Eco Committee Meeting 4.11.22

Eco Committee

Alban City School Record of Meetings      

Date People Present Action Points Discussed Action Taken


Class reps

Scarlet, Crimson, Amber, Vermillion, Gold, Saffron, Forest, Sage, Amethyst, Magenta



Mrs Boothby (CB)


Main focus today is to update the environmental review and action plan.


A few points raised at our meeting today:

*Food waste from snack time needs to be collected in a bowl and reps (or monitors) to take to the food waste bin in the dining room.

*Each class needs to have a plant to care for. Select a child to take it home in the half term/holidays.

*The reps will be carrying out a tally chart to monitor how each child comes to school.


Next meeting focus:

*Creating wildlife homes for the playground.

CB to email MW to arrange a trip to the church grounds to create wildlife homes, litter pick and more planting.

The committee and CB have updated the environmental review and the action plan. We will continue to scribe actions on.



Mrs Boothby emailed the teachers the points that were discussed.


CB gave each class the tally chart to fill in. We will add this to the eco board when all classes have given completed tally charts in.

Make sure you check out our notice board in the dining room!