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Who We Are

Residents of St Albans had long been aware of the need for a new primary school in the city centre. As the Government had indicated that all new schools are expected to be free schools or academies, our group worked closely with Hertfordshire County Council to set up a school on the former School of Law site in Hatfield Road.

On the 10th of October 2011 the Government approved our application to open a new school. A formal agreement with the Department of Education was subsequently signed.

Alban City School is a state funded Free School for primary aged children. Our school opened in September 2012 with two Reception classes. Two more classes were added each subsequent year until full capacity was attained in September 2018.

The school warmly welcomes children aged 4–11 years old of all abilities, faiths, social and cultural backgrounds. Any parent can apply for a place for their child at our school.

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