Week beginning: Monday 3rd January 2022

Welcome back and Happy New Year. We’ve heard lots about the festive fun over the autumn break and the precious time spent with family and friends.

The children have only been back for two days, however we have still managed to fit in a lot of learning.

In English we have been revisiting our understanding of how to use coordinating conjunctions to create compound sentences i.e. I like to play football at the weekend but not in the rain. On Friday we applied our skills within a paragraph when we wrote about the importance of being healthy. This linked nicely to the discussions we had in our PSHE lesson.

Our maths focus has been on developing our place value understanding, in particular being able to regroup numbers. We applied our skills while playing a game of Mathopoly.

In science we explored games, resources and an old, broken plug, enabling us to share what we already know about our new science topic: Electricity! We then thought about appliances around school and at home that use either batteries or the mains electricity.

On Friday, Mr Roberts introduced us to the new game we will be focusing on: Basketball. Today we practised dribbling the ball and began to think about some key rules such as not travelling, double dribbling or bouncing with two hands.