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Clubs & Activities

Clubs Summer term 2022

Start date w/c Monday 25 April

End date w/c Monday 4 July

Club Year group Leader Day Location Paid or Free
French 1 – 4 Christele Annis Wednesday lunchtime


Community Room PAID


Italian 1-6 Cinzia Gallo Monday lunchtime


Community Room PAID


Junior Orchestra


Senior Orchestra




Karen Dore Tuesday 8.30-9.00am




Community Room PAID



Choir 4-6 Karen Dore

Miss Farley

Mrs Warner

Thursday 12.30-1.00pm Hall FREE
LAMDA 1-6 Candice Conway Theatre School Friday Theatre PAID
AFTER SCHOOL 3.30-4.30pm
Street Dance 2-4 NSG Performing Arts

Nick Green

Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Hall FREE
Tennis 2 Total Tennis Coaching

Matt Foster



Netball 6 Mrs Wonnacott and Mrs Balmforth Wednesday Outside FREE
Multi sports 3-6 Mr Roberts Y3 Monday

Y4 Tuesday

Y6 Thursday

Y5 Friday

Outside FREE
Drama 1-6 Candice Conway Theatre School Friday Hall, Theatre PAID


Coding 3-6 Think Big

Kevin Rackind

Friday Y5 classroom PAID


Art 1-6 Art Shed

Kathy Evershed

Y1-2 Monday

Y3-6 Wednesday

Y3-6 Thursday

Y2/3 shared area PAID


Choir 1-3 Paula and Ben Williamson Tuesdays Theatre PAID


If you would like your child to attend a club that is run by an external provider (fee paying), please use the following contact information:

French Club Christele Annis Tel: 07429 477  008
Italian Club Cinzia Gallo Email:
Singing Club* Paula and Ben Email:
Drama Club Candice Conway Theatre School Tel: 07903 672 216
Artshed Kathy Evershed Tel: 07908 602 972
Orchestra Karen Dore, St Albans Music Academy Ltd Website:
Tennis Matt Foster, Total Tennis Coaching Ltd Tel: 07780 533 337                                                                Email:
Coding Club Kevin Rackind, Think Big Email:
Street Dance NSG Email: