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Reception – Apple and Lime

Welcome to Reception.

Our Teachers are Mrs Dumont and Miss Reynolds and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wonnacott and Miss Chaudhry.

  • Happy half term Reception!

    This week in Maths we have been practised our number formation using the rhymes to help us.  We have also focused on number bonds to 10, these are when two numbers are added together to make 10 e.g. 1+9=10, 8+2=10, 4+6=10. We have practised these by learning different rhymes, using our fingers and two coloured counters. The Reception end of year early learning goal is to ‘Automatically recall (without reference to rhymes, counting or other aids) number bonds up to 5 (including subtraction facts) and some number bonds to 10, including double facts’.

    In Literacy we have looked at what makes an animal a minibeast, different types of minibeasts and their their different features. As we are still having a big focus on sentence writing, the children chose their favourite minibeasts to draw and write a fact about. We have also introduced and discussed ‘life cycles’ of minibeasts. We read non-fiction books and watched videos to support our understanding of the different stages. We made comparisons between the life cycle of a butterfly and ladybird.  The children then created their own butterfly life cycles. 

    In Phonics we have continued to focus on using our phonics knowledge to write simple sentences. We have also introduced adding ‘er’ and ‘est’ to the end of words e.g. when comparing 3 animals we could describe them as ‘short’, ‘shorter’ and ‘shortest’.

    It was so lovely to see all of the children enjoying competing in the different races at sports day. Well done to all of the parents and siblings that also took part in some races!

    We are so proud of all of the learning the Reception children have done over the last half term. We hope you have a great half term!

    The Reception Team 🙂


  • The Bug Collector!

    This week we have started to learn about minibeasts. We have focused on the storybook ‘The Bug collector’ by Alex G Griffiths. We have spent time making lots of story predictions, we have discussed minibeast habitats and how important it is for them to be in their natural environment. We also discussed food chains and how animals depend on other plants and animals for their food and survival. We then created our own food chains and wrote a sentence about them. 

    The children have been very curious about minibeast this week and we have had lots of questions to research for example the characteristics of different minibeasts, where they live and how they survive.

    In phonics we have continued our focus on words with consonant blends at the beginning of a word. We have recapped ‘spl’, ‘spr’ and ‘str’ and also looked at words starting with ‘dr’, ‘cr’ and ‘gr’, We have continued to do daily sentence writing in our writing books. We are providing the children with sentence starters and encouraging them to continue the sentence using their own ideas. We have also supported the children to use their knowledge of segmenting and blending to write words independently.

    This week in Maths we have focused on ordinality: considering where numbers to 10 are in relation to each other. We have done practical activities and games, the children thought carefully about which number is more or less.  We used linear number tracks to play games that encourage them to compare numbers that are far apart, near and next to each other. (For example, 10 is a lot more than 2 but 5 is only 1 more than 4). On Friday we recapped money, including recognising all the coins up to 50p, the purpose of money and then we had a go at buying toys for different amounts using 1p coins. 

    On Friday Reception loved doing a minibeast hunt around the field. We found lots of different minibeasts such as snails, butterflies, ants, slugs, spiders and woodlice.

    Key points

    • Over half term please collect the inside part of toilet rolls/kitchen rolls as we will be using these to make minibeasts.
    • Please make sure you are reading with your child daily and making a comment in their yellow book.
    • Our end of year target for reception children is to be able to write a sentence independently. It would benefit your child if you could support them in writing a simple sentence regularly, making sure they use their phonics knowledge and recognition of harder to read words. We have attached a copy of all the harder to read and spell words to support them.



  • What is your favourite sea creature?

    This is the last week we will be learning about ‘Under the Sea’. We have spent time looking at a range of non-fiction texts to find out information about different types of sea creatures. We have compared the different features of sea creatures and how these help the animals to survive in water. The children then chose their favourite sea creatures to write a sentence about and draw.

    In Maths we have explored how 10 can be composed of 2 parts and we have used our subitising skills to  focus on structured arrangements. A key representation we have used to support this has been the double dice frame, which allowed them to build on their previous experiences. The children were encouraged to recognise a larger part of 10 when it is presented in the ‘5 and a bit’ structure, and then subitise the smaller part. We also used our fingers to represent 2 parts of 10, using the ‘fingers up and fingers down’ approach that was used when exploring the composition of 5. The children were also given the opportunity to see the composition of 10 represented on a 10-frame.

    The children have enjoyed listening to this Numberblocks song to learn the different ways we can make 10 

    In phonics we have focused on reading longer words including those with consonant blends such as ‘spl’, ‘spr’ and ‘str’ at the beginning of a word.  We have continued to do daily sentence writing in our writing books. We are providing the children with sentence starters and encouraging them to continue the sentence using their own ideas. We have also supported the children to use their knowledge of segmenting and blending to write words independently.

    Key Points 

    • Next week we will be starting the new topic ‘Minibeasts’. We would like to build a new bug hotel in the outside area and we would gratefully receive any donations of sticks, bricks with holes in, logs,  small tubes and small planting pots.
    • We have booked our Reception trip to Rye Meads Nature Reserve on 21st June. Please log into Arbour to give consent for your child to take part.
    • Please check all uniform and PE kit is named as it is hard for us to locate these if they go missing! Also as the weather is getting hotter please also write names in sunhats.
    • Sports morning is on the 24th May.
  • What does a Submarine See?

    In literacy this week we have focused on the book ‘What a submarine sees’. We discussed what submarines were, why they are used and how they are able to sink below the surface. We then linked this to floating and sinking, the children made predictions about different objects and then we tested out and recorded if they floated or sunk. The children then designed and made their own boats, thinking about which materials would be best to enable their boat to float.
    In Maths we have been thinking about number bonds to 5. We practised using one hand to demonstrate the two parts that make the number 5 e.g. 3 fingers up and 2 fingers down, there are still 5 altogether. We then had a go at writing these calculations in our new maths books as a number sentence eg. 3+2=5. The children surprised us at how well they were able to follow instructions and write carefully in the squares.
    In Phonics we have been continuing to focus on the ‘ed’ word ending and how this can make a ‘t’  and ‘d’ sound. We have also been practising to read longer phase 4 words and writing sentence using our phonic knowledge.
    We have now finished all the Reception ‘Feel it’ emotions. We are now going to recap these and look into them in further detail.
    Sports day practise is coming along very well and the children are very excited already about having their families coming to watch them on the day.
    Key Points 
    • Sports day is on the morning of 24th May
    • Please bring back all library books on a Monday so that they can be changed
    Under the sea playdough creations
  • Under The Sea!

    In Maths we have continued to develop our subitising skills (seeing the quantity without counting) in both structured (such as dice and 10s frames) and random arrangements. A key focus this week is to use the children’s developing understanding of doubles to support their subitising skills. We have also recapped odd and even numbers, looking at patterns along a number line, using unifix cubes to make each number and talked about even numbers having a partner. 

    This weeks Literacy story focus has been ‘Billy’s Bucket’. We discussed the features of a story book, we made predictions as we read such as what could be inside Billy’s bucket and then wrote a sentence to describe this. We also discussed and compared how the environment and its physical features are different under the sea and on the land.

    The children have loved helping to make our new ‘under the sea’ role play area. They have been busy making and creating under the sea creatures and objects for the class to use.

    In PE we have started to practise for our sports day races where we have been learning to run in a straight line from one point to another and all starting to run when they hear the word ‘go’. Our sports races will be on the morning of the 24th May.

    This week ‘worried’ was our new feel it focus. We read stories linked to this feeling such as ‘Ruby’s Worry’.

    In phonics this week the main focus has been on adding ‘ed’ to the end of words and identifying if they make the ‘t’ sound e.g. look to looked, help to helped, drop to dropped. We have also continued to do daily sentence writing in our new literacy writing books. We have focused on simple sentence structure and using their phonic knowledge to spell all words except our ‘harder to read and write words’. Please could this continue to be a focus at home as well.  By the end of Reception the expectation is to write a simple sentence that can be read by others, this does not necessarily need to be spelt correctly. Some examples of sentence expectations are below…

    • The sun is hot.
    • The cat has a hat.
    • The fish can swim.
    • I went to the park.


    Key Points 

    • On Friday mornings please may the children come to school in their field trainers ready to practise for sports day. They will also need their school shoes in a bag to change back into after. Please could you also try to arrive as early as possible so we can register the children and leave by 8:50.
    • Please make sure you are reading with your child daily and then writing a comment in the diary. If a comment isn’t written then we will be unable to change your child’s book. Please also make sure the yellow diary and reading book is inside of the drawers each morning even if it does not need changing.






  • Welcome back!

    This term we are learning all about under the sea! Our first literacy book focus has been ‘The Rainbow Fish’. We have made story predictions, thought about the feelings of characters and friendships,  and we have thought carefully about the types of questions we could ask characters from the story. The Rainbow Fishes shiny scales are his prized possession, our writing focus this week was to think about our own prized possession and why it is so special to us.

    In Phonics we have focused each day on sentence writing, for example where to write on lines, using full stops and capital letters and using our phonic knowledge to segment and blend words. The children have been excited to start brand new writing books!

    In Maths we have recapped key counting skills such as moving objects to count, touching objects 1-1 and understanding that the cardinal value of a number refers to the quantity. We then discussed how to count objects that cannot be moved. The children came up with some fantastic ideas such as circling them, cutting objects out, putting a line through and covering objects as we count. We have also started using new squared maths books and practised forming numbers within the squares.

    Our Feel it emotion this week was ‘safe’ , we have discussed what this emotion feels like, when we might experience it.

    We also walk to the playing field on Friday. We investigated and explored the area. We played some games and found lots of different minibeasts, rabbit holes and plants!

    Key Points

    • The children really enjoy sharing books from home, if you have any that we could share and borrow about ‘under the sea’ that would be amazing!
    • Please make sure your child has wellies in school for the mud kitchen, sand pit and Friday field visits.
    • PE will continue to be on a Thursday for both classes. Please make sure your child has the right PE kit, hair tied back and earrings removed.
    • As we are learning about under the sea we would love to make a new role play area. If anyone has any under the sea items we could have/borrow they would be greatly appreciate such as shells, under the sea creatures, snorkels, fishing nets, buckets and spades etc.
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt!

    In Phonics we have continued to recap our phase 2 and phase 3 phonics sounds and harder to read words. We have been identify these within words to support our reading skills. We have also focused on segmenting to write simple sentences. The new harder to read words we have learnt this week are- do, one and little.

    This week in  Maths we have started to introduce doubles of numbers up to 10. We firstly looked at two dice and noticed when the numbers were the same  and how the two parts come together to make a whole. We then looked at times we might see other doubles such as when we use our fingers. 

    In Literacy we have continued to learn all about dinosaurs using non-fiction books. We found out where different dinosaurs used to live over the world and then we compared these. We then thought about questions we would like to ask a TRex if he visited Alban City School and we had a go at writing these.

    During discovery time the children followed instructions to create salt dough. They then imprinted dinosaur bodies into the salt dough to create fossils.

    In our Friday afternoon outdoor learning we did a scavenger hunt in St Peters Church. We went on the search for a range of different natural items and then we created  pictures using these items.

    Well done to Apple class for their lovely assembly on Friday. We are very proud of them all for getting up on stage and sharing what they have been learning!

    Key Points

    • Next half term our new topic will be ‘Under the Sea’. We will again be making a new role play area so anything that is under the sea based e.g. blue sheets, netting, large boxes to enable us to make submarines/boats for the children to sit in.
    • Please return all library books next week, we will then change them after the Easter holidays.


    Have a great weekend:)

    The Reception Team


  • Tyrannosaurus Drip

    In Phonics we have been reading words and sentences with a mixture of phase 2 and phase 3 sounds. We have also been practising to write simple sentences with capital letters, full stops and  finger spaces.  This has then supported the focused writing activities we have done within literacy lessons. It is essential that our children are confident with all of the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds before we move on next term to phase 5. Please continue to support your children by practising these sounds on a regular basis.

    This week in Maths we have continued to focus on the composition of numbers and recognising that a number can be made of two parts. We focused on making the number 7 this week with cubes, fingers and songs.

    Reception are still really enjoying our dinosaur topic this term. We have focused on the story ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’ this week in our Literacy lessons. We started by making story predictions, we then looked at which dinosaurs were carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We drew and wrote comparisons about the different types of dinosaurs.  As we read the story we also focused on how the Tyrannosaurus felt at different parts of the story and linked it to our ‘Feel it’ feelings.

    This week’s ‘Feel it’ feeling was the yellow zone ‘pleased’. We discussed what this feeling meant, when we have felt this way and how we manage this emotion.

    On a very rainy Friday afternoon we visited St Peters church to collect natural objects. We then used these to create our very own king and queen crowns.

    In PE we are continuing to focus on dance. This week we were different types of transport and we had to listen carefully to the beat of the music to know when to move and when change to the next dance movement. The children then performed these routines to the rest of the class.

    Well done to Lime class for their amazing class assembly on Friday, we are very proud of them. What amazing performers!

  • Say Hello to the Dinosaurs

    In Maths this week we have focused on ordinality: considering where numbers are in relation to each other.  We use the key language of ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’ to describe the relationships between numbers. This week, ‘less than’ is used instead of ‘fewer than’ when the focus is on each number’s position in the counting sequence. On Friday we also learnt about our daily routines and sequenced pictures in order, starting at the beginning of the day and through to bed time.

    In Phonics we are still continuing to recap the phase 2 and 3 sounds. We have been practising to identify these when segmenting and blending.  We have also learnt the  new harder to read words ‘out’ were’ and ‘like’.

    Our story focus in Literacy this week  has been ‘Say Hello to the Dinosaurs’. We focused on the different dinosaurs within the story and then compared how their features were similar and different. We each then chose our favourite dinosaur to draw and write an interesting fact about. We have had a big focus on capital letters, finger spaces, writing on a line and letter formation this week.  We also used a range of non-fiction books to find out where different dinosaurs used to live.

    Our feel it emotion this week was ‘scared’. We thought about times when we have been scared in the past and what things might make us feel this way now or in the future. This feeling is a red zone feeling.

    It was so lovely to see all of the children excited to come to school in their world book day outfits. Many children also brought in the favourite books, we spent time sharing and reading these with our friends. We also had a very creative world book day as the children turned wooden spoons into their favourite books characters! We firstly thought about what our characters looked like and then chose a range of crafts to make them.

    Friday 8th March was careers day and we were very lucky to have some parent volunteers to come and talk about their jobs. We learnt lots about exercising to keep healthy, skiing and rugby! The children then enjoyed thinking about what they wanted to be when they were grown ups!


    Thank you again to our parent readers and careers day mystery visitors this week.

    Key Points

    • If anyone can help with additional reading it would be greatly appreciated. This could be weekly or whenever is most suitable for you.
    • If you are able to help with Friday afternoon outdoor learning please let one of your teacher know. We normally leave school at 1:30 and return by 3.
    • Lime Class sharing assembly is at 9am on 15th March and Apple Class sharing assembly is at 9am on 22nd March.
    • Please sign up to parent consultations on arbour if you have not yet done this.




  • Dinosaur Land!

    Welcome back!

    In Math we have been focusing counting beyond 20, recognising numbers up to 20 and we have discussed ‘one more’ and ‘one fewer’. On Friday we then looked at our days of the week and using key vocabulary such as  ‘today’, ‘yesterday’ and ‘tomorrow’ to talk about the events.

    In Phonics we are continuing to focus on all of the phase 2 and phase 3 sounds that we have already learnt. We have been writing labels for pictures by segmenting the words and identifying sounds on a sound mat before writing. We have also looked at the structure of sentences using a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. Please continue to read a few pages with your child each day at home to support their reading.

    This term our topic is all about Dinosaurs and the children are very excited! We have started this topic by focusing on the storybook ‘Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs’ during our Literacy lessons. We discussed different dinosaurs and their names, we learnt about maps and then drew our own to show the route the dinosaurs took. Then we created wanted posters to find the missing dinosaurs.

    In PE this term we are focusing on dance skills. This week we used different parts of our body to move and match to the music. We then learnt a few dance moves that we made into a short routine to show to our friends e.g. twist, bop, spin and bend.

    Our new feel it feeling this week was kind. We linked this back to a previous text we had read ‘Have you filled a bucket today’.

    On a very Friday we walked to the local church to collect natural resources to become part of our clay model dinosaurs. We made sure we collected items that were suitable for different parts of the dinosaur body.

    We have loved beginning to learn about dinosaurs and both classes have started to make a new dinosaur role play. We have created different dinosaurs for displays and role play props such as mini caves, binoculars and junk modelling dinosaurs. We are still in need of large cardboard boxes to create an explorer jeep, binoculars and explorer costumes if anyone has anything at home that could help!

    Have a good weekend!

    The Reception Team 🙂