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School Council

  • School council meet the Mayor

    Today the school council were very lucky to meet the Mayor of St Albans, we prepared questions to ask the Mayor in advance before having a detailed conversation with him about his role in the city. The school council once again were a credit to the school.

  • School council visit Verulam House!

    As part of the school councils interest in helping the local community we decided to head down to the local nursing home ‘Verulam House’ where we chatted to the residents, played games and even got to meet their parrot and hatching chicks. The school council were very friendly and kind and were great ambassadors for the school.

  • New year, new ideas…

    When the school council met recently we had a good think about what we would like to spend our time doing going forward, two main themes that were most prominent were…

    1. We would like to spend more time in our local community
    2. We would like to visit a council / parliament setting

    As a result we decided we would like to visit a nuring home in St Albans to offer some care, support and hopefully comfort. We are also sending some emails and hopefully will be able to go on a school council trip soon!


  • A strong start for the new school council

    This school council we talked about changes we have made so far and what we would like to see going forward. Each school councillor made a list of things we have actioned to pass back to our classmates, these included:

    • Bringing back the trays in the dining room.
    • School survey on school meals as we had some classroom suggestions.
    • More local school trips.
    • We will be heading to the field in the warmer weather again.
    • 30 minutes golden time a week consistently and five a day.
    • Possibility to have Lani visit the classrooms more often and for a portable water container.
  • New year – new school council!

    Congratulations to all the new school councillors who will be representing their class this academic school year.

    We have been working hard already speaking with our classes and coming up with new ideas and improvements to daily school life at Alban City School.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas please don’t hesitate to speak to your school councillor – they can be easily identified by their school council badge.

    We look forward to meeting in October to continue working on ideas!

  • Random Acts of Kindness

    It would appear that LOTS OF KINDNESS happened last term. Today the School Council met to look at the posters. It is wonderful to see all the kind things that happened. You will hear more about them on Monday’s assembly.

    Please also have a look on Google Classroom and fill out the questionnaire that is on there.

  • 25 Random Acts of Kindness

    The School Council have started off the year by launching a “Random Acts of Kindness” project across the whole school.

    Each class is on the look out every day to identify an act of kindness. The school council members are then responsible for writing this act down on a kindness calendar.

    We can’t wait to see all of the kind things that have been happening in our school! We should have….. 350 written down by February half term!

  • Golden Rules Poster Competition

    The School Council had a tough time judging all the competition entries for the poster competition. It took us a whole half an hour of our lunchtime to decide last Thursday!

    Here are the amazing winners from all 3 Phases. The first place winners will have their posters displayed all around the school and the second and third place winners will have their posters displayed in their Phase groups. Thank you so much for all the amazing entries!

  • An exciting visit!

    The School Council were extremely excited to meet Daisy Cooper today. She came and answered our questions and we found out lots of things like: what inspired her to be an MP,  how she likes problem solving, and what she studied and worked as before becoming an MP.

    Daisy also spoke in our school assembly. Next week is Parliament week so we will be thinking of activities to do throughout the week.

    Please make sure that your Golden Rules Competition Poster entry is in by Friday everyone!

  • Our New School Council!

    It has been a very exciting start to the year for the school council and the children have already come up with amazing new ideas and brought lots of enthusiasm to their roles. Please talk to the school council member in your class if you have any ideas of how we can improve the school this year.

    We look forward to welcoming the local MP Daisy Cooper next week and have thought of some questions to ask her.

    We have also launched the new Alban City School Golden Rules poster competition and look forward to judging the entries next Friday and announcing the winners!