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Governors at a Glance

The Governors (also known as Directors or Trustees) are held to account in all matters relating to the school.  Their responsibility covers not only the education and welfare of all the children but also the upkeep of the building and grounds, as well as all financial dealings within the school and between the DfE and the school.

Term of office for all Governors is 4 years.

The following have served as Governors during the past 12 months.

Name Date of appointment (or re-appointment) Appointed by Attendance at meetings in 2021/2022 Areas of Responsibility
Linda Crawley MBE 17 July 2020 Original signatory FGB 3/3, PAC 3/3, RC 1/3 Health & Safety, Literacy, HT Performance, Early Years, Safer Recruitment
Gordon Baisley 17 July 2020 Members FGB 3/3, RC 3/3 Environment, Exclusions, Curriculum
Cathy Carter 1 December 2020 Staff FGB 1/3, Deputy Head Teacher
Chloe Ellis 1 December 2020 to 21st July 2023

(left the school)

Staff FGB 3/3, PAC 3/3 Reception Teacher, Staff Wellbeing
Kate Leahy (vice Chair) 17 July 2020 Local Authority FGB 3/3, RC 2/3 Premises, HT Performance, Curriculum
Amanda Molvik 14th June 2021 to 5th July 2023

(stepped down)

Members FGB 3/3, RC 3/3 Governor Training, Exclusions
Gilly Stray 1 January 2018 Ex-officio (Head) FGB 3/3, PAC 3/3, RC 3/3 Head Teacher
Claire Toms 16 October 2020 to 31st August 2023

(stepped down)

Parents FGB 2/3, PAC 3/3 Safeguarding, Curriculum, Early Years, Exclusions
Paula Willoughby (Chair) 7 July 2023 Members FGB 3/3, PAC 3/3, RC 1/3 HT Performance, Safeguarding & Vulnerable Children, Exclusions, Complaints
Sean Trend    (RC Chair) 28 June 2022 Governors N/A Finance
Elizabeth (Lizzi) Hodgkinson 7 September 2022 Governors N/A Wellbeing, SEND, Pupil Premium
Robert Crick 19 October 2022 Parents N/A Science
Peter Harris (PAC Chair) 19 October 2022 Parents N/A Maths
Bernadette O’Sullivan 20 September 2023 Staff N/A Staff Wellbeing
Sarah Wright 23rd October 2023 Parents N/A Curriculum, Governor Training & Development

Declarations of Interest

You will find a list of Governors and their Declarations of Interest in the PDF below.

Schedule of Delegation