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About the PTA

Our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is formed of enthusiastic volunteers who help to support Alban City School through fun and creative fundraising events and projects. Meetings are held bimonthly and new members are always welcome to help organise events, plan activities and brainstorm. We really do appreciate input from across the year groups to ensure we organise events that appeal to both children and adults, so please get in touch if you’d like to get involved or if you have any questions or suggestions:

What’s On

Thu 20th June 2024 PTA disco for Years 2 and 3
Sat 13th July 2024 PTA Summer Fair

Social Media

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Chair: Kate Davies (Apple and Amber)
Communications Officer:
  Lucy Cooper (Aqua and Forest)
Secretary: Michelle King (Scarlet and Amethyst)
Jean Liao (Sky)
Karin Adams (Gold)
Web Editor: 
Julie Fernandes-Tansley (Saffron and Magenta)

Class Representatives

Apple: Lucy Winterwood
Lime: Rachel Brown and Lu Hopkins-Parkinson
Aqua: Anthony Leary-White and Paula Waller
Sky: Natalie Blitz, Tania Douglas, Jean Liao and Emma Mathiesen
Crimson: Roxanne Barrett and Lizzie Jones
Scarlet: Rachel Hughes and Elinor van Leempoel
Amber: Kate Davies and Jenni Malcolm
Vermillion: Heather Birt and Paula Williamson
Gold: Fliss Dundon-Smith, Gizem Erdem, Lucy Griffiths
Saffron: Julie Fernandes-Tansley and Marta Skotnicka
Forest: Sarah Boorman Fisher, Annie Hopkins and Kerry Westrope
Amanda Currie and Karen Goodfellow
Amethyst: Carlie Bell, Dorota Hrstic and Julia Milligan
Louise Cook and Ana Catarina Martins

PTA Shop Staff

Tania Douglas (Sky and Forest)
Laura King (Aqua and Gold)
Amy Leary (Gold)
Laura Mayer (Scarlet and Forest)
Helen Page (Saffron)
Eleonora Pinto de Moura (Scarlet and Saffron)
Ayanna Rezulaska (Gold)

Alban City School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a registered charity in England and Wales, #1198271.