microbes

    As we head into the holidays, the Year 6 team would like to wish everyone a fun-filled, safe and restful couple of weeks.

  • Here come the Superheroes…

    Another week down and what a week it’s been.  The Anderson shelters that we have been working hard on in DT are really coming along.  We have been so impressed with the children’s creative and imaginative ideas and their hard work is starting to pay off.  We can’t wait for you to see the end results next week.

    In English this week, Year 6 have been getting ready to write pirate themed stories by creating characters, describing settings and developing atmosphere.

    In Maths lessons, we introduced ratio, discussed its relevance and have been investigating the links to fractions.  Next week, we will continue on with ratio and move on to proportion and solving problems.

    We have made some cross curricular links in Spanish and enjoyed learning war-time vocabulary about La Segunda Guerra Mundial.  The children used Spanish dictionaries to find unfamiliar words to help them label their drawings.

    We have all (teachers included!) loved rounding off the week by dressing up as Superheroes and taking part in Comic Relief activities.  Here are some photos of the fun we have been having.

  • Back with bang…

    Seeing our classrooms buzzing with enthusiastic pupils in the flesh this week has been such a pleasure.  Everyone was so excited to see their friends and even quite excited to see their exercise books! By extending our soft start, we have all had fun catching up with each other, sharing lockdown stories and playing games.  On Monday, we spent some time creating Animal Art and adding to our new display which is all about what we like to do and what makes us feel good.

    In our English classes, we have continued The Pirate Cruncher theme and written dialogue and description, learning how to move the action in a story along.

    In DT this week, the Anderson shelter building has started in earnest.  Even though the classrooms looked like a cardboard explosion had taken place, the children impressed us, as always, with their innovative ideas and readiness to help others.  We are looking forward to continuing with the next stage in the coming week.

    We didn’t quite manage to stay off of the Chromebooks all week; our new ICT topic is coding Micro:bits.   Children had a fantastic time using block coding to program their Micro:bits, creating their own games such as Rock, Paper Scissors.  Next week, we will be developing the code to program the Micro:bit as a step counter.


  • Amethyst’s Christmas Concert

    We hope you enjoy these performances from Amethyst Class. They have really enjoyed music this term.

  • Magenta’s Christmas Concert

    We hope you enjoy these performances from Magenta Class. They have really enjoyed music this term.